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Big Dogs Huge Paws |Amazing Dog Breeds with Long Paws

Big Dogs Huge Paws |Amazing Dog Breeds with Long Paws


Which dog breed has Big Dogs Huge Paws?

Many dogs have huge paws. This is why some people may fear them as they perceive the presence of big paws as a tool for harm, but this is not the case with all dogs. 

Here is a shortlist of some of the dogs with big paws. However, there are many other dog breeds with big paws.

  1. Welsh Corgi
  2. Chihuahua
  3. Bulldog
  4. Jack Russell Terrier
  5. Black German Shepherd

There are many more breeds, but these dogs have big canine paws and look like a lion, and sometimes can be used to create and generate fear.

Which Dog Breeds Have Big Dogs Paws And Are Used For Fear?

Dogs such as the German shepherd have been widely used as guard dogs. But most canine breeds are not used purely for fear. They are naturally innocent and have lovely feelings for humans.

There can be many dogs that may be used as security guards in certain situations. In other cases, they have been brought up since they were puppies to love their owners and other humans. As such, they won’t use their big paws to attack but rather to play. In that case, there should be no need to fear them as they want to play. Like most dogs, they can sense if you mean them or their owner harm. So accept the love, even if it means a slobbery dog jumping on you

Which Dog Breed Has Huge Paws And Uses Them To Fight Bad Guys?

All Black German shepherds have huge paws, and they can easily take down a thief or any other person with bad intentions. That’s why most of the security organizations use them to guard their quarters and the police for chasing assailants.

Due to their large paws, they can easily take down an assailant once within close range. Well-trained dogs will do this as second nature. Depending on their training, they will either continue to attack or hold the assailant down.

Dog Breeds with Ears that Stand up – Are They Scared Angry Or Happy

  • Pitbull dogs
  • Rough Collie
  • German Shepherd
  • Pomeranian

There are so many breeds like some domestic pets with ears that stand up. Sometimes it’s a natural look of the dog, and other times, they can control what their ears do.

Some canines stand up their ears when they are angry, sad, and frustrated. Being aware of the surrounding may give a clue as to why they raise their ears and help reveal the reason. Once you understand the reason, you may be able to change the situation if it’s causing the dog anxiety.

What To Do If You Are Attacked By A Dog That Has Huge Paws:

Big Dogs Huge Paws |Amazing Dog Breeds with Long PawsIt’s undoubtedly an awful situation when a dog attacks a man or woman with its massive paws.

So how do you rescue anybody, even in the case of an attack on other dogs? If you have or any other person has been gravely injured, then call triple zero.

If you have seen someone being attacked by the dog and you think you can help grab something like a broom that you can use to create space between you and the dog.

  • Try and push the dog away.
  • Create space and talk calmly to the dog
  • If talking calmy doesn’t help, then growl.
  •  If another dog has been attacked, take them to the vet straight away. 

If it’s your dog that has attacked someone, understand that there may be consequences with the law even if they were doing it to protect you.

Avoid Aggravating Dogs That Can Harm You With Their Big Paws

Pet’s usually don’t harm anybody unless they have been disturbed by including when they are eating. This is a time where they may get protective of their food.

Avoid disturbing a dog when they are resting or startling them. Always let them know you are there.

  • Do not pull on their ears
  • Do not pull on their tails
  • Do not try and sit on them
  • Do not try and harm them or make any movements that may imply that.

Generally, be kind and respectful to the dog and accept that it may just want to be left alone.




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