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5 Amazing Types OF Dog Training –Teach Your Canine About Obedience

Dogs have different kinds of training which may be difficult to instruct you got to spend so much time with your dog or you have to feel what are the needs of your dog Some people may ask you such sort of question that why we train our dogs?

And your answer should be straight and simple there is no need of dragging things here and there, when we adopt any puppy/dog we see them as a family member and so many other things but when we train them we think that whatever we are instructing he/she will obey that’s not a real thing real part of training your dog.

Training your dog means creating a bond between owner and a dog, all kinds of training has some sort of purpose to be achieved sometimes a question may arise in your mind why should I train my dog that’s not what it is. A pet lover may not ask such question because he takes it as a duty to train a dog.

5 Amazing Types OF Dog Training --Teach Your Canine About Obedience

There so many kinds of training your dog, here some them.

Behavioral training, obedience training, sharpness training, vocational training.

Behavioral training:

This training is based on behavior it means how your dog behaves while giving any commands this is all based on behavioral training this is also included in humans but our aim is to make them good let’s suppose like your dog barks on your own family or he runs out of door without informing you this means your dog is out of behavior behavioral is basic training of dogs.

Obedience training:

There are so many commands to make your to be obedient there are some reasons that’s why we try to make our dogs obedient it is as when any owner of the dog commands his/her dog and his dog ignores to apply that command means he/she is not obedient for that you just need to make your dog be close as much you feel that this is possible for you.

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Sharpness training:

This training includes some games this training leads your dog to sports, and games makes your dog sharp and games should be racing, jumping or even obstacle course this type of gaming makes fresh mind and removes all kinds of depression also brings your dog into a healthy pet this training comes after basic training and the basics of dogs are sit, stand, lay down, come, go, fetch if these all basic training knows properly then this training would be easy for your pet/dog.

Vocational training:

You might underestimate your pet dog they have the ability to learn or develop skills just like humans do and the skills can be like vocational training.

And vocational training is based on techniques, just to know how to communicate with others and this type of training also occurs for dogs, it’s because they have good skills to perform work any type of vocational training brings sense in your dog and makes an almost perfect dog

5 Amazing Types OF Dog Training --Teach Your Canine About Obedience

DOG’S Electronic Training

Electronics devices and other tools are also useful for training your dog electronics dog training devices can be, remote collar, shock collar. This is all work of science which is working for our betterment and these all activities will change the world maybe you become from them. It’s all okay but now don’t know how use these electronics devices for training your dog?

Remote collar:

This is electronic remote which works according to our purpose this produces a small amount of current while putting in neck of dog and gives them a signal what to do and which commands needs to follow remote collar is a positive command for your dog, sometimes few owner of dogs think that this is some kind of punishment, but this is not like that.

A remote collar is some kind of command which can be used from far away from where your dog can’t hear or see you.

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When you buy any remote collar before using it in the neck of your dog read the instruction paper properly if you did not read it properly your dog may be threatened,

Put batteries in collar and transmitter

Another thing you need to do is to put batteries in collar and don’t forget put batteries in transmitter and also keep it in your mind that transmitter is turned off or not and setting should be normal or it can give your dog large amount of current.

This will ensure you that your pet dog is safe then put collar in neck of dog go on swiftly if you made any mistake while putting collar you might lose collar then tie the collar tightly a loose collar you may lose while letting your dog to play with other breeds of dogs not even that much tight as much your dog becomes able to breath.

Put collar for one week

Keep remote collar until one week until your dog becomes habitual of collar and collar should be turned off till the end of week this way your dog will be synchronized with it, aim behind of using shock collar is that whenever your dog creates unnecessary problems and you are unaware of that then this helps you to resist him/her to do.

Responds to commands

When you see that your dog and you are ready to command with remote collar and begin with basic training of your dog, first command your dog sit if he does not response you then press button from transmitter and transmitter will produce small amount of current and your dog will feel it and then repeat the command until your dog becomes able to understand command.

When your dog becomes able to understand your actions praise your dog as much as he deserves or you can offer your dog pet best treat.

