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Dogs Shock Collar -A Detailed Guide On Canines Collar

Dogs shock collar

Shock collars were firstly used in the 1960s for the training of hunting dogs when all this went successful new concepts of using these shock collars came into existence. Nowadays there are lots of applications for these collars

What are shock collars and what are they used for?

Shock collars also known as e-collars are used to deliver an electric shock of different intensity for the different duration of time to the neck of the dog through a radio-controlled device embedded in the collar. These shocks are given to the dogs to change their bad habits or to teach them those things which dogs are not willing to teach.

How does shock collar work?

In spite of their prior function of training the hunting dogs, it is now used for a variety of purposes like it is used to modify the behavior of the dogs, teach dogs not to bark unnecessarily, training the dog for police and military services and many other.  With shock collar simply a shock of low intensity is given to the dog as a sign of not doing what he is going through or to make him stay in a particular place reserved for him.

Dogs shock collar

As mentioned above shock collar is controlled by a radio-controlled device so whenever you feel your dog is doing something wrong or he is not obeying you, you simply can just give him a shock through shock collar as a positive punishment. These collars are not for whole life but for few days as an image of pain is set in dog’s mind that if I will do such things I will be given a punishment. After that, if you put off these collars the dog will still b of thinking that pain.

Dogs Shock Collar -A Detailed Guide On Canines Collar

What are different types of electric shock collars?

There are different types of collars available in the Wal-Mart for different type of training like we have

Shock Barking collar-Dogs shock collar

In dogs barking is quite normal but there barking is always for a reason but if your dog starts barking excessively you need to take anti-barking action for this the best solution is an anti-barking shock collar. The electric bark collar is used when your dogs bark unreasonably and are less respondent to other activities and other training.

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Fence shock dog’s collar / invisible fence shock collar :

Physical bars are so expensive that many people can not afford it and at some places, if one can afford but the housing authority doesn’t allow, in either of the situation you need to buy a fence shock collar. This invisible shock collar can make your dog stay in the unfixed property.

Remote Dog’s trainers:

Controlling a dog when he is not leashed was very difficult but now you can control your from a distance along with correcting his bad habits, for this you only need to buy a shock remote dog’s trainer collar.

How are electric shock trainer collars used?

Shock trainers are devices with a transmitter which sends a signal to a collar which in response to this generate an electric shock with the help of batteries inside it as a sign of not doing what is trying to do or do what you want him to do.

Dogs Shock Collar -A Detailed Guide On Canines Collar

Steps to follow while using the Shock collar.

  • For Safety assurance, first of all, go through the instruction, does and don’t of the electric collar.
  • Before putting on the collar be sure that batteries are inserted in the transmitter as well as the collar.
  • Now carefully attach the collar to the neck of the Dog.
  • Before using the shock collar make your dog familiar with it by putting it on for a week.
  • After a week when your dog is familiar with this collar try to make your dog follow very simple commands.


Sit down

Come here

Don’t eat

Stay there

  • If your dog does not listen you use remote to give him a shock of low intensity.

Now that the dog has come to know that not obeying you will give him pain you can also control his bad habits. When you see your dog doing something wrong ask him to stop doing if he does not stop simple use shock collar.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using shock collars?

From very beginning up to now there have been some people who support the use of shock collars and shock training of dogs because  it makes training of dogs very ease along with giving many comforts like with anti-barking shock  you can get rid of your dog’s unnecessary barking etc

On the other hand, there are other people and most importantly animal welfare organizations which condemn the use shock training and shock collars asking that these probably hurt.

Now let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of Shock collars in the light of Science.

Advantages of using Dogs Shock Collar:

  • Shock collars have made dog’s training very easy.
  • These are now made comfortable to wear with the help of growing technology.
  • Shock collars are now available with different adjustable levels for different dogs.
  • It is easy and complacent to take a dog with shock collars than with leash.
  • Modern collars also help to locate your dog.
  • Wireless and remote control gives controllability at a large distance.

Disadvantages of using shock collars:

  • Use of these collars hurt.
  • Electric shock can be the cause of stress response in the dogs.
  • if you use these collars inexperience can cause death.
  • It becomes fatal because sometime user uses these collars with high intensity.
  • Use of these collars increases the feeling of Anxiety, aggression, and barking.
  • If used on puppies it could be dangerous.

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