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White Husky Chow Mix: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

White husky chow mix

Breeders since very earlier time have been breeding cute loving and desired dogs through a process known as cross breeding. This is done in order to bring desired characters of two breeds into one breed.

White husky chow mix is also known as white husky chow mix is also produced by the cross-breeding of white husky and chow breeds.

Chusky originated from China their date of origin is unknown but it is estimated that these dogs are have evolved in last decade. They normally attain 18 to 23 inches height and about 40 65 pounds weight.

What are the characteristics of the white husky chow mix?

As they are produced by the crossing of huskies and chow, they contain characters of both dogs.

White Husky Chow Mix:

They small in size, have eyes of almond shape and black nose like chow dogs have erect triangular shaped ears like huskies.

They have a thick, heavy, soft and dense coat which comes in different colors like Red, black, white, cream, black & brown and black & white.

What is the temperament of white husky cow mix dogs?

White husky chow mix is lovely cute dogs to be pet. They show great affection to family members. However it is active and aggressive in nature for strange people as well as strange dogs, this makes it be a good watchdog as well.

These dogs are energetic, active and playful and capable of entertaining you with its ability to perform different acrobats. They love to play with children and are safe for them as well hence most of the families having children use to pet white husky chow mix dogs.

What are the main health issues of white husky chow mix?

Husky chow mix breed is healthy breed with a lifespan of 10 to 13 years. They don’t have any specific health issue except sometimes they are born without all of their middle teeth. They also may be prone to genetic problems which their parents have. Mainly they have eyes and dental issues.


Do white husky chow mix shed a lot?

Shedding in dogs is very common and natural in dogs however shedding rate may vary from breed to breed. White husky chow mix instead of regular shedding shed once or twice a year. When their hair fall rate is too high when they shed normally can fill trash bags with hairs.

How often is a white husky chow mix groomed?

Even the chows don’t shed regularly they need grooming daily for keeping it safe from fleas, and other germs. This will to keep their coat shiny and preventing it from many other skin diseases. It’s grooming is simple and easy just need regular combs.

What should I few white husky chow mix?

White husky chow mix is active, energetic and playful hence require an ample amount of energy.  In its earlier days these days were given very simple foods in China but now they have a proper diet plan.What are the characteristics of the white husky chow mix

Diet of white husky chow mix along with all essential carbohydrates fats and minerals, must contain 50% of protein to provide required energy, a fish to fulfill oil requirement, which is essential to keep its coat shiny and healthy.

Is training of white husky chow mix easy?

Dogs are always trained to please their owners with different acrobats. Training of white husky chow mix is easy as compared to that of huskies. They follow instructions well and love to participate in training activities.

Training is also essential for them to overcome anxiety which may be because of its separation from loved ones and to Keep them active and maintain their body weight.



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