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Why my dog is obsessed with me?

If your dog is obsessed with you?And you are uncomfortable or concerned about this behavior? Then this article is just theright place to find your answers.

Normally, a loving dog is a great thing; any dog owner already knows that dogs are inclined to follow their owners, but is there anything else in this behavior.

If your dog is continuously following you everywhere and stalking you, it can be uncomfortable for most people. People often find it incredibly endearing.

Here, we will learn why the obsession with dogs and find the answers to your concerns. First of all, let’s discuss the obsession with dogs.

Obsession of Dogs:

The obsession in dogs is familiar to some extent. As we know, pet dogs follow their owners every move because they are considered as one of the loyal pets among other pets.

Obsession can also be positive, like a light obsession, which includes being excited when you arrive at home because a dog is man’s best friend, along with a loving pet. She loves to follow the owner but to a certain extent.

A pet dog who is following you and sitting with you in the same room is normal. Problems can start if your dog is continuously following you, and you can’t leave because of the dog.

It is a very uncomfortable situation for the owner. These gestures can be irritating, but the truth is it something more than just annoying gestures.

Why my dog is obsessed with me?
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The over-obsession of dogs can be caused by several reasons, which are described as following.

Separation anxiety:

If your dog is obsessed with you, she might be suffering from separation anxiety. The separation anxiety is so common in dogs because dogs are naturally meant to live in packs.

They are not meant to spend time alone. This causes separation anxiety in them.

That’s why when they see their owner, they express an extra amount of love and follow their owner everywhere, even in the bathroom, which is not normal.

Chewing and clawing at doors, tearing things that carry your fragrance are the symptoms of anxiety. This is their way of coping with anxiety.


Other than separation anxiety, obsession can be caused by stress. Stress not only makes them sensitive to leave your side, but because of stress, their body and mind become stress.

They become the victim of depression. After this lack of eating, overeating, and in many cases, destruction follows.

Reinforcing behavior:

In most cases, when dogs are obsessed with their owners, the owners have unintentionally reinforced the behavior.

This would be more likely because you give your dog the things she wants when she is obsessed with you, like attention, toys, etc.

Natural traits:

Some dogs’ natural traits can also cause obsession because some dogs have some natural traits in their breeds, especially those dog breeds that are working with people, there is a good chance of them to be obsessed with their masters or owners,like a Velcro dog.

Velcro dogs are those dogs that don’t leave your side and follow you’re all around. These dogs are also called clingy. These dogs always desire to be close to their owners.


If you are not paying attention to your dog, it can be a potential reason for your dog to be obsessed with you. The reason your dog is obsessed with you is that she wants attention.

In this case, playing with her, training her, and exercising her is an excellent way to give her attention and let her interact with the environment. It will also help her to maintain her health.

What is the solution?

There are a various thing to consider in case of limiting the obsession. It depends on why your dog is doing it. There is a number of things you can do.

Train her to listen to your commands:

If your dog is not trained yet, then it is the right to train your dog. Start training your dog by giving commands to her. It will help you to let your dog behave as you want.

To reduce this obsession, train her to lie down somewhere and stay there that can be a potential step for reducing the obsession.

That’s how you can command her to lie down and stay; this way, she will stay away from you when you think she is starting to be obsessed with you.

Start Exercising her:

If your dog is not exercising much, make sure she does. You can exercise her by taking her for a walk or use a dog walker to do it for you.

If she is getting exercise and still, she is obsessed with you, making her get enough by playing fetch with her, especially in an active breed.

Avoid negative reinforcement:

Negative reinforcement is a potential cause for obsession, like if you have unintentionally trained her to be obsessed with you by giving her what she wants.

Avoid giving her rewards when she starts getting obsessed like her favorite food. Use positive reinforcement to make her behave the way you want.

Make sure of the diet:

Make sure the diet is right. Give her a balanced diet. It would help to keep the digestive system clean, consult with the doctors for a balanced diet.

Give her a distraction:

Distractions can help your dog to be engaged with things other than the owner. This can reduce the obsession significantly.

Loving dogs are what an owner always desires, but a dog’s obsession can be harmful to a dog. A dog starts to be obsessed with you when she is suffering from separation anxiety, or her obsession is because of her bond with the owner.

These are the most common causes of obsession. To reduce or limit the obsession, one needs to train the dog initially by giving her commands.

This article has explained the reasons and solutions for dogs’ obsession with the owners. This article will be helpful to you. Please express your thoughts about this article in the comment section.

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