Top 15+ Facts About American Bulldogs Puppies you Should Know

American Bulldogs Puppies Facts

There is more than one theory for bulldog’s background, especially where they are originated initially from. One theory said that they were brought by an American colonial in the 17th century. They were primarily used for farming and hunting work.

One theory says that they are originated in England and other say that they are a made-up breed by a mix of many other breeds. American Bulldog Puppy was also being used for baiting contests of bull, buffaloes, and bears.

American Bulldog Puppy History

Till the 1980s, this breed was not famous by this name. before the name American bulldog became the standard name they were known by many different names. In different parts of South America, they were known as the “English White” or “White English” because they were white in color at that time.

In southeastern united states, they were used for personal and property protection and handling of large animals like cattle.

They were also famous by the name “Alabama” and “Southern Bulldog” and most commonly used name was “bulldog.”

Because of their looks, they were not recognized as bulldogs but as mentioned earlier they did real work for baiting contests of big animals that had made them deserving for this name. they did extremely heavy protection duties, farming work, baiting contests for their owners.

Now the question arises here that are American bulldog a good family dog? so yes they were noticed by the American public in the late 1980s and began to popular in public. They were considered as a good family pet because of his protection abilities.

American Bulldogs are also famous as a guard dog and this quality is the most desirable quality among people.

We will be discussing American Bulldogs temperament and other related information about their personality, diet, care and health in this article.

Difference between bulldog and pitbull

Difference between bulldog and pitbull

Yes, this is a most frequent question that many people want to ask that Is an American bulldog the same thing as a pitbull?

So let’s discuss the differences between Pitbull and American Bulldog.

They both are similar in physical appearance that is why many people are often consumed in American Bulldog and American Pitbull Terrier.

The reality is that they are different in numerous aspects like their origin, behavior, history, temperament and other characteristics are all absolutely different from each other.

One of them belongs to terrier group and American Bulldog is the one who belongs to mastiff group

American Pitbull Terrier is crossbred of three separate breeds of dogs and they are “American Pitbull Terrier”, “Staffordshire Bull Terrier”, and the “American Staffordshire terrier”.

These breeds came from Ireland and England. The only similarity between American Pitbull and bulldog is that they both were used in sports like a bull or bear baiting.

Types of American Bulldogs

There are two types of American bulldogs which have been discovered by two breeders John D Johnson and Allen Scott. The details of these two types are as below.

Johnson American Bulldogs

The American bulldog Johnson is also known as the “classic” or “bully” American bulldog. this is one of the bigger American bulldog types among two types. In physical appearance, they are more likely to resemble with English bulldog puppies as they are cross with that breed.

They are usually more muscular and larger than the other type. This type was developed by the breeder John D. Johnson, this breeder researched on the descendants of this breed and American Bulldogs’ offspring.

Scott American Bulldogs

An Allen Scott’s American Bulldogs also called “standard” or “performance.” This type is comparatively smaller but agiler than Johnson American bulldogs.

The Scott type sometimes took wrongly for an American pit bull terrier. The physical appearance is mostly different from Scott type with Johnson American Bulldog.

This type is most famous for “reverse scissors bite” because they have slightly undershot jaw, lower teeth at the front of the mouth that touches the outside of upper teeth.

Appearance and personality

American Bulldog Puppy Appearance

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American Bulldog is very light on their feet. They look better than English bulldogs. They are Taller, strong and muscular dogs.

They have heavy bones with boxier head, they have big muzzles, broad chest, long muscular legs and angry faces. They have usually brown eyes, brown or black noses, dropping ears.

They have short and smooth coats that come in several combinations of white (which is base color) with patches of different colors like red, brown, black and fawn.

Solid black and blue colors in American bulldogs are considered as a cosmetic fault. They usually have shades of pink.

They do not need excessive grooming, weekly brushing, and bathing when necessary should be enough for them. They shed light to moderate.

They are aggressive due to their protective nature, they can even jump from six feet height, can fight with wild-animals and can jump into fire for their owner for the sake of their security and protection. They are lovable and sweet with children.


  • American bulldogs are devoted and They have the very impressive stamina and strength. They are always available for playing and working on the field.
  • They are friendly and love to socialize if trained well. They are very gentle to get along with their family.
  • They can sometimes become stubborn and will not listen to the instructions but this happens when they are in bad mood or being teased by any stranger.
  • If you are finding the best companion pet for yourself, American bulldog could be your best choice because they are very loyal.
  • American Bulldogs are of two types and these types have been coming from two different American bulldog breeders. Details of American bulldog Puppy types will be covered in this article later on. So due to these two types can be different size, appearance or energy level. It also depends on which breed they came.
  • The natural tail is more preferred but they also can have a curtailed tail. The natural tail could be identified with pump handle because it is thick at the base.


