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Best Puppy Obedience Training Tips you Must Know

When we talk about puppies behavior and how to train puppies that he can be adjusted with you all the time, it is a big headache and problem that no one exactly knows that how to train puppies in a way that he should be obedient and very responsible.

IF you want to train your puppy so you have to find out some puppy training techniques so you can train your puppy from the age of 2-3 month because this age is ideal what you teach to your puppy as he will behave in future.

Un-Told Techniques of Training Puppies:

There are some Techniques on “How to Train You Puppies “if you really worried about the behavior of your puppy and you want to make obedient him, so just read this article till end hope you will like it.

Some Steps to Train your Puppies,

  1. Start training your puppy from the age of 2-3 months so this is the ideal time to teach something to your puppy.

2.Try to teach him some words Rather than training on biscuits like “NO” or “Don’t Do this” seems you have to train him that stop everything you are doing when you listen to this, as “Good ” seems you like the action your puppy did.

You have to train your puppy by your expressions and your actions because puppies have the feelings so you have to understand how to control them.

  1. Try to be with your puppy as much as you can be.(Give as much time as you can ).because your gathering will create a friendly atmosphere and he will not feel so much aggressive with you so this is the key to make good relation with your puppy.
  2. Note the timings of your puppy and also note the timing of his feed, walk and extra activities.

It will help you to manage things properly and your puppy will be trained in such way.

How To Train Puppies To Sit?

Best Puppy Obedience Training Tips you Must Know


This is one of the biggest problems that how to train your puppy to sit when he is not obedient.

Teach Obedience to your Puppy:


To make obedient your puppy you need to understand the psyche of your puppy. Teach him obedience from the age of 2- 3 months so you can teach your puppy that how to sit. In most of the cases when you call your puppy with particular names he will start following you when he listens to the particular names from you so you have to call him with the name you have decided.

Avoid Punishment at any cost:


Don’t Beat him at any cost as he can take is at aggressively and in this way you cannot train your puppy to sit. Train your puppy to sit on a desk or on a floor with your expressions of your finger and this may lead towards the obedience.

How To Train Puppies TO Come??


This is very big question that how would you teach your dog to come when he doesn’t understand that what you are saying and what you are dictating to him.

Best Puppy Obedience Training Tips you Must Know

There are some Ways to Train your Puppies How to Come and When to come,

  • Train your puppy while feeding like show him anything biscuit any cookie and say a specific word like “Come John” when it comes to you just change your place go behind and again repeat this procedure after 2nd call give the cookie to your puppy. Now repeat this method and you will notice in some days your puppy will be more obedient and he will be trained instantly.
  • Try this method of recalling in other ways when you want to train your puppy to come for sleep so call him for sleep.
  • Go for exercise at the ground with your puppy and call him with the particular name so he can understand that for what purpose you are calling him.
  • Train your dog to come with playing the hide and seek to give the time to your puppy as he is the part of your family.

Training a puppy is as you are training your own family member so do whatever you can do and don’t ever give punishment to him because only love can train your puppy how to sit and how to run.

How to Potty Train train your puppy:

How to potty train your puppy especially it is very hard for the new puppy that when to do potty and where to do. It’s really one of the big challenges to train your dog to control the potty of your puppy and very hard to control but there are ways.

Start creating training for puppy:

Train your puppy to avoid the dirt and make clean your home. Train your puppy to do a potty at the specific place like washroom and for that, you have to spend some time with him and note the timing of his feeding and timing when he does the potty.

Make a list that at this time he did the potty and then send him to the washroom at this time.

How To Train Puppies -Some Occasions to control your canines:

There are some occasions which has to remember while controlling the puppies,

  • After the feeding your puppy
  • After drinking anything
  • Before the sleep
  • In the morning when he awakes
  • IN the evening
  • After the play with toys
  • After the exercise


Use Puppy Paid for Avoiding Potty of Dogs:


You can use puppy also paid for avoiding the situation in early stage but when your puppy gets train you don’t need to do anything but in starting it takes more efforts and your time to create Potty training for your puppies.

This makes a good relationship between you and your puppy and if you trained your puppies as described in”How to potty train your dog” you will never be in trouble regarding the potty problems of your puppies.



Only this guides tell us how to get rid of potty of your puppy with some easy and free techniques. Train your puppy with true and natural ways that will make him obedient.

How to Train Puppies is not big deal but when you go on the wrong path and follows the wrong trainers then it would be dangerous for you because everyone can’t be the expert in training canines.


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