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How to Take Care of a Siberian Husky Dog

How to Take Care of a Siberian Husky Dog

As a new pet owner, the hardest thing to decide is; which breed of dog you want, and which kind is most suitable for you. Because after buying a pet, it’s tough to let it go. So before making any decision, make sure you have complete knowledge about that dog.

On the internet, you will get information about every breed of dog. Here today, we will let you know about Siberian husky dogs and all related information about their breed. So stay tuned.

How to take care of a Siberian husky dog.

Siberian huskies are considered as one of the most friendly and intelligent breeds of dogs. As other dogs, they are very loyal, and they have a strong temperament. Siberian huskies are perfect for a family environment because they can adapt things very quickly.

Siberian huskies are very energetic, and their history suggests that they use to do some heavy work in Siberia. And they need a lot of exercise on a regular basis to maintain themselves. Because of their hard-working nature, they are also known as sled dogs.

Because of their adaptive nature, they can survive in any condition, and their intelligence makes them unique among their breed. Siberian huskies have a healthy upper coat of skin, and it requires cleaning on a regular basis.

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The other thing to notice is that huskies are very friendly in nature, and they can’t live alone, which means that they need regular interaction with other dogs. In an isolated place, huskies will lose their charm and sharpness, and they are best suited for families.

As a working dog huskies love to have large running yard, because they love to exercise on regular basis. And that yard must have a soft soil because huskies love to dig deep and make holes. So if you have a flower garden in your house, make you train your husky not to go there. The best of doing this is to create a separate yard for them.

As an active dog, huskies are attention seekers in nature, and they seek a lot of attention. These wild huskies not made to sit at once place and stay calm. They are wild in nature and love to play around, run here and there. And dig holes.

The difficult thing about huskies is that they are tough to train. As with any other wild animal, they love to have freedom and don’t like to take orders. Huskies can be very stubborn in nature, and hard to train.

But you can train your husky by putting him in kindergarten, wherewith other puppies, he can train well and learn how to become socialized.

Methods of taking care of a Siberian husky.

  • Bath on time: Siberian huskies have a hard upper coat, and they require bath after regular intervals. Because of their hard coat, the thing can stick on their skin and cause skin problems. The best way to give a bath to your husky is; first, give him a little treat so he won’t run away from the bath. Second, use warm water and other important tools for cleaning his skin.
  • Take care of their hairs: huskies shed a lot of hairs, and in the winter season, there is a time when they shed whole hairs from their skin in three weeks. In such a condition, they need brushing on a regular basis, so all the hairs are easily removed from their bodies.
  • Dental care: huskies tooth need regular attention, and you don’t clean their teeth on a regular basis than a lot of plaque and tartar build around their hairs. This plaque can cause huskies some serious dental problems, and for you, their smell can be quite nasty. The best way to clean your huskies tooth is to take a vet recommended toothpaste and take that toothpaste on your hand and put it on huskies teeth.
  • Physical activities: as mention earlier, huskies are working dogs, and they love to run around and dig deep holes. Likewise, huskies require a lot of exercises, almost 30-40 minutes daily. Huskies love to run and love to walk long. The best way is to play with your husky with a ball or train your husky to run behind your cycle. Huskies don’t like to sit in one place and usually don’t prefer sitting at home.
  • Mental activities: Siberian huskies are very intelligent by nature, and they require regular mental activities to stay sharp and active. You can arrange different types of games and set multiple puzzles, so your dog can enjoy these activities and stay sharp.

Are Siberian huskies hard to train?

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Yes, the training of Siberian huskies can be quite hard. The reason behind it is that these dogs are wild in nature and love to run around, so it can be quite challenging to control them. But there are some techniques you can use.

  • The best to train your husky is to make him socialize. Socialization plays an essential role in preparing your husky. Through socialization, you husky live learn how to behave with others and how to maintain a balance between different things. The best way to socialize your husky is to take him to any kindergarten class. Where he will learn socialization just by observing other dogs
  • You can enroll your husky in obedience classes. The problem with huskies is that they are wild, and they usually don’t like to take orders. But in these obedient classes, they teach dogs how to take orders, and by observing other dogs, they learn very quickly how to take orders.
  • If you can exercise with your husky regularly, then it will be perfect for your relation, and it will help you to train your dog according to your wishes. Huskies love to exercise and run around. so by doing their favorite thing with them, you will make a better understanding with them


Huskies are one the beautiful breed of dogs, and if you want a dog as a pet, the husky is among the best option you have. But before making any decision, make sure that your and the dog you are going to select have similar habits and nature.


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