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German Shepherd Shedding- Amazing Information About GSS

What is Shedding?

Shedding is the natural process dogs use to remove their old or damaged hairs. Dropping frequency and amount  of dogs depends upon

  • Dog’s Health
  • Dog’s Breed
  • Age
  • Hormones
  • Environment
  • And Season


Most of the dogs grow thick hairy coat during winter and remove it in winter. This seasonal shedding may be because of temperature.

Why Dogs Shed??

Shedding is one of the fundamental process dogs use to go through to cope with changing the weather. When winter is over Dogs, shed the thick coat for lighter summer coat and when summer is over the lighter skin is shed for the thick coat.

Shedding rate is also affected by over all health of dogs.  Unusual Hair Shedding can also indicate skin problems, endocrine disease, nutritional or vitamin deficiencies so if you find such situation you need to consult the Veterinarian.


How can Dogs Shedding be Reduced?

Even for those who love dogs very much, to a less or more degree Shedding is always frustrating. You can not stop shedding as it’s a natural process but can reduce to some extent by following simple tips.

Tips to Reduce Shedding

  • Bath your dog occasionally during summer
  • Use recommended Shampoo
  • Brush your dog regularly
  • Feed an appropriate pet food
  • Cover your furniture
  • Feed a fatty acid supplement
  • Remove hairs from dogs bed as soon as possible.


What is the German Shepherd Shedding?

In Britain and Ireland, they are also known as Alsatian. The German Shepherds belong to herding dogs creed. The German Shepherd is best known for their obedience, intelligence, watchfulness, courage, alertness loyalty, curiosity and confidence in the world.

They mostly come in Black, black & tan, Black & silver, Red & Black, Sable and gray colors.

German Shepherd Shedding- Amazing Information About GSS

When the German shepherd Lose their Puppy Coat?

The German Shepherd has a lifespan of 9 to 13 years. It’s considered to be an adult at the age of 2 years and fully mature around the duration of three years.

The German shepherds lose their puppy coat at the age of 4 to 6 months. After they have lost their puppy coat and have grown two new coats for their rest of life Shedding is also increased which is pretty normal for these dogs.


Why the German shepherds Shed?

The German shepherds as compared to other dogs Shed more throughout the year. German Shepherd Shedding is simply awesome.

The owners of these dogs must know why and how they do shed, this will enable them to identify the abnormality levels of shedding if any, and this information can be used in medical problems.

The owners of these dogs must know why and how they do shed, this will enable them to identify the abnormality levels of shedding if any, and this information can be used in medical problems.

Mainly there are two reasons behind German shepherd’s shedding

Double coat:

The German shepherds have two coats:

Outer layer: the outer lining of fur which mostly contains long hairs and works as protector of inner coat from dirt and matting. This coat continuously shed throughout the year.

This coat must be brushed regularly, and the dog must be bathed under suitable conditions if not bathed for long it gets smelly.

Inner coat: inner coat consists of fine hairs which naturally molt and grow with changing the weather.

Times of the year:

The German Shepherd use to Shed the old coat for new twice a year. The shedding inner lighter coat occurs when summer is over leaving room for the new thick coat to grow for winter.

This thick skin which protects the German shepherd Shedding from cold and when the winter is gone this coat is molted for a new lighter coat for summer. This exchanging of linings goes on continuously for the whole lifecycle.

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How To deShed your German Shepherd Dog?

A dog with two coats like German shepherd never is cut because once shaved dog grows more thick and strong hairs which spoil the original beauty of the dog and you can not feel the original softness while playing with him.

Likewise, hair cutting is also not advisable, but if your dog gets dirty because he is active a lot and become difficult to clean it every day in this condition go for the haircut but keep in mind, it must be done by a professional. Better option than these two is grooming of your dog.

German Shepherd Shedding- Amazing Information About GSS

What is grooming?

The German shepherd does not need frequent bathe like other dogs, but they need Grooming every day to look shiny and beautiful.

German Shepherd Shedding

Grooming of your dog is somehow a lengthy and challenging process but if you are a dog lover, I am sure instead of trimming or hair cutting off your dog you will choose to groom your dogs.

How can I groom German shepherd?

Grooming tips for the German Shepherd:

  • Grooming must be started at an earlier age.
  • Choose a silent place for grooming.
  • Make your German shepherd to stand on a flat table or surface.
  • To make your puppy feel comfortable gently keep on touching him.
  • Before grooming train your dog to stay calm.
  • Ears mouth and paws are main parts to look in closely.
  • Brush you use must be soft.
  • While grooming you have to keep talking to your dog as to keep him calm.
  • The dog must not be given tools to play.
  • For the removal of loose hairs, a slicker brush should be used.


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