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Top 10 Facts About Puppies -Amazing Things About New Born-Puppies

Top 10 Facts About Puppies -Amazing Things About New Born-Puppies


we will discuss Facts About Puppies and you will be amazed to learn these kinds of things.

Do you know there are some facts that no one knows about puppies and are excited to know those secret facts??There are many things about puppies that only a few people know because this information is not very common.

So Are You Excited you Read the Untold Facts About Puppies??


Okay, let’s get started !!

Un-Told Facts about puppies

  • Do you know a new born puppy does not open his eyes up to 10 days .. huh are you shocked ??
  • keep reading !!

Yes this is true a newborn puppy does not open his eyes up to 10 days because of scientific and  Natural delivery!! This is the fact about puppies that very few people knows.

  • DO you want to know about the age of puppy??

  • The official age of a puppy is one year less than a year dog is called puppy.
  • Puppies are used for smelling from the 15th century and it’s not amazing but this is true.
  • During the first week of the born a puppy spent his 10% time to awake and on other time, it takes a sleep.
  • This is the true fact that a puppy porn with without teeth as a human baby born.
  • Puppies uses the sense of touching for the first time
  • And when They start smelling the first time they can smell 1000 times better than a human.


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These were the un-told secret facts of Puppies because a puppy is a cute part of a family so it is very important to know each and everything regarding a puppy, many people avoid these things and they even don’t know how to train their puppy and then they faced the problems in parenting of puppy as much information you have about the puppies as you can guide them and make your family amazing.

Some General Facts Regarding some Situations of Dogs and Puppies:


I want to discuss some general fact regarding puppies that every puppy react the same on these situations:

When you puppy sees any strangers he will start barking at him so it’s natural fact. If he see that your someone is doing wrong and anything is getting wrong he will definitely start barking so it’s your duty to control him.


Fact About Puppies:


A Puppy is born without any sense and this makes a sense that you have to care about it. This is natural and we cannot do anything in this sense creativity of your dog.



A puppy is like a family so do not behave with him like anger boy you can easily train him by following my article on it and all the facts of puppies are decided in this guide is only for the info and you can easily take care of your puppies.

well, there are so many things which make you happy with your canine and understanding the needs of your pet is really important these facts about puppies are normal as the regular thing the important thing is to grow your canine with amazing ways and with full faith will make your life easier.

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