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How to House Train a dog in 7 Days

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After welcoming a new pet dog in your house, house training will the most important step for you and your dog. You have to dedicate all your time and hard work to this process of house training. When you give your best in your dog’s housetraining, you will be able to make strong boundaries between you and your dog. These relationship boundaries will decide that, is your or your pet dog will be the good companion of each other.

For house training a pet dog, we all have to run with the flow. The most essential requirements of house training dog process are;

• Patience
• Close supervision
• Solid daily routine
• Quality time
• Rewarding


These all are expert’s recommendations for house training dogs. At first set your mind for patients, because in this process the very first thing you will need will be your patience and calmness. If you will work with a hurry and aggression, then it would be making you disappointed. So make yourself calm and patient especially for handling a new dumb domestic animal.


Right after, you will have to supervise your new dog friend closely as much you can. A good trainer is always ready to supervise his leaner dog, in all kind of situations. This close supervision will make your dog alert, so that will make you more satisfy either.


The next step which you should have taken is making a solid routine of you and yours now dog. House dog training is totally meaningless and wastes without any routine plan. In this solid daily routine, you will have the best results in a short period. So, make your daily routine with your dog and make him a good partner of yours.


If you have a strict job, and you are not focusing on your pet, and not giving him such a quality time of yours then it will make your dog annoy and aggressive. This ignorance of an owner can make a dog depressed at all, therefore make your daily routine, which you can train your dog easily and can make you spend a lot of quality time with your dog. Like, everybody wants to have an obedient, fully housetrained and an energetic dog. If you really want to make your dog such kind of this dog, then treat him after all small to a big good activity of your dog.


Rewarding is always a good habit, and this good habit could be the best habit for a trainer. Many time fresh/adopted dogs are greedy, so they can answer you quickly if you reward them, for any of their right reaction. Make sure you don’t over feed them, or feed them bad foods. You need to take care and ask questions like – can dogs eat chicken before you reward them with this.If you have to purchase a dog and want to train him then rapidly by following our guides you can train your new dog in 7 days. Training a dog is totally up to you and your methodologies, that what type of method you are applying.

In addition, house training is depending on your new dog, your lifestyle and your family. Training a dog is a hard but not an impossible task; you can train your dog anywhere at home or in an open area. Many people prefer house dog training over shelter dog training, and house training will always remain your dog to live at your home. House dog training is an efficient and quick way to train a dog; if you have patience and proper knowledge about your dog’s breed then you can do a hard task within a week.

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How to Streamline Housetraining Adult Dogs?

Crate using for house dog training is very important. Here we are giving some guideline which will make sure you that your dog is not suffering from, anxiety or depression for crate elimination. All the bellow points will help you enough to understand your dog that (what he wants when he wants, how he wants, and what he does not want);

 Never make your dog confine to stay more in the crate. If you force himmore then you will make him irritated. Someway his irritation can make your house dog training harder.
 Put the crate on the same place (nearby you), do not change the crate elimination daily. In house training dogs want to pee and poop on the same spot that is why changing crate elimination can make your dog confuse for a
while. Therefore do not make them confuse and let them easily take bathroom breaks.
 Distracting dog in house dog training may keep your dog away from you. Dogs do not want distractions from their owner for games and activities. Keep your dog more frankly with you. If you have a puppy or dog make your bound strong with him and let him go for whatever he wants (especially during house training). Crate training can make your house dog training more quick and easy. Therefore, if you are going to adopt or purchasing a new dog
partner then, bring a new broad crate for him also.

(CRATE TIP): Always use a wide crate for your pet dog, in which he can sleep, stand and sit comfortably.

Can you train a dog without treats?

Express your love to your dog all the time; this expressing love situation will make your dog closer to you. When they do something right for you never forget him rewarding. Make sure your reward should be enthusiastic and foodie. If you do not have something right from your dog for you, then let him go outside and encourage him to do something different for you. Do not wait to go home for the treat; this late treat can never make a dog more excited to do something again.

How do you stop a dog from pooping in the house?

