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Best Dog Care Guide -Learn About Canine Diseases

What is health care?

The healthcare is to maintain or improve the health by avoiding the harmful constituents, by diagnosing and taking proper treatment of disease, disorders,  illnesses, injuries and other visible and intellectual or mental deterioration in all living organisms. This is mostly done by health professionals, physicians, doctors or by any health expert.

Basic health care types include

Primary health care:

It is the type of care which is regularly given to a patient by his family doctor or consultant. This is a very initial step and base of your health care as it will work as your reference everywhere else even when you are at a professional healthcare doctor or physician.

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Secondary health care:

This is the sage of healthcare where the patient is given very active treatment. This medication is not long termed one, here all those medicines are given for a short period of time. During this Care, the patient is processed through many important processes which include care careful examination and daily checkups.

Tertiary health care:

From this point and onward keeping primary and secondary care under consideration a professional treatment is started for a particular problem. Here medications are preferred for a long-term and patient is kept under special care.

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Healthcare of dogs

The dogs being active and playful are prone to many diseases and problems lie they can be bitten by any harmful insect easily, they can come in contact with any poison, they can eat something harmful for their health. Being owner and pet lover you need to know the first aid for your dog, common health problems with dogs and possible solutions. You will be covering all these things you need to know about dogs care while going through is an article.

Best Dog Care Guide -Learn About Canine Diseases

How to know the dog is healthy?

The dogs are affectionate, dutiful and honest mates and protectors of ours, therefore need special care and time as they rely on us. If you are fond of keeping dogs as your pet and love to see them happy and healthy you need to know them well, you should know the signs and gestures they make and the reason for these signs and gestures, So that if there is any sign of any danger you could be able to draw them out of danger.

Here are some of the most important and common health issues regarding dogs health along sings and symptoms which you must know for the healthy life of your dog.

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Best Dog Care Guide -Learn About Canine Diseases

Signs and symptoms of the ear infection in the Dogs:

The ear infection is one the common health issue found in the Dogs. Causes of ear infection may include yeast, ear mites, bacteria, growing health in the canal of the ear and some allergies. If your dog Is having ear infection he will show following sings:

  • The Dog will sake head excessively and will scratch it with his paws.
  • You will feel an unpleasing smell coming out the eras of your dog.
  • Dogs having ear infection will not have good balance and will be showing dizziness while walking.
  • This ear infection in dogs can also be detected by the careful examination of eyes. An unusual movement of eyes in forwarding and backward direction can be the sign of ear infection.
  • If you examine your dog’s ears and find ear canal red be sure that the dog is passing through an ear infection.
  • You can also justify the ear infection in dogs by checking the color of the discharge of the dog.if your dog discharges brown yellow or bloody it may be a sign of ear infection.

If you find any of the above-mentioned sign in your dog,  take your dog to the veterinarian because ear infection in initial stage can be cured by simple wash, but with the passage of time it may become a chronic infection and may require Surgery.

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Signs and symptoms of the gum disease in the Dogs:

This disease in man as well as in pets is due to the bacteria which is absorbed with food. It is very difficult for a dog owner to guess the disease in its initial stage because it is not having initial signs and symptoms.  you will only know when it reaches to an extreme level at which it ruins the mouth of your dog, leading to a constant pain, destroying the gums, shedding teeth and losing bones.

Best Dog Care Guide -Learn About Canine Diseases

Signs and symptoms of the Eye disease in the Dogs:

The Dogs mostly are seen playing in fields and digging in the ground and hiding face in those holes gibed in the ground making them prone to bacterial and viral infection of both ears as well as eyes.  Trauma and allergic reactions from different things in the surrounding can also be the cause of eye infection. It is always better to solve the issue in initial stage otherwise the dogs scratching it with their paws or by rubbing it against any other hard thing make it worst.

Here are the signs that will appear when your dog is having an eye infection.

  • Eyes will become red
  • There will be abscessing around the eyes
  • Eyes will become smelly
  • The dog will try to keep his eyes closed
  • There will be frequent blinking

When any one of these sign is seen the dog, take him to vet or if you know the use of natural herbs used for this infection use it immediately.

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Signs and symptoms of the presence of warms in the Dogs:

Like most of the pets, the dogs also have the possibility of having some worms like whipworm, hookworm, roundworm, and tapeworm as common parasites within their body. These worms initially don’t have any drastic change in dogs hath but with a passage of time and in an increase in their number they can be fatal especially when it is tapeworm which tries to reach the liver.

Best Dog Care Guide -Learn About Canine Diseases


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Here are some signs which dogs will show when they have any one of them in their body:

  • The major change In your dog will be the weight loss.
  • Your dog’s soft and shiny coat will be rough.
  • With the passage of there may be vomiting as well.
  • There also will be a drastic diversity in food demand
  • You will feel your dog mostly sitting on its bottom and by appearance, the dog will look lazy.