Who should adopt American Bulldog?

  • Singles can adopt but if you are a frequent traveler so you must take your puppy with you or otherwise not to adopt because they require attention.
  • Families can adopt and families could be great for American bulldogs
  • Those who love sports and exercise daily can adopt American bulldog because they need excessive exercises.
  • Experienced dog owners are preferred.


American Bulldog is very friendly, lovable and affectionate dogs. They are confident, intelligent, self-dependent that never gets out of limit.

They can do very well once they are trained efficiently. During initial training, they can be stubborn but due to their intelligence, they soon learn to respond to their owner or trainer. They have been proved endlessly loyal companions for the decades.

They have proved great family dogs, American Bulldogs are generally very responsive and caring towards children. They love to socialize with their and enjoy family-oriented occasions.

To protect their family or owner they can go beyond the lengths of their security. They need a lot of attention, care, and love while they are being trained. With efficient and proper training, you will find your American Bulldog more social loving pet.


American bulldog size depends on the type also. American bulldogs are estimated to be a bit taller than the English or French Bulldogs. The standard size considered for American Bulldogs is 20 to 28 inches taller and 60 to 120 pounds of weight by the time puppies reach on their adulthood.

Though these estimations considered as a standard for this breed. They can be larger or sometimes can be smaller than this standard size.

This standard has set for both types either they are Johnson American or Scott American bulldog. in today’s time,  American bulldogs mostly come in a combination of both types.

There is a difference in male and female American bulldog weight as female bulldog is comparatively smaller in size than a male bulldog.

Female bulldogs’ average weight comes under 50kgs once they are adult while male bulldog’s average weight is approx. more than 50kgs.

How can you Measure the weight of American Bulldog?

Your puppy whether in any age should be at an ideal weight?

If your dog is fat so he or she has more weight than it should be.

To look into the weight either they are over or under-weight, you can check out your dog’s ribs when they breathe heavily. If your dog is calm while breathing then last 2 ribs should be noticeable.

If there are hip points and most of the vertebrae are visible that means your dog is under-weight.

How can you Measure the height of American Bulldog?

Start measuring from the floor to the shoulder blades. Sometimes, it could be difficult to stand American bulldog stay longer for the measurement so you may stand your dog next to the wall and mark the wall with a pencil where the dog’s shoulders’ blade touches. Now you can either draw the line or simply measure directly from the scale.


Health is the most important factor that needs to care about. If you really want to adopt an American bulldog so you should know What diseases are American bulldogs prone to?

They are generally healthy w a lifespan of maximum 16 years of age. If they get extra weight and become chubby in early ages of life then they might develop hip or elbow dysplasia.

Some of them need to be disposed of early due to certain medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, cataracts. This breed mostly has short muzzle so it might create difficulties for them to tolerate hot weather and during exercising. An owner should notice their breathing and avoid excessive struggling.

They should be provided with enough water while they are on fieldwork or exercising.


They need more care, love and extensive attention. They require mental and physical exercises which is more important for their health. They need the proper support of their owner and they should not leave alone for long period of time that can result in destructive behavior.

Maintain regular visits to vet for a routine medical check-up.

The main issue you can face with your American bulldog puppy is the slobber issue. You need to wipe your dog as and when needed otherwise the slob will be all around in your home.


Like all another breed of dogs, they need a proper diet. An American Bulldog also requires a proper plan for their diet. Their requirements of eating will be changing from puppyhood to adulthood.

The diet should be according to their energy level . it would be recommended that diet plan should be made by a vet or your dog’s nutritionist. Proper diet means healthy food in proper quantity.

What is the Cost of an American Bulldog puppy?

The cost varies to buy an American Bulldog on many factors including breeders’ location, reputable breeder, breed popularity, litter size, vaccinated puppies, medically fit, training and monitoring of puppies by the breeder.

If you are willing to adopt an American bulldog puppy, after evaluation their habits and after getting all information, the most important question arise is How much is an American bulldog puppy?

So the reasons are mentioned above on which the cost may vary.

The current selling price for all American Bulldogs is approx. $822.50. You should make your mind with this price and expect this budget to adopt an American bulldog puppy.

This price covers full papers but without breeding rights. You can expect less price but the puppy will come without proper documentation or papers which is not recommended.

If you want a puppy with proper documentation and with breeding rights so you must make your budget accordingly. It will cost more. The top breed American bulldog and the superior full-blooded puppy will cost around $1600 or more. It could be $8000 or even more.

High- Quality: $1,600.00 to $8,000.00

Average Price: $800.00


After buying a puppy you need to maintain your budget for annual expenses of owning a puppy that is approx. $500 to $2000.



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