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Staffordshire Bull Terrier -Temperament, Information and Characteristics

Dogs from the ancient time are bred and brought up for different purposes. Aim to bred dogs differs with the region and need. Like there are hunting dogs specially bred to have great strength and speed to chase his prey.

Working dogs are bred with greater power to pull chards.

Herding dogs must be gentle and intelligent. Toy dogs must be playful and loving and so on.

If we want to have characters of two dogs into one the process used for it called cross breeding. this process transfers genetic and behavioral traits of parents into the offspring.

Staffordshire bull terrier is the result of such breeding between Bulldog and terrier. This breeding originally was done to bring a new breed of dogs with enough power and skills to hunt as well as be a companion of man.

These dogs acquire characters of both parents. They like terrier are strong and powerful and can chase their prey. They can be Willful, Docile, Friendly, and Gregarious like bulldogs. They have got great capabilities and learning capacity. They can be anything you want a hunting dog or a good family dog.


What are Staffordshire bull terriers?

Staffordshire bull terrier is medium size dogs breed. They have a small haired coat on a muscular body. They are considered as pit bull type dogs. These are the dogs which came into being as a result of cross-breeding between Bulldogs and terriers.

These dogs have great power and hunting skills. They are strong-willed dogs. at the time of hunting, they only have hunted in their mind.

Staffordshire bull terrier is a healthier breed. These dogs have a strong body with height ranging from 36 to 41 cm. Their size may be small but in activities, they can beat even a larger dog’s breed. They rarely get fat because of their activities. They normally gain weight from 13 to 17 kg male and 11 to 15.4 kg female.

Staffordshire bull terriers have Smooth, short and close coat which adds in their beauty. They come in different colors like Red, fawn, white, black, blue.

They can have any of these colors with white. They can have a design like any shade of brindle and any shade of brindle with white.

Origin and history of Staffordshire bull terriers


Before 19 century, in England people loved blood games. These games included bull baiting, bear baiting, and cock-fighting.

Setting dogs on animals like bulls and bear was also very common sport and was used for gambling as well. Later these blood sports included dogs fight. Dogs for this sport required to be strong and aggressive.

Hence for this purpose, Staffordshire bull terrier dogs were bred with combination two breeds’ bulls and terriers.

Originally bulls and terriers were bred for gameness character i-e to participate in games. They were aggressive and fight till the last. When, Later on, when animal welfare laws were introduced by the British government in around 1835, these games were banned, these dogs were adopted for hunting purpose. People also start to keep this breed as watchdogs.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire bull terrier temperament

Temperament of dogs varies from breed to breed. This is what decides whether a dog can be a good family dog or not. Family dogs are required to have a gentle and kind attitude towards people and other animals. While a hunting dog must be active and aggressive.

Temperament and Personality of Staffordshire bull terrier:

Staffordshire bull terrier is sturdy dogs breed. They look much similar to American Staffordshire and Pit Bull Terrier. However, they are much tougher than other dogs. Unlike most dogs breed these dogs are active and always want to play instead of sitting in the corner.

These dogs have undergone so many behavioral changes. They are not as much aggressive as their ancestors were. They love to be around you when you are watching TV, reading a newspaper or going for walk. They sometimes even try to get into your lap when you’re sitting on the sofa.

Staffordshire bull terriers are very aggressive to other dogs and animals. but in case if they are grown up in between other dogs and animals they consider them as a family member.  They are overall good for families having children and other animals.

They are devoted to the family and can be a good watchdog. They are very protective and will attack anything approaching the family. This protective behavior can be dangerous if not properly socialized and trained.

Activity requirement of Staffordshire bull terrier:

Staffordshire bull terrier is an active and happy living breed. to keep their fitness and good mode they require daily physical activities. They are not like apartment dogs that you can keep in a corner.

They need a daily walk and play time to keep their muscular body tuned and well working. Their favorite games include chasing ball hide and seek and running behind birds and animals.

They can chase the ball as long as you can throw. They will ask to play even when you are tired.

