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Why are Huskies so stubborn?

Dogs are one of the most loyal and loving animals on earth. There has been a history of dogs for being a loyal friend of humans. Their behavior reflects loyalty.

The behavior of dogs varies in different breeds. Like Huskies are somewhat stubborn than other dogs. If your husky is stubborn and you are worried about it, then this article will be worth reading for you.

Husky is a fascinating breed of dogs. They are wolfish when you look at them. Their blue eyes and lean physique makes them look unusual and unique from other breeds of dogs.

Quite frankly, these dogs are friendly, then why these amazing animals are so stubborn? This article will discuss the reasons behind huskies’ stubbornness and what we can do about it?

Why are Huskies so stubborn?

Why are huskies stubborn?

Huskies are smart and incredibly friendly with humans, but that doesn’t put off the fact that they are repulsively stubborn.

If you ask any husky owner about their dog, they will tell you that husky is the sweetest thing happened to them, but if you see these owners giving a command to their sweetest thing, you will realize that husky will not listen to their command and end up doing the complete opposite. This is because Huskies are known for their stubbornness.

Is husky just a noisy toddler, or there are other reasons for the stubbornness. There are several reasons for the stubbornness of huskies.

There can be a combination of reasons for their stubbornness. However, when figuring out the main reason for huskies’ stubbornness, you can consider a few things. Let’s first discuss the reason for huskies to be stubborn.


Huskies mentality:

Huskies have a natural mentality of living in a pack and listening to the leader. They only listen to the one they believe in and who is just like them. They are naturally meant to move in packs.

The majority of the animals who live in packs listen to one leader, which indicates that husky will listen to one leader, and if she doesn’t see you as one leader; she won’t listen to you. Mostly, this is the case.

But it doesn’t mean that huskies don’t love their owner. They are one of the loving breeds of dogs, among others.

Pleasing the owner:

Huskies don’t care about pleasing the owner. This statement is a strong statement for them, and you must be thinking that they are sort of disrespectful and weird, but they are not disrespectful in any way.

The husky is not doing it to hurt you. It is just the nature of them; they are not interested in pleasing people.

It is because huskies are meant to do one job. They have bred one goal, which is to pull sleds. If you command the dog to do something and there is something she can chase in the same distance, there is a high percentage of chances that she will go for the chase. The instinct makes her disobey your commands.

She is not trained:

Other than natural reason, the reason that your husky doesn’t obey you command that she is not correct. If she is not given enough training, she will not know how to behave and obey.

In this scenario, it is best to start training her the way you want it to behave and make her obey your commands.

Distracted training:

Another reason for not obeying your commands can be training her when she is distracted. If you train her when she is distracted, not only husky, any dog breed can be stubborn. There is a problem with the method of training.

Because when there is distraction around you, it is tough to pay attention to anything, which can also be the case. You need to train her when there is nothing for her to be distracted and pay complete attention.

Not training in stages:

When you put a lot of burden on the dog and try to give advanced training instantly, she won’t understand.

It will help if you train her from doing some easy things then start advanced things. If you start training from advanced things, it will be too much for the dog.

These are some natural and common reasons for huskies to be stubborn.


Some considerations will help you figure out the actual reason for your husky to be stubborn.

When did she start being stubborn?

It will be helpful if you note the timing when you husky start being stubborn. If she is stubborn from the beginning, it can be due to natural reasons.

If it has started suddenly, it can be due to any event that triggered her to be stubborn. Like negative reinforcement, advanced training, being ill, etc.

When is it not listening to you?

If your dog is sometimes stubborn and sometimes listens to you, it is more likely that it is due to distracting training and negative reinforcement. Because she learned when she gets a reward and when she doesn’t.

What to do?

Huskies can be stubborn due to natural reasons or training issues. If your husky is stubborn due to natural like their mentality, you need to be persistent to let them believe in you to be their leader and make your commands fun.

That’s how she will start to follow your commands because it is fun for her. Other than that, train her properly, reward her when she follows your commands, and behave the way you want her to be.

Huskies are one of the fascinating breeds of dogs; they look amazing, and they are loving. Their stubborn behavior can be because of multiple reasons, but the primary reasons behind their stubbornness are their nature. They are meant to live in a pack and pull sleds.

In this article, we have learned why huskies are so stubborn, and what we can do about it? I hope this article will be worth reading and helpful to you. Please share your thoughts about this article in the comment section.

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