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Is Dog Grooming Still Relevant? A Perfect Guide On Canine Grooming

Nowadays you are spending so much time to make up your dog/pet or thinking all the time how to groom this is some kind of difficult for all dogs keeper/dogs lover and you are willing how to get rid of such kind of hard works, because you have so many works to do that’s why you are having so much trouble to go to your work.

Because whole day and night you are worried about your dog you have totally forgotten yourself.


It’s because you want your dog look beautiful or you want your dog to be groomed as a professional just as you are, this comes to your personality

Most people go with course for dogs grooming but this is the waste of time you can gain knowledge by sitting on one chair and by reading this article which will help you to groom your dog as a professional here are some tips.

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Before going further you got to be some knowledge about tools, it means which tools you need to use while grooming your dog, here are some tips about tools and ways of using it.

You need to Wash and Brush first

It’s because before making up your dog this is important to wash him/her very well or you may not be able to work properly if you do so you will get stuck while cutting hairs or designing anything on your dog.

Use the right tool which is clear

After wash brings the right tool which is suitable if you are going to cut hairs of your dog then you will need a clipper, comb, slicker brush.

 Don’t pull hair

Gather all tools you have like clipper, comb, slicker brush then starts cutting hairs of your dog as you want him to be looked while cutting hairs you got to be gentle as you never been before.

Go easy 

Cutting hairs is not that much difficult this will irritate you but have to be calm it’s because your dog had never ever experienced this if you go hard while grooming your dog this activity will lead you in trouble, your dog may start avoiding you!

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Follow the right direction

Before grooming your dog clip the hairs of your dog it’s because you are not experienced as a professional dog groomer so that if you did not clip hairs of your dog you might be able to lose the beauty of the dog.

Go on according to your dog

Hold your dog gently don’t let him do unnecessary work, then start cutting from neck to back legs

Choose the appropriate blade

Different blades will not work properly as you want to fashion or groom your dog

Is Dog Grooming Still Relevant? A Perfect Guide On Canine Grooming

Understand what your dog should look like?

This is one of the main parts of grooming your dog, every groomer needs to understand that which style will be better for our pets, if you are unable to judge conditions of your pets, you will lose in every competition where you want to stand in first from all.

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There are so many benefits to groom your dog grooming turns your dog to a healthy and happy life that’s dogs are considered as extremely intelligent from all pets in case of that most people prefer dogs there is no doubt that dogs attract humans that’s why for the first time people adopt puppies it’s because they look cute and beautiful but after adopting puppies they grow and become a dog, growing elder dogs do not remain any cuter, that’s why people start grooming their dogs.


There so many reasons to groom your dog but from them here are some which are necessary to groom properly your dog.

Healthy growth, Skin down, stays clean, a close bond.


When it comes to the health nobody turns back their feet that’s why every dog owner wants to see their dog as a healthy and happy so you just need to do is always brush hairs of your pet/dog this activity helps your dog to circulate blood properly blood circulation is the one of main part of a body which makes your healthy this also goes for humans.


It is calculated that when dogs are not brushed regularly this can bring your dog’s skin down mostly this happens with countryside dogs, there they are not properly cared out.


Going into the parks playing with breeds of dogs all the time in dirt makes your dog so uncomfortable that’s why grooming is one of the best ways to ensure that your dog is healthy and clean.


Grooming does not mean only to keep healthy and bright your dog this is way of creating bond between you and your dog this happens by taking care of your dog brings owner and dog close each other

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Grooming at home makes it’s easy as you feed your dog then make it part of your life when especially you have a puppy. Puppies are difficult to handle you might ask how? Maybe you don’t know but puppies are so soft and skinny they can’t handle hard temperature and isolation because they are so valuable then according to this situation you need groom at home.

it is also that you need to relax yourself and check at what time your dog comes to a complete grooming mood it depends on the mood of your dog if he/she is not in mood bring for him/her good treats to eat this will divert his/her mind from games, playing game is also part of grooming your dog but this makes him healthy, for giving good looks you got to wash and brush him/her always properly.

