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Why Does My Dog Lick My Bed?

If you are a dog owner, you must be aware of their habits. Licking, biting, chewing, and growling are only a few of them.

These adorable habits are the prime reason dogs have such a massive fan following all around the world. They are affectionate and loyal animals who protect you and offer several other benefits.

Due to their bubbly nature, it is straightforward to get along with them and getting accustomed to their habits. However, sometimes, dogs start behaving in a way unlike their usual self, which worries their owner.

Many people panic and rush to the nearest veterinarian to get their pet thoroughly checked, and sometimes, it proves to be the right thing to do, but most of the time, the reasons are not so severe, and there is no need to freak out.

Your dog licking your bed is one of such things that usually make the owner get upset. Given below is the list of all the reasons why your dog might be licking your bed that we compiled only for the convenience of dog owners.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Bed?

1. Anxiety/stress:

One primary reason why your dog is licking your bed might be some stress or anxiety he might be suffering from.

And to ease themselves or to feel comfortable, they might be licking the bed you sleep in because it smells like you. Dogs adore their owners and feel close to them; they stay close to their owner’s stuff.

2. Gesture of Affection:

Our pets cannot communicate with us and develop unique ways to deliver their messages. Just like your pup following you around the house, licking your feet, and staying close to you to gain your attention and love, them licking your bed can also be due to the very same reason.

They might be showcasing their affection and love for you. It usually happens when you feed them their favorite food or buy them a new ball to play with that they like very much. So, in this case, it’s a matter of cuteness rather than worry.

3. They like the taste:

You can never truly understand animals. They do whatever they like or deem appropriate and leave us wondering and deciphering their actions. Some dogs lick your bed because they like the taste.

It can be due to the peculiar fabric, its color, or even the texture, and it can also be the sauce you might have spilled and forgot to wash the bedspread. If this is the case, you know what to do to help your doggo stop doing this.

4. Need to feel safe:

Your pet dog licking your bedspread can also be due to their need to feel safe. Licking and chewing is their primal behavior, something they have been doing for centuries. This helps them calm down and feel safe and secure.

5. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:

Like humans, dogs can also develop psychological disorders. The obsessive-compulsive disorder is marked by licking, freezing, staring, circling, and chasing unseen objects.

Medical treatments are available to help animals get rid of this disorder. Medical treatments and therapies are also available to help get rid canines of these issues.

To learn the root cause of your dog’s behavior, you need to consider certain things like, when did they start doing it, what time they do it the most, did any change occur in their environment that compelled them to adopt this behavior, so on. Here are a few things that will certainly help your dog avoid licking your bed:

i) Training:

It would help if you tried to train your dog and make him understand the things that need not be licked or chewed. Dogs are great learners and can be tamed easily.

ii) Wash your bedspread regularly:

One reason your dog is licking your bed can also be the sauce of food crumbs that we leave on the ground while having a meal.

They consider it a treat and lick the floor. Regularly wash your bedsheets to ensure that no food-related stains or crumbs are found on your bed.

iii) Change your detergent:

You might be using a fruity flavored or some other friendly smelling detergent that might be making your dog want to eat it. Try changing your detergent for once and observe his behavior.

iv) Be mindful of his habits:

Another thing you should consider while dealing with your dog’s licking problem is to be observant about his habits. Try to recall when did he first lick your bed? Or has he been doing this from day one? Was there an addition of a family member or a pet recently? By answering these little questions, you’ll eventually reach to the root cause of this problem.

v) Give him a good diet:

Diet matters more than we think. An excellent nourishing diet not only provides the pets with sufficient energy but stops the untimely cravings as well. So look at the contents of the dog food you feed your canine companion and see if they have all the nutrients they need.

vi) Consult a vet:

If none of those mentioned above solutions stop your dog from licking your bed, you should consider consulting a veterinarian because it might have become compulsive licking. Vets will provide therapy to your pup, which will gradually help him get rid of this habit.

Owners get emotionally attached to their pets and become upset whenever they see their pets doing something unusual, but that is not the solution.

Analyze the situation and reduce their access to your bed or room altogether. But do not punish them; instead, adopt rewarding ways to make them learn new things and forget the bad ones.

Licking is a harmless habit of dogs, and them licking their owner only indicates their trust and love for the latter.

They consider their owner their guide and mentor. However, if you fail to understand yourself, then contacting a vet or a behavioral therapist doesn’t hurt.

I hope this article will help you deal with your dog problems!

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