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Controlling bad behavior of your dog

While training or going out for a long walk or somewhere in the parks your dog starts behaving ruddily or stats digging holes whenever you let your pet dog to go out while that time keep ready your transmitter don’t you try to push button more than three seconds and there is no need of repeating, it’s because the electronic collar is only made to train not for harming your dog and try to hide this secret if he becomes capable to know this whole sensation your dog maybe become more uncontrolled.

Dog training methods

Dog training methods involve so many scientifically techniques when it comes to dog training I always recommend every dog owner something new which he/she may have never heard before here are some tips which may help you to know methods of dog training.

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Koehler method:

This is the one of most and better method which follows the philosophical things this method tells you or acknowledge you the activities of your dog Koehler method explains to you that what type of behavior he is accepting when your dog starts choosing training methods he follows as his/her master commands it can teach though correct decision.

5 Amazing Types OF Dog Training --Teach Your Canine About Obedience

Motivational training method:

When it comes to motivation it declares that you are helping to your pet to go with your dreams to build your dreams and to give them a beautiful shape this all about your dog what he/she likes to do motivation means to let your dog increase present energy up to the high.

Example_ if you are willing to train your dog basic training for that he needs some motivation or your dog will not make it on the time just like you are insisting your dog to follow your command like come here or sit down these all commands need motivation and motivation comes from spending some time with your dog and giving huge amount of love.

Model rival training:

This is whole training is based on social learning this includes rival for attention for demonstrating desired behavioral model rival takes place between you and your dog and that time the third party involves.

Sometimes dogs are also trained as a hero they act in movies for that model-rival training exists a model-rival training leads your dog to learn dialogues to perform at stages these whole training methods may have cheap things to understand which does not suit for the best personality

Relationship-based training:

Form the beginning it is also examined that relationship between dogs and humans is so much closer to the dogs are remain honest with humans and humans has also given good homes to live these all kind of emotions build up by some training.

For creating good relation between pets you need to polite with your dogs and spend more time with this will let them feel that you are taking care of their health and training also includes for health like going out makes their blood to circulate and blood circulating is the one of best part of a healthy and young dog.

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Some important training

How to Leash training of the Dog.?

5 Amazing Types OF Dog Training --Teach Your Canine About Obedience

For all the activities you want your dog to perform for you, you need to train him first. Most of the people having no puppy think that dogs are already trained and used to of walking with a leash, which is a totally wrong concept. Before teaching a dog will be frightened to the leash.

If you put on leash on a new dog he will show aggression and will try to pull. But with the passage of time and some learning, your dog’s behavior will come to the normal condition. It is just because of aggression and pulling that leash at the initial time is used for a short interval of time and during his favorite time.

Why is leash training necessary?

The dogs are the good companions of human beings and also a good source of entertainment. While walking you can spend a good and enjoy time with your dog if he is leash trained with lash you will have control of the dog. Dogs by nature are greedy and can be attracted by other dogs so in such situation leash can help you. Leash training is also important in case you want to participate in dog’s shows in for which along with leash training you need to teach your dog a lot of acrobats.

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How to train a dog to walk on the leash?

The dogs are active and quick learners and can learn everything quickly for a treat. The dogs can also be trained for punishment that punishment can be electrical shocks or something else.

There are very simple steps which you can use to train your dog to walk on a leash.

Introduce your dog to leash

In the beginning, when you will put a leash on your dog it will pull and if you force it to wear he may show aggression and can bite as well. That’s why in earlier days of training put a leash on for short intervals of time and especially wear in their favorite time of sports time and eating time. It is so that your dog take food and sport as the reward of wearing a leash.

Teach your dog to respond to name called

Gave a short name to your dog, make him respond when that name is called. This clue is used to check and compare the behavior of the dog with and without a leash.

Inside practice

Initial training can be conducted in your room as it covers small distance and fewer obstacles. You can carry out simple exercises here like make your dog to search something, make him come to you and so on leaving leash worn on. This is done to familiarize your dog with leash and make him habitual.

Outside practice

When you feel that your dog is perfectly doing the inside training take him out for further training with more obstacles. Along with leash, there are many factors which will also affect the behavior of your dog. These factors include bird’s sounds, new atmosphere, and large space. The other dogs may be present there as well. Here you will be able to measure how much your dog has learned.

How to know that your pet is perfectly trained to walk on the leash?

