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How To Potty Train A Husky Effectively–Beginners Guide


Efficient dog breed husky is intelligent, athletic and independent. Huskies are relatively gentle and friendly dog breed. This beautiful breed is relatively not really easy to train.

They are super energetic and also carried the affectionate behavior. Having intelligent mind these pack dogs is more challenging for leadership and they like to take orders from leaders. They are more like wolfs so that they howl often rather than barking, these are also known as escape artists.

Husky Behavior

They hold special exercise requirements, although they can be destructive without exercise and proper care. Huskies are kids friendly and love human children. They hold smart hunting abilities and instincts. According to research studies, daily obedience training class for 15 minutes can serve well for them.

They need constant training to be in practice however their intelligence makes them good learner. Huskies have leadership, strong-willed, stubborn behavior qualities though I am sure to say qualities this breed has natural behavioral traits.

To avoid any unpleasant experience with huskies you first need to understand their temperament to train them well for different situations. People frequently asked how to potty train a husky, therefore we compiled up this complete guide to help you in this matter.

How To Potty Train A Husky Effectively

Potty Training to Husky – The Basic Information

For potty training, you need to be consistent and more patient; to ignore mess or shit around you should supervise your puppy most of the time. In case you are unable to supervise than keep the on clean surface till you are not done with potty training.

Dogs understand only two categories Never and Always, in case you allow them to poop in some time so you will have to face many difficulties in training them.

Observe the time of pee and poop of your pup and time to time take your pup outside where you marked a place for pee or poop. Constantly repeat this action with your pup, you can also place something exciting for them to that specific marked place. In this manner, your dog/pup will start to identify the same place they need to go for pee or poop.

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Usually, puppies are very excited to go outside but nature and surrounding distract them and suddenly they want to go in the house. Don’t let this happen until your puppy has relieved himself.

Potty training or housebreaking involves more effort in starting to let your dog/puppy out often for pee and potty. According to expert, it is better to let your pup/dog outside in every hour. At first, you need to make your effort with pup/dog to train him/her well.

How to potty train a husky effectively?

Potty training is a long process and requires consistency and patience. As dogs are environmental learners at first husky consider every area as the bathroom in the house. Therefore it is crucial to potty train your husky when the husky knows the right place for its pee and poop activity. They will accept that specific area as bathroom areas. Below you will find essential tips you should consider at the time of potty training your husky.

  • Husky obeys leaders

These are pack dogs, they only listen or respect commands coming from leaders. You should maintain your attitude throughout the potty training; potty training is all about establishing a routine and set a place for your husky. Make and mark a point to take your dog/pup everytime you go outside for bathroom.

  • Observe your dog’s pee or poop schedule

Yes just like your baby, you need to understand your pup/dog usually have to go after a meal or certain times in all day long. You need to set schedule and your dog will follow as bathroom habits.

It is recommended to take them out right after waking up in the morning and right before sleep in the night, to relieve them. Typically dogs will need to go after waking up from sleep and after eating also.

How To Potty Train A Husky Effectively

  • Never allow them to relieve in the house

Dogs understand two categories ‘never’ and ‘always’, never allow them to pee or poop inside the house. In this situation, it will be harder to potty train your husky.

They don’t understand anything between these though you can better train your husky to act on your commanding words. Huskies can be arrogant sometimes but you need to order them as ‘alpha’ to respect or follow your order. Husky dogs are intelligent, confident and have a strong will.

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  • Paper training is good option to potty train your husky

Paper training is the fine option to help your dog understand this is the right place to go when you cannot hold. Use paper training inside the house is not a good way to potty train your husky. You should place paper outside and teach a dog to relieve themselves on the paper outside.

  • Crate method works well on pups/dogs

The crate is most effective dog’s potty training method. There is a misconception around that crate is equivalent to prison, it is the wrong perception, in fact, it is the effective human method to potty train a husky. You can use any enclosed area or create freely. As the fact dogs typically don’t like to mess their sleeping area, in this way your husky dog will surely be motivated to poop outside. For more interest and fun you can place any toy or sleeping pads etc.

  • Good comment or reward or praising words help you more

Pet owners should comment good words or praise or affection to their pets when they relieve themselves outside. It is also better to offer some treat as a reward for a good deed to your husky.

In this way, your dog will remind the act for which he/she is rewarded. You can talk to your dog in a sweet voice to make him realize he did something right.

In case of any mistake don’t lose your control and do not scold them.

This act can finish the training effort you did till now. But instead, you can show your verbal disappointment. You should pretend different voice and body language in this way they can better separate your two diverse reactions regarding poop inside or outside.

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