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Kennel Cough in Dogs: Symptoms , Causes and Cure

The world is full of so many diseases and disease are usually caused by bacteria and viruses which spread from touching the viral things, eating junk foods without knowing that how much it can affect your body and your puppy.

It can lead your puppy to death, the bacterial infection makes a week and unconscious your puppy they turn into stubborn, it has so many faces to trouble your dog it sounds like so dangerous, but sometimes people start treatment at their homes and get recovered. If a kennel cough turns out of limit then you need make hospitalized your dog.

What Is Kennel Cough?

A kennel cough is some sort of virus/bacteria, or you can call it some kind of infection which appears at an upper respiratory system, this type of disease has given another name canine infection.


You may be unaware of infection; infection is a process of increasing huge amount of bacteria in a body in this process bacterium starts killing the antibacterial cells. This can be transmitted by mouth, air, eating unhealthy food/treats or with sexual transmission.

Such viruses/bacterium attack in the lungs and in the voice box, after 1 or 2 months if you did not medicine your dog your pet’s lunges can fail.

A kennel cough is so uncomfortable and unbearable there are few chances to recover very well, this disease will take your dog up to between life and death, it’s because your puppy has least immunity system, immunity system is a process of growing antibacterial cells and giving a new life to cells.

Kennel Cough in Dogs: Symptoms , Causes and Cure

What Are Causes Of Kennel Cough?

A kennel cough can be introduced by bacteria/virus and might be other kinds of infections, and you are familiar with infections, that how it spreads?

Process Of Transmitting:

It is a process of transmitting disease from one body to another body, around the whole world environment there are so many bacterium/viruses exists, they are everywhere right now whatever you are looking around you, all the things are infected with bacterium, you no need to worry about they are not alive and even you cannot see them with your normal eyes, and you are willing to see viruses then you have to see by microscope, MICRO means small SCOPE means to see, Means to see all kinds of tiny things which are impossible for our eyes.

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How To Treat Kennel Cough?

Bacteria come into the life when they enter into your dog’s body, by mouth, nose, or your dog gets cut at any type of fight, at any organ of your puppy, this process also appears at human, virus come into life when they enter in your body or in your dog, suddenly virus contacts with your cells and encourages that to your cell or your dog’s cell it instruct him to help me to create more bacteria.

Bordetella bronchiseptica:

Bordetella is a bacterium this one is a typical bacteria which is responsible to create a kennel cough.

A kennel cough is usually occurring by this bacterium which is I have already mentioned. Unintentionally your dog gets infected however your dog starts to shed it remains for 6 to 14 weeks, symptoms normally takes 10 days.

In such cases, kennel cough usually occurs by the composition of bacteria and viruses, this disease not even weakens your pet they destroy the immunity system of your puppy/dog. While that time bacteria starts growing and they might be creating the army to kill the antibacterial cells.

How Kennel Cough Spreads?

There so many paths of spreading virus/bacteria. And these can be by air, through objects, or by direct contacts.


a kennel cough, primarily it occurs through the air, this is how when any infected dog sneeze, barks just one time thousands of bacteria spread into the air when any other dog takes breath, suddenly bacteria come into his/her mouth and attack in upper respiratory system, after that they get into the lungs and into voice box and creates so much problem.

After all of that they don’t even intend to stop traveling unless they get any other body or cell to infect.All of this comes under best dog care guide and it is really worthy.


Through objects means when any infected dog licks the water from watering dish or your pet/dog picks up any type of toy,it can be ball, ring, bone, and if these all objects are used from infected dog, so your dog can be in danger, virus will contact with your dog and make him/her ill, and this process never stops, until virus becomes able to find another warm body to spread himself.


For this, you got to be more careful, because you don’t have an idea where your dog can be infected with a virus.

While you are going out with your dog or you are going to train your dog, for that time never let your dog contact with other breeds of dogs, may you don’t know that if he/she is infected or not. If they are infected, it could result in more dog deaths. This is a constant worry for dog boarding providers but dog boarding in Phoenixville has a good track record of how to handle it. So check out some dog borders in that area for more information on how to prevent more dogs from catching this disease. Because we all know how difficult it can be to stop your dog from doing something it wants to do.

Normally dogs what do whenever they see any other kind of dog, they starts sniffing close to each other, or they start playing like they are married with each others, such activities creates so many diseases, or it develops a kennel cough for them. If your dog is suspected for a kennel cough he/she needs to be hospitalized.

How Long Does Kennel Cough Take Time To Be Cured?

Usually, dogs recover about three to four weeks, and if your dog has not well enough immunity system it will take up to six weeks.

There is another thing, how much your dog is healthy it will be recovered according to his health, but it normally takes three to six weeks.

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