To check that the dog is properly leash trained or not you can simply take your dog out in an open atmosphere and start giving pre-trained commands and noting the behavior of the Dog. Now that you have collected the dog’s behavior with leash compare it with response to those commands without a leash. Now the comparison these both result will decide how much the dog trained is.

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How to train a dog to Come when called?

Teaching your dog to come to you when you call it, is one of the very important training for dogs safety. This command can be lifesaving in some critical and dangerous situations especially in case of herding dogs when your dog is herding in a hilly area or by the side of the road. The dog chasing an animal will not have coming vehicle on or ending of the hill, which can be deadly for both the dog and the animal. In such situation come command or stop command can be life-saving.

5 Amazing Types OF Dog Training --Teach Your Canine About Obedience

Here are some simple steps which you can follow to teach your dog to come.

  • Where your dog long training leash
  • Hold the other end of the leash and say ‘come’ if your dog is not responding take quick backward steps pulling the dog towards you.
  • Make him feel that you want him to follow you.
  • Keep calling and moving back until your dog realizes and follows you.
  • Repeat this process and reward your dog with some treat with a positive response.

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How to train a dog to Sit?

This sit command is very useful in many critical conditions. A positive point for this training is that dogs already know how to sit only we have to make the connection between command and behavior.

Here are some simple steps you can follow to teach your dog Sit command

  • Take some good treats that are loved by the dogs
  • Show your dog those treats
  • Take one of them and bring closer to the nose of the dog
  • Now keep moving the treat to the back body of the dog.
  • By doing so actually you are trying to make the dog sit.
  • Once you feel the dog is about sitting say yes and reward him.
  • Repeat this process several times until dog realizes that he is being rewarded for sitting on yes command.
  • This process must be carried out till the dog becomes habitual of sitting on yes command.

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How can I teach my dog the Stay command?

Among all the commands probably the most difficult command to teach because puppy being active hate to stay still. To teach this command to the dog sharp short and quick sessions are needed.

To achieve the goal of teaching your dog the stay command you can make use several techniques including a shock collar which is controlled by a remote. You can use a shock collar to give your dogs a sharp positive punishment. This punishment is in the form of electric shock.

5 Amazing Types OF Dog Training --Teach Your Canine About Obedience

Here are some simple steps you can follow to teach your dog stay command

  • Your puppy hate to stay still so initially teach your dog down stay command
  • Make your dog in the sit position and with hand gestures and cool and low tone ask your dog to stay.
  • Wait for some time and if the dog stays still for more than 03 seconds count it as his positive response and reward him.
  • Practice this for several times.
  • Now after some time take your dog to the initial position and start from the beginning by asking your dog to go down again and repeating the process again and again.
  • Don’t forget to reward yours with every positive response.
  • Now when you feel he is doing good increase the time and repeats the process again.

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How can I teach my dog the leave it command?

Leave it command is a most important command in preventing the dog from eating unhealthy and harmful food items. The dogs are naughty and greedy animals and always put everything they found, in their mouth. There are some ingredients whose even a single bite or single drop can be so fatal that it can cause death like chocolate caffeine and whine.

So to avoid the dog from eating such foods it is necessary to teach them to leave it command. In case if you have a cat as a pet along with the dog leave it command keeps a vital importance. Learning of leaving it command is dependent on catching the speed of the dog along with a number of sessions you can take to teach your dog.

Here are some simple steps you can follow to teach your dog stay command

  • Take a favorite treat of your dog in your hand bring it near to your dog. Your dog will defiantly try to eat it. When your dog is about to eat say leave it and take hand back along with turning your hand.
  • When you will take your hand back watch the reactions of your dogs he will stare at the back side of your hand and will also convince you to give him that treat, with his eyes.
  • Now, wait, as he removes his eyes from your hand and looks somewhere else, says Good and give him his favorite treat.
  • Repeat this process for several times to realize the dog that he was being rewarded for not eating when he was asked to leave it.
  • Now when you feel that the dog is responding positively, repeat the first step except the hand turning.
  • This will let you know how much your dog has followed you.

Now to test your put some treat of the dog in front of him and make him feel that you are not going to prohibit him. But as it just tries to eat it say stop to make him not to eat. If he stops it means he has learned but if you feel that he still is trying to eat food even when you say leave it. In such case repeat the procedure for several times to make your dog habitual.

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