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How to Euthanize a Dog with Sleeping Pills, Benadryl, Tylenol pm

It is also known as a mercy killing. Euthanasia is a process of killing pets with no pain.

so if you want to Euthanize your Dog at home read this guide before doing it.

It is done for different reasons like it can be done to reduce overcrowding, or to reduce the pain of a pet suffering incurable disease.

Animal euthanasia is mostly in dogs is done when they change their behavior and become aggressive to people. In this condition, the pet is no safer to keep him with family. So they are euthanized.

The process of dogs euthanasia is carried out in several ways some of the ways will be discussed here.

Is there any way to humanely euthanize a dog at home?

Mercy killing or euthanasia is a bit sensitive process and is therefore advised to be conducted at a Veterinarian. A Vet has a comfortable place for your dog to go through the process and a preplanned way to remove the dead body.

However, if you are strong enough to catch your pet dying in front of you and your children who love pet deeply, you can do it at home. Also, read everything about National Dog Day.

There are several you can humanely euthanize a dog at home. Some commonly used ways are discussed for you just go through write-up.

How Euthanize Dog at Home

How to Euthanize a Dog at Home with Benadryl?

Most of the people reject euthanasia from the doctor because of expenses. It is what motivates them to do it with themselves at home. In most of the cases euthanasia with dogs go easily however with some dogs called goofy the process becomes painful.

You definitely are wondering to what kind of these goofy dogs are? These dogs are large breed dogs which also are known as anthropomorphic. These massive dogs need much care and attention during euthanasia.

They may become aggressive due to the pain they may feel during giving shots of euthanizing medicines or when medicines start stopping his breath. Consider the consequences and start the process by selecting a comfortable place.

There are varieties of medicines you can use to put your dog to sleep. Mainly there are two types of medicines used for euthanasia, Medicines containing antihistamines and medicines containing hormone melatonin.

Medicines containing antihistamines are commonly used. Some of the very common drugs are Tylenol PM, Nytol, and Unisom.

You can use any one of them but it is always advised to use pure antihistamine drug like Benadryl.

It is also known as Diphenhydramine. It can be used as an intravenous or intramuscular.  It is highly sedative and can be a better drug for euthanasia. Few shots of Benadryl can bring a relaxed and peaceful death tour canine friend.


Can Benadryl be used to euthanize a dog?

Benadryl is an antihistamine and is used for allergic treatments along with treatment of insomnia, symptoms of the common cold, tremor in parkinsonism, and nausea. It can be taken through the mouth or through intravenous and intramuscular injection.

However, because of its sedative property, it can be used to euthanize dogs.  Benadryl as sleeping is sold alone or with some products like acetaminophen (paracetamol) in Tylenol PM or ibuprofen in Advil PM.

It is a common drug which Vets use for Euthanasia. Those who want to euthanize a dog at home can also make use of this drug.

How to Euthanize a Dog with Sleeping Pills?

How to Euthanize a Dog with Sleeping

If you have grown up your dog from puppyhood you definitely have affection for him and definitely can’t see him suffering. This is the movement when you decide to euthanize your pet.

What will you start thinking now is which way would be the most comfortable for him.

Euthanize a Dog with Sleeping Pills is both easiest and comfortable way. It is completed in some simple steps which include:

Self-preparation emotionally as well as mentally:

You have been feeding, training, grooming and enjoying his company for long. It is never easy to take a quick decision to kill your dog with your own hands.

You need time to think about the condition he is passing through. You also need to think about the consequences of euthanization.

After you are motivated to do it think of other family members especially of children because they are too emotional and definitely will have a deep affection for the dog.

Try to convince by telling them that your lovely pet is passing through a hard situation and death will be peaceful for him. You can also convince them by asking them that their pet wants to go to his family and will live happily as he can’t live with us anymore.

On the other hand, if you try to hide from them they never forget the pet will be asking for him and will continue to miss him.


Consult Veterinarian for euthanasia:

Before you proceed to the process it is mandatory to bring the Vet and let him examine the pet for how long he is has been suffering and if there was any chance to save him.

You can also do so to know questions arising in your mind about your dog. After that initial inquiry, you can ask the Vet for how and when a dog should be fed pills.

Their dosage must be as per suggested by the Vet. Try to get as much knowledge as you can about the procedure and pain the dog may suffer from.


Make your dog feel comfortable:

If your implementing this procedure at the clinic there is a proper area set for the process. this area is made so comfortable that dog relaxes and feels him being treated.

If you want to proceed this at home you need to specify an area and make it as comfortable as you can to let dog feel ease.

For reasons like your affection with the dog and then taking his body away, it is always suggested to carry this process at the clinic.

Drugs Administration:

The main step before introducing drugs to your pet is to make his body muscles relax. It is done so that a dog could handle euthenics drug easily without feeling much pain. The body muscles are relaxed by giving sedatives.

When these processes are done, now you can use sleeping pills or euthenics pills. These pills will make a dog hard to breathe and finally, the dog will stop breathing. This will cause a heartbeat to stop and death at the end.

Can I Euthanize My Own Dog myself?

If you want to Euthanize your dog you can do but it may be a bit risky. Injecting anywhere does not require expertise but when it comes to injecting in the vein it be troublesome.

If you have drugged your pet to sleep but if he is conscious he may act differently. You may observe some reflex actions like twitching or gasping. You need to take care of it and must take assistance from the Vet.

