Top 5+ Facts About American Bulldog Johnson Puppies

American Bulldog Johnson Puppies


American bulldog Johnson

The American Bulldog puppies have strong-looking, well-built and muscular body, with a large head. The body coat is smooth. The specialty of this breed is that they are light to moderate shedder.

The traditionally preferred face is with black pigmentation on the nose and eye rims. Mostly they come in white color with patches of black, red, brown and other colors.

Complete Black color is considered as a cosmetic fault.

They have pretty eyes in brown color. They are known for their excessive dribble than another breed of dogs.

There are two types of American Bulldog, one is bully type also known as American bulldog Johnson who is mostly larger and heavier dogs.

The second is the standard type who are more agile with larger muzzles, they have square heads. Now many modern American bulldogs are a mixture of these two types which is usually termed as “hybrid.”

Mostly American Bulldogs Puppies weight is between 27 to 54kg which means 60 to 120 pounds because this breed is heavier than most of the other breed of dogs.

Their height is approx 20 to 28 inches means (52 to 70cm). in standard type, most of them even crossed these dimensions of weight and height.

Johnson American Bulldogs

The American bulldog Johnson is also known as the classic bulldog. They are larger than the other type of standard American Bulldog Puppy.

Their weight usually witnessed more than the standard type of American bulldog. Their height stands on about 23 to 27 inches from the shoulder and their weight is between 90 to 120 pounds.

The Johnson American bulldogs have thicker bones, broader chests, and large heads.

They are a result of cross-breeding with English bulldog that’s why they resemble more with an English bulldog. Though the lower teeth of this type of bulldog never show when their mouth is closed but this American bulldog type bites very hard.

They have cropped or natural ears that depend on the parents they are from. However, natural ears are usually more desirable.

They are also known as “bully” type American bulldog. They are less energetic than the other type of American Bulldog.


They are usually confident, self-dependent, loyal, watchful and protector. They are known for their excellent guarding abilities as they are very protective by nature.

They would love socializing if they have trained well in their initial age. They are good at jumping and can jump even from 6 feet in height.

They are extremely emotional so they need a lot of attention, love, and care. They require patience from their owner while they are in the learning process.

Once they are trained well, they can be the best companion. They could be sometime aggressive with strange animals or people.


Mostly the lifetime of American Bulldog is from10 to 16 years. They need physical and mental exercises to remain fit and healthy. Some of the health issues in American bulldogs Puppy could be found more often but in some genetic lines. This is not common in the complete breed of them.

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