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Why Dogs Eat Grass? A Detailed Guide On Canine Habits

Why dogs eat grass?

There are some disorders in which normality of living beings in altered. If your dogs are eating grass there may be some reasons and this issue is not only with you, but most of the puppy keepers are worried about the changed behavior of their dogs except few who know the exact reason. So through this article, I will let you know the reasons behind

Dog’s grazing

Whether it’s healthier for your dog

How to make your dog not to feed on grass


So the disorder in which dogs eat grass is called hyalophagia disorder of pica category

You must be wondering

What is this pica?

The Pica is an eating disorder in which living beings eat that kind of things which are food or some may not be but are not naturally fed by the disordered pica one.

Some common type of pica disorder are:

  • Pagophagia: ice eating disorder
  • Trichophagia: hair eating disorder
  • Xylophagia: paper eating disorder
  • Mallophaga: drywall or metal licking disorder
  • Lithophagia: stone licking disorder
  • Geophagia: Soil testing disorder
  • Coprophagia: feces eating
  • Hyalophagia: grass eating disorder

Among these mentioned disorders hyalophagia is commonly found in the Dogs.

Why Dogs Eat Grass? A Detailed Guide On Canine Habits

What do People say When they Watch  Dog eating Grass?

It is very confusing and astonishing for everybody with less knowledge of dos to see dog feeding on grass. If you see your dog grazing you at once will be worried and will begin asking yourself, why is he doing so? Is he so hungry? Maybe thinking that your dog has got ill or some other problem.

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Hang on you are not only one facing this issue. Your worries may be increased when you will see your dog vomiting. The grazing of dog may indicate:

Nutritional deficiencies:

If dogs feel lack of any nutrimental ingredient, which is present is present in plants, in most of the cases, fiber is the ingredient for which the dogs feed on plants. In such case, it Is advised to feed him with food full of fiber to avoid dog from grazing.

Why dogs eat grass?

Some best fiber-rich foods for the Dog:

  • Beet Pulp
  • Rice Bran
  • Flaxseed
  • Psyllium Husk
  • Dried peas
  • Dried beans
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Pectin

Or it may be an annoying sign.

Sometimes when your dog comes in contact with puppies and other young dogs, Dog may feed on grass to indicate you that he is tired and bored.

Other reason may be the lack of activities as these pets are very active and fond of sports and games.

They need proper care and good game time. If you spend time with your dog as per his wish, he may stop grazing.

Some Sports the Dogs love to Play

  • Fly Ball
  • Dock Jumping
  • Disc Dog
  • Barn hunt
  • Nose work
  • Field trials

Why Dogs Eat Grass? A Detailed Guide On Canine Habits

Why Do Dogs eat Grass?

Among many other reasons, one according to some people is that when dogs feel some disease, they will try to relieve themselves by vomiting, and hence they go for grazing which helps them to vomit. Most disagree by considering that the dogs cannot be so smart.

But now grass eating is proved too good for digestion system improvement.

What are Medical Benefits of Grass Eating?

Most of human beings, the dogs can have gastrointestinal and pathogenic issues. During such times if you examine your dog he mostly will love to go out and eat whatever plant he finds.

The dogs mostly try to swallow to make him vomit to get rid of pathogenic microbes or resolve gastric irritation to relax.

Can Dogs Eat Plants without any problem?

Some of the veterinarians are of an opinion that grass eating is normal in Dogs.  Sometimes they eat plants without any disease or nutritional deficiency for they like to eat. In this condition, they look for a special plant they love to eat.

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Should I let my Dog eat Grass?

Letting your dog eat grass has no significant risk but to a particular limit. You need to keep an eye on your pet. It may sudden increase grazing, and this increase is always a sign of a hidden disease or illness. Chewing on houseplants or grass may become your pet’s habit if you feel so start feeing him natural herbs instead of grass till you make him not to gaze.

Most of the pet owners asks this question that Why dogs eat grass? the simplest answer is it is a natural habit and we can’t do anything in this regards as it does not harmful to him.

It is advisable to have a home herbal garden which is the proper alternative to feeding on a lawn and outdoor plants, which sometimes be dangerous.


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