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Shiba Inu Corgi Mix? – Are These Desirable?

What is Shiba inu corgi mix?

The Shiba inu corgi mix is designer breed or a hybrid of two different breeds Cardigan or Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Shiba inu. These are small dogs, Shibainu corgi mix will short dog with the long body as well as foxy looking appearance is their special characteristics. These dogs carry various colors but commonly they have white markings on chest, face and even feet.

This hybrid breed can be best family pet if they are socialized and trained well in their young age. These are easy to handle and train dogs also these are excellent as watchdogs. However, they require regular grooming due to athick layer of coat they have also they need regular brushing because they shed.

Shiba Inu Corgi Mix?

History of Shiba Inu corgi mix

The ShibaInu corgi mix has not been around so long, therefore, they don’t carry history yet. But on the basis of parent breed background, you can take their history into consideration.

From the ancient times, Shiba Inu is native to Japan, it is supposed to be the oldest japan’s breed.

Originally it was bred to flush small games and hunt.  The Cardigan Welsh Corgi got the recognition due to their furry tail which exactly resembles a cardigan sweater.

These were actually bedded for guarding, hunting, and driving cattle and bred from Collie, dachshund, and Pomeranian. However, the breed was normally confused with the close relative and known Pembroke Welsh corgi. There was big history and long journey was related to Cardigan Welsh corgi. They were commonly used to herd sheep by nipping but at the same time became popular as finest companion pets.

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What can you expect Shiba Inu corgi mix?

The Shiba inu corgi mix is also referred as corgi Shibainu mix. It is one of the designer hybrids which have successfully attracted a lot of potential buyers. No one denies the fact that corgi Shibainu mix is the most adorable dog in the world and they are family pets also.

You may find few similarities between these and their parent breeds in happy foxy faces although there are some shape and size differences.

One of the most important things is short legs associated with the corgi the herding dog. You may expect a cross-breed pup with the least height of around 10 inches on corgi and maximum 17 inches on Inu, the pup’s height should be somewhere in between. Similar weight is also the matter of consideration which is similar to their parent breeds. Moreover, they are similar in terms of appearance or look wise or coat along with a bit dissimilarity in thickness and feel.

As the corgi has water-repellent and shorter coat while the Inu has thicker and finer coat ShibaInu corgi mix could have anyone of these. However, small Shibainu corgi mix has a fluffy coat with the color range of tans, whites, and reds so hopefully, you will get your pup with any of these warm colors.

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There is no factor to avoid that both breeds parents are heavy shedders, therefore, there are more chances that your hybrid pup will require a lot of care and maintenance. Like with all hybrids these dogs also have required their specific maintenance requirements and needs.

Regular activities and proper exercises in the open area or yard as these are fairly active dogs or crossbreeds because of their genetics. However, the maximum life expectancy of Shibainu is 15 and for corgi, it is 13 years, therefore, the Shibainu corgi mix will be somewhere in between. This breed is the good option for the new owners however there are some temperament and behavioral issues you need to consider it well.

Let us consider this hybrid’s behavior, temperament, health issues and care information mentioned below:

Shiba Inu Corgi Mix – Physical Appearance

They have a fox-like look and have the weight of an average of 12 to 16 kg. fiery red color being the similar most coat color among both cross breed’s parents. Along with red color, these dogs come in some diverse colors or combination of colors also although most common colors are white and tans.

Shiba Inu Corgi Mix – Temperament & Behavior

ShibaInu corgi mixes are alert, bold and good-natured. The dog is confident, loyal, confident and strong-willed as well as contained own ideas about things. These are affectionate and friendly as well asthe best companion; tends to be suspicious for strangers though. They do not like sharing but tends to guard specifically family members, their food, toys etc.

However,Shiba Inu is the breed known for their less friendly nature so this crossbreed may lie somewhere in the middle of less friendly and too friendly nature.

Corgi is the easy breed to train while the Shiba Inu is not a much easy dog to train so this crossbreed or hybrid may be the mixture of any one of these. However, both the breeds are independent and stubborn so be ready to offer more time in training to your pup.

The good news is the breeders follow an ethical protocol to do business well often try for easily trainable breed Shiba Inu corgi mix.

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Shiba Inu Corgi Mix – training and watchdog ability

This hybrid is highly active or sometimes moderate active so they require good exercise or activity regularly. You should supply fairly high amount or intensity exercise or activity on daily basis to decrease their energy. Physical activity is highly needed and you can offer outdoor exercise at the same time they are fine with indoor activities due to their size.

If you have a yard then it would be best for your pup to run around and utilize its energy. Because of two most intelligent bred this hybrid is the alert dog and both, the breeds makes it best watchdog.

They are trustworthy watchdogs that can keep any harm away from the household. These are best known to be finest family dog due to their guard, herding and watchdog abilities along with love and affection.

Shiba Inu Corgi Mix – Care

As we mentioned they need regular maintenance, you should brush dog’s coat once in a day or 5 times a week. This act will help you minimize your cleaning efforts.

Shiba Inu Corgi Mix – Health issues

All in all this hybrid is healthy but due to genetics, there is a list of health issues that a Shiba Inu corgi can suffer from. There is the higher risk that they might suffer from in their lifetime. Such health problems include eye diseases, hip and elbow dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, and intervertebral disc disease.

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