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12 Extinct Dog Breeds That You have Never Heard Of

As the time passes and life goes away there are many Extinct dog breeds that the part of history now.

There are many extinct dog breeds which were amazing in the past but you never listened about and are vanished these days. I will tell you 12 different kind of extinct dog breeds that were the part of our past and probably you never heard about them!

Extinct Dog Breeds

  1. Braque De Puy dog breed
  2. Turnspit Dogs
  3. Molossus
  4. Tahltan Bear Dog
  5. Old English Bulldog
  6. John’s Water Dog
  7. Cumberland Sheepdog
  8. Brazilian Tiger
  9. Hare Indian Dog
  10. Dogo Cubano
  11. Blue Paul Terrier
  12. Bullenbeisser

Most of the time we are too much excited to see the things happened in the past now let’s see in some details about the above extinct dog breeds. This one is unique guide and i believe you will love to read.

  Braque De Puy dog breeds

Braque_Dupuy dog

Braque De Puy is among the extinct dog breeds as it breeds has been vanished and does not found in today’s world. As there are many perceptions about the creations of this breed but the common thing is it was created in the 19th century (probably in 1900-1920) and was very famous for the hunting.

It was based on France, as it had amazing in speed and was used to do hunting purposes in the past. Now the breed has vanished himself and does not seems anywhere.

Turnspit Extinct Dog Breeds

Turnspit Dog Working

Transpit dogs were in the era of 15th century and were long body breeds which have a strong an energized structure. He was used to running a wheel for making a food or cooking a meal. yes, it is about those days when people used dogs for cooking foods.

Amazingly it was very strong and used to run the wheel for cooking the food in a kitchen.


Mastiff Champion Beaufort

This is one of the ancient extinct dog breeds that had an amazing history. It was based on southern Europe and still, you have in the mountains areas of the Albania.

Tahltan Bear Dog

Tahltan bear dog


A small dog with white and black colours having an awesome power in the little body. Talhtan Bear Dog was amazing for dogs breeds.

It was a bit hairy on the back and look was amazing and most of the people use him for hunting purposes in Canada.

Old English Bulldog

Old English BullDog

Old English bulldog was from the era of 1970 and was amazingly Strong and the look was like a lion. It was bit different from the current breeds of Bulldog and they were in the colors like brown, white and mix color as well.

St. John’s Water Dog

St. John’s Water Dog

lesser Newfoundland is another name of this special dog breed and it was found in the early 1980s and was known as domestic dogs. It was very loyal and only having black color in his whole breed and used for the spying purposes in Canada.

Cumberland Sheepdog

Cumberland Sheepdog

Cumberland Sheepdog was used by great Britain’s and have small in shape and having amazing energy in the body. Mostly used as collie on the border.

Brazilian Tiger

Brazilian Tiger

As the name states everything, as he belongs to Brazil and was really strong enough to kill the humans and the look was similar to the tiger that’s why it named as Brazilian Tiger.

Hare Indian Dog

Hare Indian Dog

This Extinct dog breed belongs to domestic dogs in the India and was found in the era of British People in India near 18th century and was very loyal and amazing. Hare Indian Dog Breed was famous for positive attitude as it was playful and amazing.

  Dogo Cubano

Dogo Cubano

This genius dog breed belongs to Cuba and also known as Cuban Mastiff. Most of the pet owner does not know about the history of the dogs so may you wouldn’t be aware of Dogo Cubano because it was seen since the end of the 19th century and this dog breed was a pretty domestic fighting dog.

Blue Paul Terrier

Blue Paul Terrier

Blue Paul Terrier has an ancient Extinct dog breed that has a background in Scotland.It was the powerful canine that has been known as Staffordshire Bull Terrier and was very famous in the whole Scotland due to his extraordinary fighting skills.



BullenBeisser has the background from Germany and was huge in body but pretty strong with powerful energy as this was the only canine which known as “German BullDog”.

The Body and the Face were really very dangerous as it looks completely likes Lion as his Face leaves Fears on the humans. Bullenbeisser was found in Germany in 1850.

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