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Why do Rottweiler licks too much?

If you are a dog owner and familiar with dogs, then you must have seen Rottweiler licking things. They have a habit of licking things. They lick almost everything, including themselves.

If you have seen them, then you must have wondered why they lick so much. If you have these concerns about Rottweiler, this article will help you understand your habits and clear your concerns.

If you have these concerns about your Rottweiler or Rottweiler breed, then I should appreciate you for being a responsible owner. If your Rottweiler licks too much, there is nothing to worry about.

It is entirely normal for this breed of dogs. In this article, we will determine the reasons for the excessive licking of Rottweiler and help you figure out what you can do to stop them.

Why do Roottweiler licks too much?

Why Rottweiler licks so much?

Dogs lick things to show their love, especially humans. The same case is with Rottweiler, so if your Rottweiler licks everything and licks too much compared to normal dogs, it is nothing to worry about because it is entirely normal in this fascinating breed of dogs. If you are still uncomfortable,let’s get to the bottom of it.

There can be several reasons for Rottweiler’s behavior, or there can be a combination of multiple reasons.Let’s first discuss the reasons.


Below is the list of reasons why your Rottweiler lick so much. There can be two types of reasons behavioral and medical. These reasons are discussed below.

Behavioral issues:


Rottweiler is one of the smart dog’s breed. They are extremely wise compared to other breeds of dogs.

This phenomenon makes them vulnerable to feelings, emotions, loneliness, boredom, and stress that comes with life, such as moving on or losing a companion.

Appealing taste:

Rottweiler has a habit of tasting things. If something has an appealing taste, Rottweiler will try to taste that thing again and again.

They tend to taste everything. If you don’t like being licked by your Rottweiler, then you should apply a scent on your skin that has an awkward taste. It will help you to stop your Rottweiler keep licking you all the time.

To soothe themselves:

All the animals learn to soothe themselves at their young age, which also includes humans. We humans hum sometimes, sway to and fro, cross our arms on the chest, and do some unintentional things to soothe ourselves without realizing. Some dogs are sort of obsessive about grooming to regulate their well-being.


We are not aware of the Rottweiler’s world, so if they are licking, there can be many reasons, but showing affection towards that thing is one of the common behavioral reasons.

If you are good at it, you have to address the issue before becoming excessive and obsessive.


If your Rottweiler is just a pup and licking you, it might be a cute lick and show of affection. That way, you will reward her by laughing or affection, but this way, it will become a permanent habit in the future.

In no time, it will become excessive licking from a 45 kg Rottweiler. Train her from the beginning and stop rewarding her too much.

Medical Reasons:


Allergy to food or the environment can be a strong reason for the excessive in Rottweiler. The end product of food allergy isn’t always vomiting or food poisoning.

Other than that, if you notice any severe skin problems with your Rottweiler, then you must consult with the veteran. These issues can also cause excessive licking in your Rottweiler.


Infections and parasites can be a real struggle for dogs. If you see any parasite or infection on your Rottweiler’s body, consult with the veteran and schedule for it. It can be another cause of your dog’s licking.

Gastrointestinal condition:

If your Rottweiler is suffering from gastrointestinal (GI) issues, it might be experiencing nausea. This issue causes excessive production saliva, that is the issue your Rottweiler is licking so much.

Other symptoms of (GI) are vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and even blood in the stool. If your Rottweiler shows these symptoms for more than 3 three days, you should immediately consult with a veteran.

How to stop your Rottweiler from licking too much:

First of all, we should recognize that licking is not a bad thing for dogs, until or unless your dog is ripping the skin or fur off himself.

We need to train them to stop licking too much, so we don’t feel uncomfortable. We need to take a gentle approach to stop her. We need to train her. Punishment will never be effective in this situation.

The first step of this training is to establish that the licking should be ceased whenever you give a command to your Rottweiler. There are three significant steps in this training.

Remember, Rottweiler is a kind of breed that always tries to please. It is relatively easy to train themcompared to other dogs. They better know when you are pleased by your body language, vocal tone, and reward.

  1. When you Rottweiler start to lick you, command her, and give her attention.
  2. If she continues to lick, you slowly wrap your hands around her muzzle command her again.
  3. Redirect her to her favorite activity, which you think is normal and acceptable. The favorite activity can be a trip outside, a walk, drinking water, a favorite toy, a big bone, or rubbing her tummy. Praise her by giving rewards.
  4. Repeat the process whenever she starts licking and be patient.
Usually, licking things is a normal thing for dogs. Most of the time, it indicates affection, but excessive licking can be dangerous for the dog and irritating for the owner.

This habit can be the result of behavioral or medical issues. To tackle these issues and stop your dog from excessive licking, you need to train her properly.

In this article, we explained why the excessive licking in the Rottweiler breed and what we can do to stop them. I hope this article was worthy of reading. Please share your opinion about the article in the comment section.

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