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How Many Animals Abused Each Year-A detailed Survey On Animal Abusing

How Many Animals Abused Each Year-A detailed Survey On Animal Abusing


How many animals abused each year??

This is one of the hot question on the internet that everyone is looking for,

But there is no exact figure about the abasement of animals because there are thousands of animals which are left unreported and did not comes under any notice.

What is the Way to Measure the Animal abasement???


There are many organizations works for the animal abashment but these are only the perceptions and the ideas of peoples because animals cannot report himself so this is the courtesy of people who report.

How Many Animals Abused Each other?


According to American news agency, there are 10000 (Approx) animals abused each year.

Millions of pets who were adopted used to abused and then sent to the shelters.

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How Many Animals Abused in the United States Each Year??


There are 1.3 million animals used to abuse in the United States in the name of research and another testing of new biogenetics testing, where there are a lot of other effective ways to save these innocent but the cruelty is at its peak.

No one can stop these legal abasements of innocent animals where bundles of other ways are already there to go with the research.

According to reports there are cats and dogs which are abused mostly by the people and they don’t care about the way they leave the innocent pets in shelters and the care of these animals is a big question mark.

There are some ways to stop the cruelty and abused of animals:

  • If you saw any animal being abused at your city, area or even in your town report it to the nearest police department and if you can report it by phone do it immediately. For animal care, you should be very confident and if see anywhere just report to the nearest police department and let them take action against the killer of animals.


  • If you have pets that can fight or are dangerous for each other’s so do not leave them alone and if you want to please trained your puppy and cats so they can live together. This is big question if you want to train your puppy so just read our guide on “How to train your puppy” that will surely help you in training your puppy and cats.


  • If you have kids at your home teach them how to behave with the animals and teach them how to love animals and how to care animals and pets.


  • More than 2 million animals abused each year which are reported but there are a lot but not reported accordingly you have to save animals if you found anywhere it’s your duty to speak up and if you are afraid and not in a position to speak against animal abasement just call police so they can stop the cruelty.

Why Animal get Abused in all the World??


Animal abasement is one of the hot issues in the world and everyone want to know why people abuse the animals as animals also have feelings and even they feel the pain when people abused them.

There are some factors about people who abused animals:


Why people abused animals is so many causes I will discuss some of them,

  • As this would be done due to unethical pieces of training of your children so it’s your responsibility to train you, child, to behave with animals and how to spend time with pets with love and kindness.
  • One of the biggest things is the nature of people when they are angry, sad or unsatisfied with their family. So the anger is the biggest enemy of humanity and with this shit people do what they don’t want to do, they lose control on their mind as well as on their body and they do whatever comes in their mind by anger.
  • Un-Natural affect most of the people do that, and the animals bear the cost in the name of abasement.
  • It can happen due to the lake of knowledge about the rights of animals that how to deal with animals and how to treat them.

How Many Animals Abused Each Year?


It’s a big problem of our society that they do not research on the things which can help them it’s really easy for you just google it How how many animals abused each year and Why Animal get abused in all the world?? and compare the factors that why people abuse the animals and if you want to save animals in abasements just follow this guide I hope you will learn the exact of animal abuse.

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