To punish a dumb animal is not good at all so that never punish your dog for anything. If he does bathroom accidents at home, take it calmly and react normally. Clean the floor instantly, because he can catch pee/poop smell easily, and this smell will allow him for the accident again at the same spot. During house dog training aggression is not permitted by the experts. Just clap when you see the bathroom accident, and then let him take for the bathroom spot to tell him that this area is made for the bathroom.

(BATHROOM TIP): use pee puppy pads for bathroom spot during house dog training.

How do you train a dog to use a bell?

Here we are sharing an amazing and funny way to train your dog. This methodology will help you to communicate your dog in such a different way. The name of this considerable way is (ringing bell). In this method, you can use a soft ringing bell to motivate your dog. Mostly, professional trainers use ringing bells to train new dogs. Some of them use the bell to teach their dogs for potty needs. Someway many people call ringing bell as the potty bell. The potty bell seems an efficient house training method for dogs.

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The potty bell method works anyhow! And through this way, your dog can be able to inform you for his potty needs in just a few days. For the potty bell training, you will have to ring the bell when he does potty where ever in the house. Noticed his bathroom time and rang the bell by your own on the exact timing of his bathroom need. Your dog will catch this (ringing bell) quickly, and he will make you informed by the potty bell when and where ever he wants.

Let us know about an exact method for the potty bell.

1. Introduce the bell to your dog: show the potty bell to your pet dog. See, if your dog is touching the bell by the nose then reward him quickly. Show the bell to your dog again and give him a chance to touch it by his nose. Remember! Place the ball away when you are not practicing with the bell.
2. Ring the potty bell: This time show the ringing bell to your new dog, and whenever he touches by the nose then give him a treat only as feeding. When he rings the potty bell through touching, reward him again. This rewarding way will insist on your dog to ring the bell soon. (Right after practice places the bell away from house dog).

3. Potty bell ringing by the step door: In this part of potty bell training, hang your bell on the door, and show him how to ring the bell (by closing and opening the door). Reward him anyhow whenever he rings the bell once he
rings the bell by the door every time you have to point the bell. When you feel your dog is getting bored by bell practicing then leave him for rest and hide a bell from the dog.
4. Bell ringing by the door to go out for the treat: Put the potty bell by next to the door. Let your dog observe you as you are placing a (feeding treat) outside the door. Now, close the door and point the bell to the door. When he rings the bell open the door and show happiness and let him leave to get the treat. This door opening step will teach your dog too quickly that how to ring a bell. When he finished the treat place the bell away from him.
5. Real practice: this time when you think that your dog has to do potty then go with him to the same door and point the bell. See, when he rings the potty bell then open the door and let him leave to do the potty. When he finishes his potty, then give him a big treat. Every time, you have to let him go out for the potty need and ask him to ring the bell firstly. Do not forget to give a treat again also. A treating method will teach your dog quickly.
6. Bell ringing control, phase: very soon you will have the results for the potty bell in the house training process. See, is their bell on its right position and your dog is ringing the bell just for his potty purposes. When you realize that your dog is playing with bell, then bring him in. This prevention will avoid your dog to play with a potty bell.

The potty bell training will never make you say in public places and other outdoor areas. In addition, you can use the ringing bell for many dog purposes such as eating, peeing, and playing. The ringing potty bell method is conventional in many dog training centers globally.


Dog training is such a hard and tricky job that is there are many international dog trainers are getting a high amount for training dogs. If you are a trainer and you have brought your new dog, then you can train your dog at your home in a professional way. You can teach your dog with patience and hardworking. If you are a dog lover, then you will easily train your dog in just a few days. For the quick training apply the proper methodologies and train yours in only 7 seven days.

as well as a good relationship with your dog. You will need to closely supervise your dog, create a solid routine, and reward your dog’s good behavior. If you are diligent and consistent, this process can take as little as one week.

Depending on your dog, your family and your lifestyle, house training a dog can be anywhere from easy to almost impossible. It can work to house train your dog quickly so that you can move past this difficult stage of owning a dog. It takes planning, dedication and patience, but your dog can get house trained in a short amount of time.

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