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All About Dog Breeds -Precious Info Regarding Famous Canines

What are dogs?

The dogs are famous members of carnies genus, having great resemblance with wolfs except the dogs are the first domestic carnies and found almost everywhere in the world.

Dogs have been good companions of a human. They have been used for different works that primarily done by human beings like pulling loads, hunting, herding, providing protection, fetching, and many others.

Dogs are intelligent and quick learners hence are trained and kept under military services.

Apart from this Dogs are good pets, especially for families with kids because kids and dogs both are active and always ready to play so you don’t need to play with your kids leaving the very important business you have, so it looks like it may be best to just buy a puppy from places like AmericanListed.

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All About Dog Breeds -Precious Info Regarding Famous Canines

Types of Dog Breed:

The dogs are categorized into categories and subcategories based on their function or work and how they look. these different dogs categories of dogs are the result of selective breeding.

If we broadly view the dogs are of different types like working dogs, these are dogs used for different labor works initially they were used for transport in arctic areas. Nowadays they are found doing a variety of jobs. Companion dogs which are used for companionship and are good toy players and entertainers used for pleasure.

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What are the groups of Dogs according to the AKC?

According to American Kennel Club up to now, there are more than 190 different dogs breed registered, which are mainly classified into seven groups. Which is discussed here

The Terrier group of the Dogs:

This group of dogs contains dogs of very small size with light and smooth hairy coated body to a large in size with a rough hairy coated body. These dogs are fearless and very less tolerant to other animals along with other dogs.

During 18 century in Britain there were only two types short-legged and long-legged terriers but now there are five different groups each one of which contains several breeds.

Historically they came from Britain and Ireland were initially used to control the over and undergrowth of Rates, Rabbits, Foxes and some of the large terriers also were used for Badgers hunting.

Some of the famous terrier dogs are:

  • The Cairn terrier
  • The Scottish terrier
  • The Welsh terrier
  • The Bedlington Terrier
  • The Norfolk terrier
  • The Manchester terrier
  • The American Staffordshire Terrier
  • The Wire Fox Terrier
  • The Parson Russell Terrier
  • The JagdTerrier

Terrier is now kept for different purposes but some of them are still used for the same primary function they did like the hunting type terrier dogs is used for track finding or trail quarry especially underground.

All About Dog Breeds -Precious Info Regarding Famous Canines

What is Cairn terrier?

Cairn terrier is a breed of working dogs of small size and is believed to be the oldest terrier breed. these dogs were found hunting and chasing quarry between the Cairns in Scottish Highlands, hence were given name cairn. These dogs were used by farmers to get rid of the vermin from their property in Scottish lands, as it was their place of origin. These dogs look much similar to Norwich terrier except their shaggy fur.

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What are the activities required for Cairn?

Cairn terrier dogs are very active playful and intelligent. Due to their small size, they do not need a huge space or a park to play and carry out their activates but can adjust themselves in an apartment.

Their activity requirements are low only a walk of half an hour, three times a day is enough for him. They love to fetch a ball along with some other games like a fly ball and earth dog trials.

Shedding in Cairn terrier.

As compared to other dogs they shed very less only a single comb per week is enough to keep their shedding effect under control. If you don’t comb you will not feel any shedding but he will come in contact with you will feel hairs on your clothes and same will be with other things he will touch.

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What should I feed my cairn terrier?

For the healthy body and sound mind it these dogs requires very less amount of food but of good quality. Feed all those foods which are rich in proteins minerals and vitamins and avoid grainy foods like corn or soy because these can cause allergies and also make your dog overweight.

What are the health problems the cairn terriers?

Along with their size, they also have a short span of life which is 13 to 14 years. In this very short span of life, they need more care and attention. There are some genetic diseases which inherited while another disease in cairn terrier our due to some unspecified factors which include infections, toxins and eating unhealthy foods.

Some of the hereditary diseases are

  • Cataracts
  • Corneal dystrophy
  • Entropion
  • Hypothyroidism

All About Dog Breeds -Precious Info Regarding Famous Canines

The Toy group of Dogs:

Toy or companion group of dogs is bred from centuries with a single purpose to have a pet as human companion and entertainer. They are mostly very small in size. These dogs are naughty and love playing with kids.

Some of the toy group of the dogs are :

  • The Chihuahua
  • The Poodle
  • The pug
  • The Pomeranian
  • The Maltese
  • The Shih Tzu
  • The French Bulldog
  • The Bichon Frise
  • The Pekingese
  • The Lhasa Apso
  • Japanese Chin.

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What are Husky Dogs?

Husky dogs are middle-sized pets, this sort of breeds are good looking and hard working, its how makes it possible while training they become attentive, you can’t even imagine how they are able to perform like this.

they are stronger and well-mannered dogs,instead of all that they are good at learning and they react very well accordingly, are more sensitive than normal dogs, huskies look similar to wolves, for further if you are willing to buy a husky dog/puppy, you should be aware of husky abilities/movements.

