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Top 20+ German Australian Shepherd Mix Breed Tips 2018

German Australian Shepherd

First, we can have a look at German shepherd Mix breed. German Australian Shepherds are the most wanted and desirable dog breed in the USA as Mix Breed. They are considered as best and faithful companions.

German shepherd dogs are intelligent and they are able to work if they are trained correctly.

They are famous for their courage and dedication.

A German shepherd dog is capable to fulfill the tasks in the amazingly versatile way.

If they are trained and guided, they can help in working for handicapped, they are good in searching and rescue, also they are being used in drug detection, military services and most of all they are obedient of their owner.


German shepherd mix breed

One of the most popular crossbred of dogs is German Australian Shepherd.

In German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix crossbred, you will find an average to large sized dogs. These unique looks are inherent from both breeds.

These dogs have temperamental characteristics from its parent breeds.

They are well-built, having triangular ears which are rounded from the tip.

German Australian Shepherd mix has hard soles and round-shaped feet. They are not only strong by temperament, they are also strong by their body features including the broad shoulders and thighs.

Around their neck, you can find gimmick and curls.

You can easily find Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Texas. They mostly are registered with AKC and ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America). They claim that they have parent’s DNA verified pups.

They also do health checks by paw print genetics to make sure all puppies are alright to sale further.

They ensure that before going to new home, all pups should be checked by a vet.

Majority of puppies they sell are between the age of 8 to 12 weeks. For shipping, it is also an airline regulation that puppy should be 8weeks old if you are ordering online. shipping cost will increase as the weight increases.


Some useful tips when you are buying German Australian Shepherd


  • They are not a good pet for you if you spend most of the time outside your home or if you are a frequent traveler.
  • They get bored if you left them alone. They become aggressive also and show their dislikes by barking, chewing and digging.
  • They are active, intelligent and trustworthy. They are also very protective and these characteristics demand that they should keep busy in learning and play. They need physical exercise more.
  • Training sessions are important so that they should behave properly.
  • Meeting with people, visiting different places should be the part of their training.
  • They shed too much so a good vacuum is necessary for them. They also need brushing.
  • Buy a puppy with a good breeder, pet store or puppy mill. Make sure that the puppy has no genetic disease.

Behavior characteristics of German Australian Shepherd Mix

German Australian Shepherd

As German shepherd dogs are well known for their protection, watchfulness, intelligence and loyalty, the Australian German Shepherds are also extremely dedicated to their family. They love to spending time with their owner and family members and playing with them.

If they are trained well with how to socialize in young age, they will love to play with kids safely and taking care of them.

Sometimes they are not reserve, but with strangers, they might be unresponsive or strange.

They are the best guards of their home as they are protective by nature so they do watch keenly and guard their family. They just need a good care and leadership to prove them a great companion and family pet.

  •  Cautions and needs

They need at least one-hour activities on a daily basis which includes jogging, playing and other exercises. You can provide some puzzle toys for its mental exercise.

you should keep your pet occupied mentally and physically. This breed feels happy when they are given more tasks. A token of appreciation should be given by owner that makes German Australian Shepherd motivated. Token of appreciation could be snakes or fruits of your pet’s choice.

  • Leading and Training

Your German Australian Shepherd should know that you are its leader and it should follow your instructions. If you are a new owner then you must need a trainer for your dog’s training.

Training needs to be strict and positive at the same time. You should be well-balanced trainer neither too harsh nor too slow.

Your correct training will lead your dog to obey you and built its correct behavior. A token of appreciation is must like mentioned above so that the pet will be encouraged to listen to your commands.

  • Nurturing

An owner owes a great responsibility in this sector that what and how much food should be offered to its dog. You must keep your eye on the quality of food you are providing to your dog. Food quantity should be balanced and it is very important to keep your dog body shape maintained. A healthy diet with full of proteins and nutrition is necessary for a healthy pet.

German shepherd Australian shepherd husky mix

The combination of Australian Shepherd and the Siberian Husky breed is German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Husky mix. This crossbred is available in different variety of colors like white, brown, grey, cream and black.

You can also find these colors combinations in their bodies. They are medium-sized dogs, weight is around  40 to 65 pounds. They have droopy ears and double – coated weather resistant body

Australian Cattle dog mix- ACD

The combination of German Shepherd dog with blue heeler is called a German shepherd Australian cattle dog mix. They are also hardworking, devoted, active and intelligent dogs.

Many of the characteristics come from German shepherd breed. This crossbred has a double coated body and an immense shed is expected in each spring.

This mix breed has a medium length and a strong body. The coat is not like a Husky mix but still, it’s also a weather resistant coat.

There are many color combinations available in this crossbred. The blue color from blue heeler along with the black shade of German shepherd can come in many forms which we can see in this Australian Cattle mix breed. Life expectancy of this mix breed is 11 to 14 years.

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