Grooming is not about maintenance of your dog. It is also important to know what he needs to eat what time he got to sleep, check all body parts legs, nose, eyes, anal problem breathing, sniffing and so on.


Although you need brushes it depends upon the coat of your dog sometimes shedding becomes hard when you have German shepherd breed cause this sort of dogs have so many hairs on their coat but these tools are useful in every breed of dogs

  • Hair fall spray
  • Fine Comb
  • Ear drops
  • Ear and eye wiper
  • Small scissors
  • Soft slicker brush
  • Dog toothbrush

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As the time passes puppies grow older and they become hard to groom by owner this happens because of their coats and long haired that’s why some dogs needs professional groomer  some people remain busy all the time it’s because of their profession that’s why they become unable to give proper time to their pets/dogs.

Professional groomers know that how to handle a matted and coated dog?

This is really difficult for a new learner or a new pet owner, grooming means to maintain their pets and this becomes so difficult to handle a dog for the one who brings new puppy at home

If you are planning to show off your dog then you got to hurry and make it on the time, take appointment of a professional groomer this would be good for your dog you know very well that groomer will give a good advice for better styles of your pet there are many benefits of discussing with groomer because he knows that how to deal with coat of your dog he probably will do as you will say he will try his best to coat your dog it’s good to change old styles going to groomers creates social interaction between you and your dog this would be a good experience for them.

Is Dog Grooming Still Relevant? A Perfect Guide On Canine Grooming


Some people may ask you why it is so important to groom your dog always and every time that’s not a big matter to handle, this is simple you are actually doing something which is not possible for a normal person, grooming is not that much easy as it sounds like easy but this would be easy for those who are really in love with their pets/dogs for love we can do everything and nothing feels difficult to do.

Grooming always occurs by competition between tow tycoons men because it is concluded that for such kind of activities there is no need of common people because common peoples are busy to handle their home they don’t get time or money for grooming their dogs I think they not even keep dogs because of being poor.

Is Dog Grooming Still Relevant? A Perfect Guide On Canine Grooming

That’s why grooming keeps much more important for them who are always in competition with their competitor they take care of dogs all the spending so much money and while that time a poor person is running behind of money to feed their children and he tries best to serve good meal but this is not more important for grooming while grooming needs so many important tools like nail cutter, hair comb, toothbrush, clipper and many other things.


All the time we discuss grooming that how to groom our dogs or why we groom what’s important for grooming, these all things disturb us while having fun with our pets/dogs except from these all matters lets know about the best and main part for grooming your dog.

first a fall we need some tools to go for grooming and the tools you should be available curry brush, shedding blade, scissors, and clippers, stripping combs, these are all basic tools you need to use while grooming now its ups to you how you want your dog to be looked?

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this tool can be made of rubber and plastic with short teeth curry brush is used for losing the dirt from the coat of your dog curry brushes are usually made for dogs you might ask why only for dogs because some dogs have huge amount of hairs and shed such qualities are always found from German shepherd dogs, this also while playing with dog appears so many knots in certain areas like ear, nose, paws or might be in tail that’s why you need to be soft while using curry brush if go so hard this can damage the skin of your dog.


This blade you may see made of metal with short and dull teeth, sometimes an inexperienced person thinks that this blade is made for cutting hair but this is not like as you are thinking this is only for removing dead hairs from the coat of dog the shedding blades are not made for cutting hairs.



These tools are made to shorten or the remove hairs from the coat of dogs and from sensitive areas it is also kept in mind that not all hairs of coat are not meant to be cut and you have to keep your dog cool in summer and hot in winter and you don’t to clip all time when see your dog is totally matted than you can use clipper and if you are willing to use scissor then scissor should not be longer than 6.9 or you may injure your dog this can happen while cutting hairs from coat while that time your dog can move here and there this can lead your dog injuries.


This is also tool of grooming dog while grooming this is used as a helper this tool is only used to hold the hair while stripping coat and brings out harsh coat from the depth of skin, it also helps to improve coats of your dog before that you need to bath well your dog this is also discovered.

