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Top 20 Oldest Dog Breeds |Amazing Research On Oldest Canine

Top 20 Oldest Dog Breeds |Amazing Research On Oldest Canine

Which is the Oldest Dog Breed?

It’s been concluded that Siberian Huskies are the oldest breeds on earth this breed was appeared in 9,000 years ago in Siberia,

In Siberia people acknowledge the abilities and skills of huskies dogs, they figure it out that these breeds are unique and remarkable and can work according to our command. But before that person used to think that they are wolves but by the time people identified them as well and got them as their good wisher and Huskies became the defensive of their family and their hometowns and it’s interesting to learn about oldest dog breeds.

  • At that time it was tough to handle such breeds, it’s because they used to look fierce and harmful similar to wolves, In Siberia, the first death was occurred by the bite of a wolf, and because of this reason, people were too much scared.
  • According to history wolves remain dangerous, you may have heard about the wolves of congratz,
  • Cernogratz was a tribe or you may call it family in this family when anyone is close to death or it has few to time to live, there used to fall a tree it was considered that someone is going to die from the family of congratz and before that happens wolves show up and gather around their home and they start howling around the house.
  • By the time Siberian Huskies become the part of people and Siberian Huskies managed to love and accept their owner by whom they were adopted. And today they are called with name Siberian huskies.

What was the First Dog Breed on Earth?


Relatively Siberian Huskies, Australian cattle dog and others so on…



Most of the dogs are stubborn and engaging with useless works, but Siberian Huskies are strong enough to pull weight, it’s how when they are used as sled dogs, and they are also identified with name sled dogs.

DO you know why they are called sled dogs?

In Siberia, the mostly temperature remains 0centegrate, during that temperature continuously downy flake never stops in short time whole ground turns into ice in that time it would so unable to work according to our way.

In oldest time people trained the Siberian Huskies and made them to as sled dogs,

Sled dogs were so strong and hard enough to walk miles, in meantime, their need for business was increased and this breed become the more compatible and they are still famous for working out of cities.

Why Siberian made Huskies as sled dogs? While the downy flake their trading path were being closed, it turns the all ways into ice, and it was making difficult to trade with other cities because this reason Huskies made as sled dogs.


Paleolithic means ancient, oldest time of dog was Pleistocene canine, this dog was introduced three thousand years before in Europe and it was acknowledged with a domestic animal. And it was considered as defensive of a whole community and for entire Europe who was living at that time.

And still today this sort of dog breed is present in Europe, but you will find the rare, it would be difficult to find pure genre of Pleistocene canine,

Top 20 Oldest Dog Breeds |Amazing Research On Oldest Canine

You are maybe unaware of ancient dog breeds, what was their style, what they like to eat, how they used to survive in a lake of meat?

Their style was similar to wolves, they like to eat meat by hunting, if there wasn’t any hunt if anyone of them caught the disease if one of them is unable to hunt, this used to bring them into danger, a danger of being killed by his own partner.

And their weight was between 30 to 40 kg; according to their physical structure skull length was short.


Where did Oldest Dog Come From?

It was said that the oldest dog breed came from Australia, from all that Australian cattle dog is merged.

And Australian dog is also recognized with heeler, why heeler? Because of his herding attitude Australian cattle dog is accepted by his/her color.

This dog breed is well known by his/her color, having blue and gray collar and might be red and gray, that’s the reason such breeds are acknowledged with blue heeler and also red heeler.

How Can Australian Dogs Be Recognized?

This breed could be recognized with appearance, size, coat and color, tail, temperament.


This sort of dog always seems into broad and flat face and with wide skull, soft and skinny chicks. And seems to be very potential and powerful, their eyes look like oval shape and hard dark colored, eras are well made, and regularly remains out of head and straight.


A male dog seems to be heavier than female, they are large wide approximately having the 19 to 22 kg and with the size of 43 to 47 cm. these are long than tall.


According to pet lovers it has been noted that such breeds are coated by red and blue along with having chocolate cream colored, and with blue Gary marking on a collar.


The Australian cattle dog have the straight and short tail with mostly white doted at the end of the tail.


This breed of dog does not show temperament until the owner points out or their makes them be hanged.

SO it was the brief research on Oldest Dogs Breed we will try to put another awesome and detailed research on such topics thanks for reading!

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