Your pet sometimes due to the pain he is feeling from Euthanasia discharge urine and even stool.

If you euthanize your pet by your own self, yet there are several occasions where you will need the help of a Vet. Like you will need a Vet to confirm the death

What can I use to put my dog to sleep?

Putting an affectionate pet to sleep is not an easy decision to make. It becomes even more difficult when you have children. It is because they develop deep love with these attractive and playful creatures.

The process always starts with making a strong decision and convincing children. You need to explain to them what and why it is happening.

In most of cases, dogs are given a sedative to make him relax before introducing to euthanizing drugs. If you want to put your dog to sleep without paint you need to take place of euthanasia as comfortable as possible.

Most of the Vets prefer to use pentobarbital as euthanizing drug. Before giving shots of pentobarbital you need to ask the Veterinarian what are the suitable places for shots.


How to euthanize a dog at home with Tylenol pm?

The drug Acetaminophen is sold under brand name Tylenol pm. It is antihistamine capable of reducing natural chemical histamine in the body. This makes it a Good drug used for euthanasia.

Once you know your dog is suffering from some disease can’t be cured or he is going through pain, it is never a bad idea to put your dog to sleep.

It can be done in several ways but as you love your pet you must wish a pain-free death for your pet.

If it is so you can go for Tylenol pm. You can euthanize a dog at home with Tylenol pm. This can save money and give a smooth death to your canine.

What you need to do is put your dog in a comfortable place, make him feel relax and give shots of Tylenol pm.

If you have a large breed dog, he may show some behavioral changes like aggression when injected Tylenol pm. However, the drug is sedative and will put him down.

The drug relaxes the muscles and slows down the breath and at the end, heartbeat stops. The time to completely sleep a dog depends upon the size of the breed.

What are the signs that a dog is dying?

There are several signs that can indicate a dying dog-like:

  • Loss of Appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Unexpected and unusual vomiting
  • Lack of body balance
  • Bad skin
  • Loss of consciousness

However, if you are examining a dog under the euthanasia process the main sign is difficulty in breathing and muscular tremor.

It is so because all the drugs used for euthanasia tend to stop breathing and heartbeat to put your dog to sleep.

If you euthanize a dog at home it is necessary to make a Vet examine your pet for death declaration.


What do you do with a dead dog?

Dogs are much devoted to their master and soon become part of the family. To show love with pretty pet most of the people decide to bury their canine friend’s body.

However, before doing so you need to check if you are allowed to do so because in most cities it is prohibited.

If you are allowed to bury your pet in your property it must be done in a proper manner. You should not use any non-biodegradable materials like plastic, instead, you can use a wooden or cardboard casket or bury your dog directly into the soil.

Make sure to make a grave at a place which is not likely to be dug again. Along with this make sure to dug grave 3 feet or even deeper.


Euthanize dog with Ambien

It is originally known as Zolpidem, while sold under name Ambien. This drug is used to cure sleeplessness in human beings. It’s an overdose in a human being can cause death or comma. It is because of its sedative properties.

It is also because of this property that this drug is used for Euthanasia. Among several other drugs, this has been used successfully with good results.

Euthanasia of dogs at home with sleeping pills like Ambien is much common these days. It is done to save cost a Vet for Euthanasia. However, mercy killing at a clinic is a much better option with many advantages like:

  • The Veterinarians have a comfortable place for the process
  • The Vet knows bitterly how much dose is required
  • The Vet checks again and again to before claiming his death
  • After death, the vet is also responsible for the removal of a dead body

Except for these services, some emotional owners prefer euthanasia by Vet because they can’t see their lovey pet dying in front of them.

But if you are brave enough to do it with yourself it can be done using Ambien as well. Euthanasia of dogs with Ambien follows simple steps like:

  • Prepare yourself to conduct the process
  • Handle children, tell them what was happening and why it was necessary
  • Make a comfortable place and make your dog lie there peacefully
  • Before using Ambien use drugs to make muscles relax
  • Show your love with him by moving your hand on his body
  • Now if he is relaxed give him shots of Ambien
  • Dosage must and place of injection must be discussed with Vet
  • Examine your pet if he is dead. If you are new to this process let a Vet examines it before burying your pet.

How much does it cost to euthanize a dog at home?

None want to lose their loyal friend, however, age factor and medical issues turn this nightmare into reality. These pets after adoption become part of the family. So it is never easy to make a decision of euthanasia.

However, it is fact of life. It has to be done so. Therefore you need to calculate euthanasia expenses and select the way you can afford. Euthanasia of the dog at home is relatively cheaper than euthanasia at the clinic.

If you wish to do it with a Veterinarian, it is better but is a bit costly. A Vet will cost around 50$ to 300$ just for euthanasia. However, a normal calculation shows that both euthanasia and cremation approximately takes around 150$ to 300$. It is much reason to go with the process at home.



Euthanasia, no doubt is a very hurting process for the owner, but it is done to relieve the pet. The dog is euthanized when there is no way to keep the dog alive or cure him of some disease.

Euthanasia at the clinic has benefits over euthanasia at home but if you can’t afford expenses or you find yourself expert in doing so you can do it at home.

It will be a bit difficult and will require some physical job to clean up his body but it can be taken as showing your love to your pet.

All Euthanasia methods discussed above are good but euthanasia with sleeping pills is much better, especially when you are trying euthanasia at home.


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