To diagnose and get rid of the warms you need to consult the veterinarian who will provide proper medication according to the worm present within the body.

Effect of fleas on your dog’s health:

The fleas are commonly found on the dogs and their presence is actually a common health issue in dogs. At very first if your dog comes in contact with a single flea it is enough to cause 1,000 biting bugs within a time period of 3 weeks.

Best Dog Care Guide -Learn About Canine Diseases

Here are some signs which dogs will show when the dog is in contact with fleas:

  • Shedding will increase to a high level.
  • There will be Hot Spots on the body.
  • Your dog will start to scratching, licking and biting the skin frequently.
  • Because of the presence of the flea dirt, black dots can be seen the body.

Because of the presence of fleas loss of blood may occur due to the Anemia.  Other threats your dog may have with the presence of flea are skin infections, allergic reactions, and uneasiness. In this situation talk with your vet for anti-flea spray or medicines.

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Emergency Care of the dog:

Unfortunate accidents have no defined to happen, hence it is always necessary to have some alternatives for any emergency situation. Major emergency issues that can happen with dogs are Brain pain or nerve pain, Heatstroke, Breathing problem, Contact with poison, Bitten or sting by any poisonous insect or reptile, Broke bones because of falling.

The Dogs are so cute, loving and convincing that it is hard to bear their pain. In emergency conditions, a pet lover becomes so worried that he cannot decide what steps he should take especially when its mid night’s time when almost every veterinary hospital is close.

What can I do to cope with emergency situations?

For any emergency conditions, you must remain ever prepared, for that you may do following things:  you can have the emergency contact number of the veterinarian.

Some of the veterinarians run multiple health care centers, you must have knowledge of those all.

Most importantly you must have knowledge about emergency issues and also must have awareness of how to handle that plight.

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When do dogs need emergency care?

Dogs need emergency care In several conditions as they fall from the height, when having heat stroke issue when they intake some poison or because of some other life-threatening conditions. Here are some signs which can tell you that your dog needs emergency care:

  • When even your dog is relaxed and had not been working or exercising but is breathing rapidly.
  • In either of Higher or lower pulse rate, your pet needs emergency care.
  • Suddenly rapid change in body temperature is also a dangerous condition and need emergency care, along with these mentioned situations if your dog is having trouble in standing and look paralyzed, and don’t want to play, if it seems to be unconscious, in case of excess bloodshed the dogs will also need emergency care.

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First Aid for the Dog:

You cannot perform emergency care at home for that you need to go to the veterinary hospital. Dogs in a critical situation will show aggression to avoid this you need to give first aid to make your dog secure for transport.

Best Dog Care Guide -Learn About Canine Diseases

How to give first aid to the Dogs?

There are mainly three conditions in which you can perform first aid at home.

How to stop bleeding?

If your dog, due to some external injury is bleeding, you can elevate the injured part and apply pressure to wound this will help you to stop bleeding for a time you will need to take him to the veterinary hospital.

How can you regulate breathing of the Dog?

If your dog is taking sudden and short intakes of breath it is maybe because he is congesting or there may be some other issue with the respiratory system. In this situation, you can immediately put your fingers in pet’s mouth.

If you find any object in the mouth take it out and if you cannot take it out you can lift the dog up grasping from the front and backward legs, keeping the direction of head down or if you have got a large dog and cannot lift it up you can lift the back end by holding the back legs.

While doing so actually you are elevating the abdomen which eventually will create pressure which will be sufficient to push that object out.

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 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation:

What is CPR?

It is a process in which if the heart stops beating blood is pushed within the body by pushing the chest and trying to start heartbeat again. This process of cardiopulmonary resuscitation is required in dogs when you find a dog not breathing possibly it may be because his heart is not beating.  Before going for CPR there is some precaution you need to be aware of:

  • Make sure that your dog is not responding by trying to get his attention.
  • Place your ear on the left side of the chest to know, is heart beating or not. instead of doing so you can also check pulse by placing your finger in the middle of the inner thigh.
  • Now there are two steps you are required to go through:
  • Rescuing of breath and compression of the chest.

Very sad to say most of the dogs are not recovered from this situation except the few lucky ones.

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First Aid for broken bones:

I cause of trauma it is always difficult to tell whether the bone is broken or not.  if you some come to know the broken bone first of all limit the movement of that area then go for further examination if there is an open injury and is bleeding apply pressure and elevate the bleeding place to stop the stood. now you can take the dog to the vet for further medication.

First aid for heat stroke:

The dogs are always prone to overheating because they can not maintain their body temperature and keep them cool. Try to avoid keeping your dog in a hot environment.

