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What Do Dogs Do All Day During Boarding At The Pet Hotel

When you have to leave your furry friend with strangers while you’re away, you want to be reassured that they’re happy and well cared for. It’s normal to be concerned about leaving your pet with someone else in an unfamiliar place. You want your four-legged friend to be pampered and loved, just as they would be with you at home.

Some pet facilities have in-house surveillance systems where you can get a sneak peek at your friend’s activities, but what if you’ve never left them before? What if you have no idea what goes on behind closed doors when your dog is boarding?

Rest assured, when you find the right pet hotel or boarding facility, your dog can have a fabulous time. Let’s look at what they might get up to while you’re gone.

Enjoying the Outdoors

Many pet boarding facilities will offer your dog plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors. Depending on what’s offered, there is a range of outdoor activities that dogs can enjoy, such as:


Some places have shallow pools, large areas with fountains and other water sprays, and other sites even have saltwater pools. If your dog is a fan of swimming in the ocean, a saltwater pool could be just the thing!

dog swimming at a canine resort

Long Walks

There are boarding places that will take dogs out for long walks, perhaps in the city, along the seaside, or in the countryside, depending on location. Your dog will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy new and exciting smells!

Doggie Playgrounds

A doggie playground is a purpose-built enclosure outdoors where dogs can run, play, or just relax in the shade. Staff is always on hand to interact with the dogs and even make up games with them.

And, of course, there are several potty breaks throughout the day.

Socializing With Other Dogs

If your dog loves the company of other mutts, they’ll likely be very happy in a boarding facility where they can socialize with other dogs. Your dog will do lots of sniffing, for sure!

dogs playing together at an american pet resort

Trained staff will usually make sure that dogs of similar temperaments can play together so that they can have fun safely.

More timid dogs are typically supported so that they can ease into interactions gently or simply relax in the company of just one other dog if they prefer. Some dogs respond better to one-on-one playtime, so if this is your dog, let staff know.


Your dog will have their own space to relax, and they may choose to chill out in their bedding area or lie down outside.

sleeping at a dogs day inn

Staff at a good facility will respect your dog’s needs and will not force dogs to play all day – they tend to get tired out from all the stimulation! Your dog will have plenty of opportunities to recharge their batteries when needed.

Enjoying Good Food

Some places have a special chef to cater to the dogs. The staff will most likely have checked with you what your dog enjoys eating before you bring them in so that your dog is sure to have familiar things to munch on. Often people will send their dog in with a supply of preferred dry and wet food so that the dog’s diet doesn’t change too drastically, which can cause problems in some pups.

Many places cook up their version of doggie treats, or you are welcome to pack your dog’s favorites.

In any case, your dog will be very busy with lots of activities and friends, so they are likely to really enjoy their meals and treats!

Getting Cuddles

Staff who work at dog boarding facilities are usually there because they love dogs, and your dog will be sure to get plenty of affection. Often dogs have ‘bedtime cuddles’ where they are helped to settle down at the end of a busy day.

workers will love your dog at the pet lodge

During your dog’s stay, they are likely to be paired with a dedicated staff member so that they can get to know them and bond with them.

Summing it up

All in all, if you choose a suitable facility, your dog can have a wonderful time!

With all the above activities, there is no chance your dog will get bored, and you can rest assured that while you’re away, your four-legged friend is having the time of their life.

Of course, they’ll love to see you when you get back, but they’ll also understand that this is a fun place to be, and if you ever have to leave them there again, they won’t be anxious to stay.


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