American Bulldog Temperament – Personality and Information


American bulldog temperament

One of the strongest dogs by both means physically and mentally. These dogs are famous as muscular American dogs. They have great body strength, obstinacy.

American Bulldogs Puppies are determinant and confident dogs. They are best to owned by an active person who can develop the abilities to do exercises, hunting, work and agility in American bulldog. Like every dog, American bulldog also needs dynamic exercises to stay fit and healthy.

American bulldogs temperament are usually calm and well-balanced. Although their attitude towards strangers depends on the mood, it could be friendly or inappropriate sometimes.

Initial training including socializing with people and animals can promote a stable temperament towards strangers. Socializing is an important requirement to make their temperament appropriate with people and other pets within and outside the door.

They are mentally strong and alert to learn quickly. If the owner makes them learn with love, they will surely get humble behavior once they are adult.

In spite of the fact that dogs are animals and one cannot predict animals behavior. There are some important behavioral traits and temperaments tips about American bulldog are below.

American bulldog’s Temperament& Personality

They have a strong muscular body. American bulldogs are very gentle, lovable dogs, they love children. They are a big lap dog.

They are alert, brave, strong-willed, confident and loyal to their family.

This breed can do very best if they are trained well during their early years. They could be a very strong protector for their family. This breed comes with very strong constitutions.

They are famous for their heroism acts for their owners and their family. They can be sometimes reserved with strangers.

American Bulldogs Puppies should never remain open outside for a longer time and alone. They look like pit-bulls so they are also famous for fighting and hunting. They could be dangerous if left alone for a longer time. They need proper attention and guidance of their owners.

They just do not look aggressive but they are actually an angry dog. To further groom their personality, they need excessive hard work for their fitness and healthy lifestyle.

Behavioral Traits

American Bulldogs are extremely aggressive as you can assume their aggression by their faces. To treat other dogs respectfully, they need socializing in their puppyhood.

While same-sex dogs still create problems if they are living under one roof. This breed is also known for their cruelty attacks on cats, this is their style of chasing cats.

Unless the cat is in the home, it is recommended that not to introduce your cat to American Bulldog if they are strangers.

Despite the fact of their aggression, they love people. They usually bark if any stranger approaches them, it is because of their watchfulness nature. As a protector, this is their job to secure themselves along with their family.

To better know about this dog, it is important to get knowledge about the breed’s genetic heritage because some of them are overly aggressive and protective.


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