While in a hot area if your dog show signs of anxiety and seem to be distressed be sure that the dog is the victim of heat stroke. Check the temperature if it’s above the 104f it is heat exhaustion and if it’s greeter than 106f it is heat stroke in either of these conditions you need to do these things:

  • Take your dog to a cool place with fresh air circulation.
  • Wet your dog with normal cold water, avoid using ice or very cold water because it may cause trapping of vessels in the heart.
  • Continue checking temperature, when it reaches to 103.5f, stop trying to cool them.
  • Now with this, your dog may look properly well, but don’t forget to go, vet, because there may be some internal damage that you can not see.

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Seasonal Care for Dogs:

Like humans animals also have some physical behaviors that vary according to different weather. pets are just like a family for a pet owner and the owner  spent much money to make sure their pets have happy living and every pet owner should know about certain  things that change with every season

here are some tips and tricks to keep your companions (pets) happy and healthy in every season



Although summer is the fun time this hot weather makes some unique pet care challenges. pet safety in summer is not that hard .dogs have a limited ability to deal with heat they release heat by their paw’s a terrific season that can bring risks to the health of your dog. here are the summer precautions



you should feed your dog wet dog food for a good fluid intake. and to prevent dehydration give them access to cool water indoor and outdoor. frozen food encourage your pet dog to take more fluids which help them keep it cool.

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Sunburn and Burned Foot PADS:

Dogs which are light colored and have thin coat have a higher risk of tanning or sunburn. Sunburn can cause irritation in the skin leaving their skin red peeled and painful.To avoid this apply any sunscreen that is formulated for pets. Any surfaces like patio or sand can burn your dog’s footpads.

Take them out for a walk when surfaces are cooler at night or early morning and make sure they have plenty of shade all day.

 Summer Allergies:

Common allergies that can occur to your dog are mold and fleas. Allergies are not fine for your dog it causes scratching due to itching, coughing, irritation, discomfort and other problem for your dog



This season is a beautiful time of the year and can be hard for your dog. Winter is a season when your dog needs some extra care .just with some sensible precautions your pup and you can have an amazing time.

Winter Safety Tips:

  • Never shave your dog completely in winters. if your dog is having long hair just simply give them a trim to avoid their skin drying and if your dog is short haired provide him a warm sweater that has full coverage from tail to belly.
  • Minimize their bathing routine in winters. Bathing too often can increase the risk of getting dry skin because it removes the essentials oils that they have.
  • Moisturize your dog in this dry rough weather massage their paws pads to protect them from chemicals and salt before going out.
  • Feed them a little more in this cold weather because they burn extra calories by trying to stay warm. increased protein intake will give them good winter conditioning. Give them plenty of water to keep them hydrated.
  • Give them a warm place to sleep like a cozy comfy bed and a warm blanket.
  • Limit your dog’s outdoor activities if it’s too cold. if they want to stay out make sure to give them warm shelters.Whenever the temperature is around freezing keep your dog inside
  • Some dogs are attached to the taste of antifreeze that is toxic and could be extremely dangerous. Don’t leave them outside unsupervised. keep them away from the garage in order to avoid antifreeze spills.
  • wipe off their paws, belly, and legs when they come in from outside.


Dangers Caused by Cold Weather:

two types of health issues can be caused by cold weather. The first one is  FROSTBITE and the second one is HYPOTHERMIA.

The frostbite occurs when your dog’s body gets cold. Your dog’s body parts get so cold that ice crystals can form in the tissues resulting to damage them. The tricky thing is frostbite is not immediately obvious because the tissue doesn’t show the damage for many days.

The hypothermia occurs when the dog with poor health are exposed to cold.In some cases, your dog will shiver or he will get depressed. In worst conditions, their heartbeat slow down and their muscle will get stiffen.

In both cases warm your dogs up immediately with a blanket and take them to your veterinarian to avoid worst conditions.


 To keep your pet safe in the warmer weather here are the tips.

  • Spring is here so are easter celebrations. keep those candy treats and lilies out of reach. lilies, if ingested can be fatal to your pet and chocolate is toxic.
  • protect their paws because they are super sensitive to heat.
  • Bugs will be around in warmer months and heartworm prevention is essential that is caused by the mosquito. give your pet heartworm medication.
  • Mostly the cleaning products contain harmful chemicals. use pet- friendly products for springtime cleaning.
  • Some pets do have springtime allergies. If you notice your pet scratching or licking unusually take them to your veterinarian to discuss supportive treatment.


Important things to consider for pet safety in fall

Its a tough time for pet care because of the change in temperature, depending on where you live anything can happen from heatstroke to frostbite.

  • if your dog is long haired brush him regularly to avoid matting that can cause discomfort and give them health issues.
  • No matter what the season is, make sure your dog has enough clean water intake.
  • Be cautious of rodenticides they are highly toxic to pets. The results could be fatal if ingested.

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