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Train Your Dog To Sit ,Stay and Lay down

Train Your Dog To Sit ,Stay and Lay down


How To Teach a dog to stay?

Training a dog to stay is not very hard thing if you do it in the right way it is just a piece of cake!! Most of the people say that it is tough to teach your canine to stay, but in my opinion, it is not.

Teach Your Dog To Stay in the age of puppy because puppies are innocent and very cooperative in learning things.


How To Teach a Dog to Stay?

So here are some advanced dog commands for teaching a dog how to stay.

  1. Train your dog with some vocals like say yes and try to push him on the ground softly he will sit.
  2. Say No and try to pick him up and he will be up.
  3. Now keep away your hands and put this exercise on regular basis your puppy will understand it very soon, and you will see the results.
  4. Do not show any anger if he does not sit on your command and just repeat your steps again and again.
  5. Most of the people want quick results, but this will surely give you instant results in teaching your dog to stay because it’s natural when you give some time to your dog he will love to play with you.

How To Teach A Dog To Stay While Pissing:

Train Your Dog To Sit ,Stay and Lay down

It’s an annoying question, but most of the pet owner looks that their pets do not follow them and get in trouble so If you want to teach your dog how to stay while pissing, then you must train him how to potty train your dog.

How To Teach a dog to stay?

Nothing is impossible just make it happened and make your dog amazing and obedient while doing piss or doing potty as well.

This makes your life easier and helpful as well.

How to Train a Puppy to Sit?

One of the best thing in training a canine is to accept the challenges with positive reinforcements and train your dog to sit you can follow this above guide for training a dog, and this is amazing.

You can teach him by simply vocals like sit down or up down like most of the time you can use different combinations.

  • Make some exercises for training him like show him any food
  • And over it to your dog and try not to give him.
  • Say sit down if he obeys you then you should give him that food
  • Sit command is really very challenging and very necessary control, so it will help you to make your dog amazing.
  • No need to worry if he is not getting what you’re trying to apply just try to give him proper time and he will start learning sooner.

How to Train a Dog to lay Down?

Train Your Dog To Sit ,Stay and Lay down

Most of the time it seems that it is tough to train your dog while you in your home so you should tell him or teach him some basic commands like lay down means Lay Down on the floor, so there are two ways to teach him how to lay down.

  1. Teach your canine to lay down by Vocals
  2. Train him with practical exercise


Teach your canine to lay down by Vocals:

Give him any particular voice, and he will be understood with your vocals that how to perform actions but it is not necessary every time he will follow your voice rightly so you have to show anger when he does not follow you because whenever we want to help them, we have to care them seriously.

Train him on Practical Exercise:

It is the best and recommended a method of training your canine with proper exercises like saying lay down and show him by laying down on the floor so he can understand and can follow you as well.

It will decrease the chances of failure and your will success in teaching your dog “How to teach to the dog to sit” in this way you can teach your canine bitterly and hope they will never mind it.


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