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What Kind of Pet Features Could Have an Influence on Your Lifestyle?

Once you finish choosing your dream breed, searching among pet names, buying all the necessary pet supplies, and welcoming home your new friend, you can notice that you feel better when you are around your four-legged feather dweller. When an animal appears in your house, it changes a lot in your daily habits and lifestyle. But did you know that owning a pet can also positively affect your health and overall level of happiness?

The Sense of Responsibility


The first and foremost rule of having pets is that you must take care of them – feed them, walk them, visit a vet in case of a health emergency. That significantly influences your sense of responsibility for another living creature.


Pets help in teaching your children responsibility and empathy. Moreover, if your kid is the only child, having a pet can decrease the sense of loneliness as a human-animal bond can lead to developing a valuable friendship! A dog is a man’s best friend, so not only can it teach your child the importance of being a caring but also a loving companion.

Health Benefits


Dog owners are less likely to suffer from heart attacks, as the long walks they go on every day lower blood pressure. One study shows that people who have dogs call in sick to work much less often than their petless counterparts. However, it’s not only dogs that positively influence your body! Even stroking your cat can lower the cholesterol level that contributes to the stress you feel. Less stress can improve both your physical and mental health!



Pet owners are in a better mood when they are around their animals, as pets naturally reduce stress and anxiety. Hugging your pet makes the oxytocin release in your body. It is known as the “happy hormone,” so you’re naturally happier when your dog or cat is around you! Research shows that pets can even help in fighting depression. They are a form of free therapy, can help you ward off anxiety, and that’s not even the end of the many benefits that ownership of an animal can bring to your life!


Johni Barresto

Johni Barresto Is a father and animal lover. With a range of expertise in animal health, he decided to start Animal Heed. His passion is to share his knowledge to help animal owners worldwide. When not in front of his computer, he's out with his kids, teaching them the importance of animal care.

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