This would be like challenging a horse in the race, but there is nothing to worry about it, it’s so easy to train husky dogs, as the time passes they become more affectionate to their master/owner if husky dogs are kept very good condition by giving healthy foods and treats and are treated well with the love they become friendly with every member of your family who has owned them.

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Where Husky Dog Breed Lives?

Before the acknowledgment of husky dogs, people used to say that they are wolves, which can be dangerous for our villagers and even for our children, for all of this villagers used to kill or kick them out from the village, but as the time pass they realized/acknowledged that they are dogs, and we are well aware of dogs that they are loyal and kind. This happened in Siberia.

After that is was experienced that husky dog’s breeds are independent according to their nature/humor. They are originated from Siberia when Huskies were recognized as a dog the people used them as sled dogs, however, huskies become good with humans and today in the whole world huskies are used as a pet in homes.

All About Dog Breeds -Precious Info Regarding Famous Canines

in Siberia, people are crazy for husky dogs just like in like in china peoples are crazy for phone- in Siberia there is always cold weather, temperature always remains 0 to -2/3 centigrade, in this temperature huskies keep himself hot female its recognized that huskies are made for cold weather after all that people started adopting huskies their popularity was increased in whole world it’s because huskies are charming and wonderful and heart-stealing, whoever gives a glance at Husky he/she falls in love with huskies and makes demands to get.

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What are the Abilities of Husky Dogs?



AS you see the Siberian Huskies are gorgeous, but Siberian is different from other dogs.

they are intelligent and are able to understand the language of humans whatever you try to teach him/her huskies will pronounce it. not clearly but at some sort.

if you are trying to teach your husky dog any sentence or any word he/she will pronounce it some day.


This is may be impossible to understand for all of the people, that some things are difficult to understand or no sense for a normal

a person, but huskies dogs have abilities to sense your feelings, emotions in whatever mood you are they react according to that.


Siberian Huskies are good at learning typical things, in Siberia first people used to trade from one village to another by feet.

After recognizing the Huskies as dogs and even their abilities they made Huskies as sled dogs when they were used as sled dogs people started trading from one village to another on husky dogs.


if you have owned or you are trying to buy any Siberian husky puppy, once you get a husky he/she will be close to you for forever

they love their owner and never lets to be harmed any member of their family

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The working group of Dogs:

These are powerful and intelligent dogs capable of doing various works for the people but basically, they are farm and working field and draft animals.

The work they can do for human beings includes guarding of the home and livestock, hunting and herding of animals. They also can serve in the military.

Some of the working Dogs are :

  • The Akita
  • The Doberman Pinscher
  • The Samoyed
  • The Portuguese Water Dog
  • The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
  • The Dogue de Bordeaux
  • The Anatolian Shepherd


The Sporting group of Dogs:

The dogs are naturally active, quick learners and lovers of the game. This group of dogs is trained for different sports, pointers, retrievers, and spaniels are the active representatives of this group.

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Some of the Sporting Dogs are:

  • The Pointer
  • The English Springer Spaniel
  • The German Short haired Pointer
  • The Irish Setter
  • The Spinone Italiano
  • The English Setter
  • The American Water Spaniel
  • Irish setter

All About Dog Breeds -Precious Info Regarding Famous Canines

What are Irish Setter?

The Irish setter is a breed of family dogs. Their breeding is slow hence are called Irish setter ( term Irish setter is used for the slow breed).

These dogs are normally of 55 to 62 cm female and 58 to 67 cm male in height with weight ranging from 27 to 32 kg male and 24 to 29 kg female.

They usually come in Red, mahogany and chestnut colors. Irish setter is a breed of playful, spiritual and warmhearted dogs. Apparently, Irish setter has medium size long fur of mostly red or chestnut color, which requires brush daily to keep control over shedding.

They need care and time as they are sensitive. Temperamentally they are cool and can easily be adjusted with kids and other pets.

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What is Irish setter’s work?

The Irish setters from their earlier time are used for hunting purposes. Their special purpose along with hunting was to locate and point out the upland game birds. They are silent and tireless hunters. The Irish setter with their great sense of smell located the bird and hold position facing the direction in which bird is hidden.

What are the health problems in Irish setter?

As compared to other dogs they need more exercise and walk daily, because they are hunters and if not given proper exercise and walk this will cause a disease in them which is called hip dysplasia, in which dog slowly comes to such a critical point where it stops even walking.

The Irish setter can have some common health problems which include progressive retinal atrophy, hypertrophic osteodystrophy, and hypothyroidism.

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How to know whether your dog is healthy or not?

To know whether your dog is healthy, in case of Irish setter just examine the fur of the dog, if it is shedding properly and show a naturally glowing Fur your dog is healthy, if not it is lacking some vitamins, minerals, protein and other nutrients. In such case, you need to add fruits, and vegetables in the diet.


The Hound group of Dogs:

The hound dogs initially were part of the sporting group and later on formed a group of their own. These dogs mostly are tall slim and sharp. Because their high speed they are used for hunting and tracing of the track of the prey.