They are both active and intelligent. You can even polish their mind by enrolling your Staffordshire bull terrier in organized activities like agility or flyball. Staffordshire bull terrier can live with you wherever you want but daily exercise and playtime.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The trainability of Staffordshire bull terrier:

Staffordshire bull terriers are very hard to train. They really will take time to make them do what you want. They are stubborn and willful and live on their own. They never care about what you ask them to do.

So if you have a Staffordshire bull terrier baby to train you to need to have great patience and time. Training them through punishment like electric shock can bring about dangerous consequences. You need to go with positive reinforcement. You need to have expertise in dog training to teach them.

Because they are highly energetic, some senior dog trainers believe that a walk or a good game before the training session is pretty helpful to keep Staffordshire bull terrier focused.

Behavioral Trait of Staffordshire bull terrier:

Staffordshire bull terrier along with training needs proper socialization to learn canine manners. Otherwise, their aggressive behavior towards other dogs can be dangerous. They will take no time to attack if they think a dog is challenging them.

If they are free in the home or out in the garden their favorite activity is to chase and kill birds, rats, cats, and squirrels. So it is better when they are in puppyhood they necessarily be given leash and fence training.

Staffordshire bull terrier breed is famous for their strong jaws and loves to chew whatever they find. Their habit of chewing things is common in puppyhood. Hence to keep your furniture, shoes and other things safe you need to spread plenty of bones for the energetic and strong Staffordshire bull terrier puppy.

Shedding and grooming of Staffordshire bull terrier:

Staffordshire bull terrier is a clean breed of dogs. They have a short haired shiny and healthy coat. Unlike dogs have a fur coat these dogs don’t suffer from skin diseases caused by flies mat and other insects.

Staffordshire bull terrier normally shed seasonally when they exchange coats. In normal days it does not shed like other dogs to make your furniture hairy. However brushing him regularly will keep its coat shiny.

If you think Staffordshire bull terrier is shedding excessively other than shedding during removal of the old coat for the new one it is definitely because of some health problem. It may be because of dehydration, skin problem or because of improper diet. Make sure to visit the Vet to know the real cause and solve it accordingly.

Grooming of Staffordshire bull terrier:

Unlike many other dogs with long hairs, Staffordshire bull terriers don’t need regular cutting and expensive shampoos and oil for a better shiny look of the coat. They have a smooth coat of small hairs, easy to clean.

Staffordshire bull terriers require an occasional bath and regular brushing to keep these dogs net and clean. You can easily groom your dog at home. it is grooming is easy and inexpensive.


Are Staffordshire bull terriers an aggressive breed?

With time and environment, they have been grown these days, Staffordshire bull terriers don’t have same aggression that their ancestors had. However, this aggression was towards animals and other dogs. Today’s Staffordshire bull terrier is much socialized and doesn’t show aggression until other dogs challenge him.

If particularly we discuss family and other people these dogs are affectionate loving and gentle. Their behavior can even be changed accordingly by proper training and socializing them.


Are Staffordshire bull terriers good family dogs?

Staffordshire bull terriers are devoted to their owner. They love to be around people which let it make a place in the family. They behave as a family member. Their gentle and intelligent behavior makes it safe to live with. They are much protective.

However, if you have kids and other animals in the house it is better to adopt a puppy than to adopt a senior Staffordshire bull terrier.  However, a well-trained and properly socialized Staffordshire bull terrier can be welcomed.


Are Staffordshire bull terriers the same as pit bulls?

The pit bull is a description of dogs bred as a result of cross-breeding between Bulldogs and terriers. According to that Staffordshire bull terriers can be called as pit bulls. Meanwhile, these dogs also are much similar to American Staffordshire terriers in appearance and share some behavioral traits as well. These dogs also share similarities with American Bulldogs.

Are Staffordshire bull terriers loyal?

Staffordshire bull terriers have gentle behavior and are a good companion of the human beings. They develop a deep devotion to people whom he is living with. They definitely are loyal and loving. They can even fight for you if necessary.  They always remain ready to show their love and loyalty to their owner.

