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Best Way to Punish a Dog- Canine Discipline Guide

Best Way to Punish a Dog- Canine Discipline Guide


There are many ways to punish a dog because every way of punishing has a positive vision that your dog should become disciplined,

because if you can’t discipline your dog, then it would be tough for you to manage his habits which will disturb you so it would be great if you teach your dog by giving him real punishments.

Here are the Steps to Discipline, your Dog with Positive Punishment.


  1. Make a Noise: Make a Noise around your dog and distract him with some noise and let him focus on you. Now, this is the best time you can give him some attention towards you and stare towards him.
  2. Stop Paying Attention: Stop Paying attention to him and if you are ignoring him this is the best way just ignore him and spend time as much as you can ignore is the best punishment ever, so It will help you to make you canine disciplined.
  3. Close your Dog in a Dark Room: This is hilarious and sounds very strange but it works when you see that your dog is not behaving and doing not good things like barking every time or disturbing everyone then you can close it in dark room so you can realize him that he is wrong. Make sure that do not leave him in the room for more time because in this way it will be dangerous for you if he became angry.
  4. Make a Deduction in Food: You can Decrease the quantity of food, and this is the way how you punish your dog with positive reinforcement.Please make sure that your dog is not having any problem like if he is already weak in health and can suffer from the punishment than try not to decrease the amount of food.
  5. Avoid hitting or Slapping: Most of the people want to know that “How to punish a dog” then probably it is not the way you hit or slap your dog because it does not create positive reinforcements as it creates negative as well.


It’s not about to disturb your canine It’s all about disciplining your pet with proper and authentic ways so they can bare with you for a long time. Many people asks us the same question that

“How to punish a canine with positive reinforcements?”


Best Way to Punish a Dog- Canine Discipline Guide


So we just recommend them, please do not create a dangerous environment by hitting or beating your dog because it will create so many things then you have to pay your attention.

How To Punish a Dog?


Spend your most of the time whenever you are free and I think only feeding is not enough you should play with him, and this will help you to make a good understanding with your dog, and there would be no need to worry about it.

Dogs are Innocent so most of the people just search on google about how to punish a dog and reluctantly they beat their pets which are simply nonsense!!

How To Punish a Dog in way that he can Learn Some Things?

Beating a dog is not the solution, you should train your canine to be disciplined. Most of the time canines misbehaves due to anger, sadness, and their behavior so it’s up to you how you handle them.

Most of the people does not want to discipline their canines and this is because of their laziness so if you are up and want to discipline your canine then just make it better and give it amazing and proper guidance.


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