Some of the hound Dogs are:

  • The Greyhounds
  • The Bloodhound
  • The Whippet
  • The Italian Greyhound
  • The Catahoula Cur
  • The English Foxhound
  • The Azawakh
  • The Chippiparai

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What is Greyhounds Dogs?

Greyhounds are fast speed hunter; they can run with speed of 70 KM ph these main characteristics include soft and keen sight with smooth hairy coated body their long and strong legs deep chest and flexible spin make them perfect for hunting and running for long distance at constant pace which increases from 60 to 70 km ph, there are normally 71 to 72 cm male and 60 to 71 cm female in right their weight normally ranges from 27 kg to 40 kg male and from 27 to 34 kg female.

This breed of dog according to some pet lovers greyhound is tall and large by body structure this breed never grows fat, normally comes in tow colors it can blue-white, brown white, black white, or might be in full blue this color is rare.

When this breed grows or rise dogs lovers say this breed is gentle with mind-blowing speed, it has the ability to run fast this breed is also recognized with intelligence and with long and powerful legs this makes him/her a legendary racer, why this breed has such race speed? It’s because of his/her flexible spine and its slimness makes him/her reach the destination.

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What is the Specialty of Greyhound Dog?

Many people of America/Australia used to train dogs for acing before the greyhound dogs breed, there used to stand other kinds of dogs after recognizing the ability of greyhound people started adopting this breed, at the start dogs trainer used to adopt greyhound its because this breed has the ability to run fast than other dogs.

In the race of dogs people started betting with each other greyhound was good enough to run fast it has the speed of 64kmph before that official’s people used this breed as a hunter and this greyhound was trained for hunting, however Australia has such kinds of culture racing the dogs the greyhound racing it was first announced at united states of America as the time pass people started betting, this sort of activity was about to ruin the people of America and Australia but the government of Australia banned the racing greyhound but after long discussion this ban was removed .

Why People Adopt Greyhound Dogs?

In this world, there are so many kinds of dogs breed but the Australian and American people refers to greyhound dog. It’s because American peoples love dog racing and they also want to win the race so this greyhound is the best choice for racing in a field.

This breed has the ability to run fast it’s because of their wide chest long and strong legs and with the huge amount of potential greyhounds can run.

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The Non-Sporting group of Dogs:

This group contains large and diverse bulky Dogs with a variety of shapes and coats. Initially, there were two classes of dogs in AKC sporting and non-sporting all others evolved letter on.

Some of the Non-Sporting Dogs are:

  • The Bulldog
  • The Shar-Pei
  • The Shiba Inu
  • The Tibetan Spaniel

The Herding group of Dogs:

Dogs belonging to this group are either trained for herding or already belong to herding breed. these can teach to react to a sound or whistle which make them very useful in herding. They are used to make herds move, stop or stay at a place

Some of the Herding Dogs are:

  • The German Shepherd
  • The Australian Shepherd
  • The Belgian Malinois
  • The Samoyed
  • The Rough Collie
  • The German shepherd

What is German shepherd?

The German shepherd is one of the prominent members of Herding group along with the working group of dogs, of size ranging from medium to large, with a lifespan of 9 to 13 years.

They are called as German shepherd because they originated in Germany about 1899. The German shepherd is of Black, Black & Tan, Black & silver, Red & black, Sable and Grey colors.

German shepherd normally comes with the height of 60 to 65 cm male 55 to 60 cm female. Their normal weight ranges between 30 to 40 kg male and 22 to 32 kg female.

They are best known for their intelligence, obedience, watchfulness, courage, alertness, loyalty and confidence.

All About Dog Breeds -Precious Info Regarding Famous Canines

What German shepherd is capable of doing?

At very first these dogs were used by shepherds for herding animals like sheep but later on because of their intelligence and ability of quick learning they were trained to work with forces to search and rescue as well as they also are being used for chasing and apprehending criminals, they can petrol in distressed areas and detect and hold the suspect.

The German shepherd because of their strength is also used to assist disabled persons. The German shepherd is also very protective of their owner.

Health care and health issues of the German shepherd

The German shepherd is a vigorous and active breed having very rare health problems till then there are some common health issues in this breed, which may include hip dysplasia, epilepsy, gastric problems, eye problems and some skin problems. These issues can be reduced by taking care of following things

Feed a balanced and nutritious diet:

The German shepherd is very active and playful hence they need a good supply of energy. If the diet failed to supply that amount of energy it will cause some health issues. They need ample amount of protein for which fresh meat is a good source. They carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins, you can include eggs vegetables and fruits to fulfill their need.

Go for exercise daily:

To keep the German shepherd fit and healthy you need to take him out for a walk twice a day. This not only will reduce apathy but also will reduce the risk of hip dyspepsia in your dog. If you feel your dog is struggling while walking you need to consult a vet for examination it is hip dyspepsia.

Make Regular checkups:

It is always better to check any problem at an early stage and solve it. Regular checking your dog will let you know any problem in its earlier stage so that you could solve it before it becomes a fatal disease.

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