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Why Does My Husky Growl At Me?

Keeping a pet is not an easy task. There are numerous factors at play; the difference in species is a major one. Dogs, although loyal, cannot express what they feel.

They are simple beings and are not acquainted with the complicated emotions and thought processes of humans.

Huskies are a beautiful breed of dogs, which many people like to adopt since they are affectionate animals who get along well with children and dogs of other species.

This mixed breed animal with an average life span of 12-15 years and 20-23 inches tall makes a beautiful pet. However, huskies are not so easy to take care of. As a pet owner, one has to be familiar with all their health issues, physical and mental.

Small changes in their behaviour can cause the owner extreme worry. Huskies, if trained well, get along well with their owner and do not show aggressive behaviour. However, specific triggers can make them misbehave.

Why Does My Husky Growl At Me?

Growling is one such harmless yet the unusual habit of them. Below is the list compiling all the reasons why your husky might be growling at you and the steps you should take in such a scenario.

1. Lack of Attention:

Huskies, despite being extraordinarily loyal or smart, are animals nonetheless, and they cannot talk to you about the things that bother them.

They are highly sensitive creatures who can sense the slightest of change in your behaviour and react to it in a way animals usually do, which leads to this hypothesis that if your husky is growling, he might be asking for attention.

This usually happens when the owner gets busy in their work and fails to give a generous amount of attention to their pet as they typically do. Hence, the husky feels it and growls.

2. Being Possessive:

Another reason for their growls can be their possessive behaviour, which can either be for their food, toys, or other belongings.

It can be due to some recent incident where some other pet or even the owner misplaced their stuff or just replaced it with the new or different one. And huskies usually do not adapt to change quickly, thereby showing their dissatisfaction.

3. Minor Injury:

A minor injury can be another factor causing the husky to growl. The sore could be small enough not to be seen by the owner, in which case, the whole body examination of the pet might serve the purpose. If the sore or ache cannot be cured at home, taking the pet to the veterinarian can help.

4. Fright:

Panic or fear can also make a husky growl. Moving to a new, unfamiliar place can act as a trigger in this case, such as fireworks or noisy construction sites. Patting it or taking it back to its familiar place where it feels safe can help it calm down.

5. Excitement:

Huskies growl when they are having a fun time, either playing with their toys or going for a walk to the park nearby. They can also roar in low sounds after seeing you, which means they ask for love and affection.

These can also be referred to as ‘pleasure growls.’ Playing with them and patting them will make them happy.

6. Aggressiveness:

Sometimes the huskies growl in the presence of other animals because they want to attack them and be dominant. Aggressive growling is different than the one where they feel threatened and look for safety.

Fierce growls are louder and sharper and indicate the desire of the pup to fight. Regular exposure to different animals can help avoid such a scenario.

How to Deal With Growling:

Training the pet is never sufficient; you, being the owner, have to undergo training yourself to get along with your pet. Here are a few tips for dealing with the growling of your pet husky:

1. Daily Spend Some Time With Your Pet:

Giving your pet the time and attention they deserve will keep them relaxed and contented. Make a schedule, take them out for a walk, play with them, and pat them regularly. This way, they will become accustomed to your timings as well and will not display unusual behaviour.

2. Understand Their Behavioural Pattern:

Observe the habits of your pet and try to understand their reasons whenever they behave strangely. Dogs show emotions in different ways; howling, growling, jumping are just a few of them.

If your pet growls when you take something away that they are fond of, they are likely to bark and exhibit their disapproval. Furthermore, if they stay at one place or refuse to move, it can also indicate possessiveness for that place/thing.

Better let them have what they ask for and if it is not suitable for them, gradually and politely train them to avoid it, and a point will come when they shall have gotten rid of it.

3. Take Them To The Vet For A Regular Check-Up:

Regular check-ups will help with not only locating the injuries, whether they are internal or external, but will provide medication as well. You can learn more about the dog’s behaviour from the vet and take better care of them.

4. Reward-Based Training:

Train your pet to do what you would like them to do and offer them a reward for good performance. The bonus can be in the form of food, a toy, or you can complement them in a pleasant tone. During this training, you can prevent them from making unpleasant noises such as growling and howling, etc.

5. DoNotPunishThem:

Last but not least, whenever your dog growls, no matter the reason, do not punish them. Fighting aggression with aggression is never the solution. If you cannot figure out the cause by yourself, better book an appointment with a dog behaviourist.

With the problems mentioned above and solutions, one can easily conclude that with a little bit of care and affection, husky related issues can be solved. Despite the occasional display of disapproving behaviour, they are animals, nonetheless, who deserve nothing but love.

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