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Colitis Dog |6 Reasons of Colitis in Canines

Colitis  Dog |6 Reasons of Colitis in Canines

What IS Colitis and What Does it Mean by Colitis in Dog??

Colitis is basically the swelling in the large intestine of dogs and it is the type of diarrhea which harms the large intestines of the dog and known as Colitis.

It comes suddenly and appears at once so you have to very careful if your puppy is having a loose motion and outing the blood. Colitis is not very often but it comes at once and then you can not control it .if you are facing this problem then you should control your dog.

What are the Reasons of Colitis in Canines?

There are several reasons for the colitis you should know about the causes of colitis in dogs,

  • Bacterial Type of Infection
  • Any Viral Infection
  • It could be done due to roundworms
  • Due to Stress
  • Genetic Problem
  • Sexual Interaction with Infected Dogs

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Colitis in dogs:

Let’s discuss all of these in details so we can understand colitis in a better way,

Bacterial Type of Infection could be the reason for pseudo membranous colitis in Dogs:


There are so many bacteria in the world which could be the main reason for the colitis because they have access to the stomach and they directly affect the health of the dog.

I will tell you in detail later on this article about Pseudomembranous Colitis in Dogs when I will discuss the types of Colitis.

Bacteria usually come through the bad food and or from dirty dogs or if your dog meets with street canines then they can easily attack your dog.


Any Viral Infection Could be the Cause of Colitis:

A Colitis is basically viral inflammation of colon in pets so it could have come from the Viral Infection.

IT means if any canine is having inflammation and your dog meet him so there are possibilities that your pet got infected you, it is better to control your dog because the infection does not ask you before harming your dog.

Roundworms are also the causes of colitis in canines:

Here we are talking about the roundworms means kind of parasites which can easily affect the health of your dog if you do not care for it.

Because they have the dirt so keep clean your dog for avoiding roundworms else it will infect your dog from colitis.

Stress could be the Reason for Colitis:

Yes, you heard it right, Stress could be the main reason for the colitis whether it is clinical or Pseudomembranous Colitis.

Because it can change the mentality of your dog and it will decrease the power of fighting towards diseases so if you want to save your dog from colitis you should give him stress-free atmosphere so he can live easily and away from colitis.

Pro Tip: Give him Frankly Environment as much as you can.

Colitis  Dog |6 Reasons of Colitis in Canines

Genetic Problem and Colitis in dog:

It is the simple and basic problem everyone knows that if your father or mother has some kind of disease it will automatically transfer to your son as it has in human same it has in dogs as well.

Colitis could be in your canine due to a Genetic problem in your Ancestor Dogs so you should really take good care of your while it has some genetics colitis.


Sexual Interaction with Infected Dogs:

Well, this is not about only colitis if your dog is having sexual interaction with any infected dog so there more chances that your canine will be affected by the infection.

Because Sexual interaction means transferring of the Sperms into a female dog and it could be the reason of transferring colitis infection as well.

Look there is not any confirmation that colitis will surely transfer but in most of the cases, it happens so if your dog is having sexual interaction with any other dog then make sure that it has clean and has no disease!.

IS Colitis Painful??

Yes, colitis is really painful for your dogs, especially when it got aged and your canine will bear a lot of pain in Colitis due to the nature of the pain.

He will produce different sounds due to heavy pain so you have to contact your vet as soon as possible.

Dog Colitis Natural Treatment:


Give him proper and freshwater that he can avail 24/7 ,because in Colitis dogs need a lot of water so make sure you have filled the water bowl every time.  A low Fat diet such brown chicken with boiled rice and any dog food that consists of natural and light ingredients you can give that.

Once your dog improves from Colitis give him a proper diet with a proper schedule.

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