Staffordshire bull terrier breeders:

Staffordshire bull terriers are bred all most all over the world. Their puppies are Brave, tenacious, a bit stubborn. Along with this also are gentle, playful, and clever which make their care and up growing easier. These puppies are healthier and less prone to diseases. That is why if you are having not much knowledge of puppy care still you can breed Staffordshire bull terriers.

Staffordshire bull terrier puppy is highly energetic and requires energy and playtime. They love children to play with them and more importantly they are safe to be with kids. However, when it comes to other dogs you need to supervise them.

Their grooming is pretty easier. They have a small haired shiny coat which only need an occasional bath and regular brushing. They only have seasonal shedding.

What breeders should care about is the prevention of hereditary diseases. These genetic diseases are very dangerous but very easy to control. It can be controlled by conducting tests of the parents for these diseases. If parents are found with any disease they must not be bred.


What health problems do Staffordshire bull terriers have?

At first place, this is a healthy dog’s breed, yet there are some common diseases found in them. Most common are genetic diseases which include:

Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is commonly found in medium and large breed dogs and passed from parents to their offspring. victims of this disease go through extreme pain. Initially, this disease causes swelling, pain, stiffness and limping and finally will result in arthritis. Arthritis is a condition in which joints swallow and cause so much pain. This makes the dog stay in the corner.

If parents had Hip dysplasia, symptoms in puppies will start to appear in between 5 to 6 months of age.

Common symptoms of Hip dysplasia in Staffordshire bull terriers are:

  • The dog will run with hind legs moving together
  • One or both legs will be stiff
  • The dog will be found lying most of the time because getting up becomes painful
  • The dog will not show interest in any of the physical activity


Which breeds are at more risk of Hip Dysplasia?

It is commonly found in large and medium breeds. Some of the breeds prone to this disease are:

  • Labrador dogs
  • German Shepherd dogs
  • Golden Retriever dogs
  • Rottweiler dogs
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs
  • dogs


It is a condition of the eye in which the whole or part of the lens becomes opaque. It is a genetic disease; however, it can be caused by sugar diabetes. Opacity due to disease up to 30% percent is not recognizable. If it reaches 60% it will make dog troubling to see clearly while 100% will make dog blind.

What other breeds are prone to this disease?

Along with Staffordshire bull terriers, some other breeds prone to this disease are:

  • American Cockers
  • Labrador and Golden
  • Retrievers
  • Poodles
  • Boston Terrier dogs
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier dogs


Staffordshire Bull Terriers along with these hereditary  diseases they are also found with some other disease which includes:

  • Congenital deafness
  • Follicular dysplasia
  • Pituitary-dependent hyperadrenocorticism
  • Cystine urolithiasis
  • Cataracts


Staffordshire bull terrier vs Pitbull

There still ate many people who don’t distinguish between Staffordshire bull terrier and American Staffordshire terrier. It is so because most of the people know that they both are Pitbull. However, these are classified as separate breeds.

There have different characters. American Staffordshire terrier commonly known as AmStaff and Staffordshire Bull terrier is the result of cross-breeding between Terrier and Bulldogs, however, due to some genetic modification, American Staffordshire terrier got the bulkier appearance and bigger head.  These both breeds have much more similarity. Even their temperament behavioral trait and favorite activities are the same.


Staffordshire bull terrier rescue:

Rescue centers are built to avoid waste an of some best dog by an owner who can’t afford to keep Staffordshire bull terrier anymore or he wants not. These centers allow leaving your puppy or dog to them. They along with adoption also provide dogs for adoption relatively for lesser price than you will need to pay to the breeders for the same dog.

There is a number of center working around the world some of the famous rescue centers for Staffordshire bull terrier are:

  • North Eastern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue present in County Durham
  • Northern Ireland Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue present in Northern Ireland
  • Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue present in Scotland
  • South Eastern Counties Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue present in Sth. East of England



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