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Groomers also use metal combs and if you have used once metal comb if you try to use it again then you need to use it properly this is because for the second time dog skin becomes soft.

Dogs brushes come in so many forms and sizes and these brushes can be made of metal, plastic, Wood as we know that there are so many brushes but dogs groomer mostly prefer teasels.


This is a tool made for drying dog’s coat when anyone comes to a professional groomer after washing coat of dog groomers use it to dry the hairs or furs of dogs it’s because no any customers leave shop by taking wet dog, dryers are not made for dogs this can create skin problems for your dog and drying dogs also makes them irritation Especially owners like to use shampoo and conditioner which are only for dogs


Bathing your dog once a day is not enough to make it twice in a day or more than that because your dog’s fur cannot be cleaned at one time you can use hand shower but usually people use tub or bucket this ensures that your dog is clean while having bath you need to use warm water that makes for you an experience and dogs should not be bathed if they are matted coat should be completely brushed out

Using shampoo and conditioner is not a big matter there are so many companies who are manufacturing products only for dogs but using shampoo totally clears fur of dogs while showering dog if shampoo remains on the dog this would be irritating for dog skin.

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Some of the dogs have so hard coat for cutting there is attention required some of the breeds need good style to look good while grooming that’s why you have to use hair removal to maintain the personality of your dog this can be possible by using rubber grooming gloves and brushes these tools are made to remove losing hairs from the coat of dogs.

There are some dog breeds who do not need haircut or removing fur because they look beautiful with coat of their and they are identified by their coats just like Lhasa Apso dog breed this type of breed have does not need of shedding you may so many hairs around them in front of eyes and on legs everywhere this type of breed can be matted swiftly for grooming this breed needs good maintenance like cutting hairs brushing coat and so on.

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Nail trimming is necessary for dogs this also a part health and grooming better your dog if you are ignoring to cut nails then you are actually making trouble for your dog increasing nails can harm your dog’s paws and your dog would be unable to walk properly nails should be trimmed twice a month sometimes you decide to trim nails by yourself that’s why you need to use some tools like file trimmer and nail clipper stander scissor.


You may be unaware of creative grooming this ups to your interests how you want your dog to be groomed creative grooming is additional art like designing something on the coat of your dog and giving a strange type of shapes and coloring whole body of your dog.

Let me start by telling you that industries do not allow creative groom, it’s because using colors can harm the skin there are many coloring products can be safe for using on your pets and I have already explained to you that there are some products which are not safe to use for that you need to meet a professional groomer he/she will instruct you properly and you got to keep it in your mind dogs skin is different from humans.

As you can see grooming dogs is totally involved in science that’s why groomers recommend these techniques if you expecting to color well your dog or creatively.

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This must be the aim of all dog groomers that we should work properly and take care patiently and also every groomer needs to respect owner of dogs and to ensure him/her about the health of their pet, professional groomers should behave like a high qualified groomer and also follow the business honestly there is law about every action takes reaction so this means if you work properly you will get good output

Most clients come for earning respect they don’t do anything for their own benefits and their respect is in your hand if you did anything wrong while grooming their dog then you may cost too much not even you, owner of a dog may lose respect from their competitor.

Grooming dogs well usually creates exhibitions between all who have their pets and these exhibitions lead them to their earned respect if someone loses while exhibition this means he/she has lost his/her respect and standards so this whole paragraph indicates that every dog groomers have to be more careful and loving with her/his work of art.

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Pet care shops provide us good things to care our pets but there are some shops which insist you to groom your dog according to our formulas and we know that how to take care of our pets,

Example_ going for a long walk or going to parks with pets makes them healthy and peaceful spending lot of time and playing with them with what they like to play with you these all things your dog remains out of depression and we also know this depression is main cause which can lead your dog to a deep depression.

For that grooming also includes that how to maintain your dog what type of look suits to your pet what to do while grooming your pet and what kind of tools may be you need for then we start grooming our dog, or if anything we feel that this is difficult we contact with professional groomers that’s how takes place adopting a puppy and what requirements appear when you have adopted any new puppy.

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