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Top 10 Facts About Black Pug Puppies You Should know

What are the pug puppies?

The pugs are also thought to be the part of American kennel club’s toy group along with this they are also known as clowns of canine world for their great sense of humor.

These are Wrinkly, short-muzzled face and curled tailed dog’s breed. These dogs have a glossy coat of various colors, mostly of black or fawn and have a compact square body with well-developed muscles and big brown eyes.

These dogs originated in China and letter on in sixteen century they were brought to Europe and now are found almost everywhere in the world. Pugs are very sociable and gentle companion Dogs.

What are black Pug Puppies?

The Black pug puppies have wrinkled, short-muzzled face and curled tail like all other pug breeds except its color. If you talk about the physical characteristics of black Pug puppies there are two distinct shapes of ears Rose and button; their ears are folded with front edges against the side of the head.

Pugs have straight and strong legs of medium size, well under set legs. Their shoulders are laid back. The black pug puppies usually have small feet and strong ankles. The black colored nails and well split up toes.


Pug breed along with black Pug puppies all are suitable for families especially with children because most of the breeds are fond of playing with children. There is no need to fear as pug breed are sturdy enough to properly play with children.

Health Problems of Black Pug Puppies:

  • Pug dogs are small creative sharp and intelligent, so they need or attention and care. This breed has some health problems; we must know to keep them safe and to remain well aware of them.
  • Pugs are very susceptible to eye injuries because they lack long snouts and a permanent skeletal brow ridge. Eye injuries include proptosis, scratched corneas, and painful entropion.
  • Due to having compact breathing passageway they also have breathing difficulties as well as having difficulties in regulating their temperature through evaporation from the tongue by panting.
  • They need more oxygen and cool environment to live in because if their body temperature reaches to 108F (42C), it will cause organ failure.

Adult age of black Pug breed :

When will pug stop to grow?

When a pug becomes one year old, he is deemed an adult with the achievement of  90%  of his / her height and 80% of his /her weight. Even at this age, your dog may behave like a puppy, but when he/she reaches the age of 18 months, he/she is the complete adult with his/her maximum height and weight.

At this age, black pug breeds become muscular and no longer will he/she grow. If your dogs get more weight after the weight, the dogs have reached this age will be considered as unhealthy.

How to Train a Pug Dog in 2018?

Pug puppies at the beginning are very energetic and seem running around and playing with everything they get it will be funny and entertaining at first but as soon you will be done with this enjoyment you will not feel your dog feeling tired and will seem to troublemaking for you. To avoid your pretty dog to be a mess you need to train him to be obedient.

Obedience Training for your puppy:

The main quality of pug breed is that they in growing age try to learn and shape their habits whether you teach him or he will learn by himself.

The black pug puppies as are naughty, so all they will learn is bad habits like chewing your shoes entering in those places where you do not want him to be and running in your house.

Tips for training your black pug:

It is better to teach him whether letting him spoil himself and learn all those habits which will cause him to be disliked.

Very earlier steps you need to teach your dog are

  • Teach him not to bite
  • Teach your puppy to jump on furniture
  • Teach your dog not to play with food
  • Teach your puppy not to chew things like shoes

Why should black pugs breeds be trained earlier? 

These dogs love to learn when they are still puppies and will make this learning’s as their habits. So you have to start teaching him every trick you want him to perform, at the very earlier time because when the dog is an adult, it will be hard for him to change his habits and for you to teach him.

How to live with pug dogs?

Top 10 Facts About Black Pug Puppies You Should know

Black pug puppies have the flat baby like face and large brown eyes which convince most of the people to hug them.

These are very cute attractive and sensitive creature and need care.

For a happy, healthy and attractive puppy you need to take care of these things :

Feed them right food: feed your puppy with good quality food. Meat is the topmost ingredient in their diet Avoid feeding them foods containing high quantity cereal and soya.

Limit the number of treats :

By nature pug breed dogs are greedy  and will try to convince you to feed them more .they will overweight if feed too much which will result in health problems

Black Pug puppies

Some more things you need to take care of.

  • Set house rules for him
  • Provide basic care for pug dogs
  • Plan to spend more time with puppies
  • Take pugs to veterinarian for regular check up
  • Brush your pug daily

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