Top American Bulldog Breeders

American bulldog breeders


American Bulldog is an Old English Bulldog, they were originally carried to North America by working immigrants. The main purpose to bring them up is to get them to farm work.

Initially, no one was really cared about maintaining the breed purity. Some of the behavioral traits were evidenced helpful for handling cattle and hunting. They are agile, intelligent, watchful, alert and loyal which makes them helpful for farming work.

American Bulldog Breeders

The American Bulldogs Puppies are solid and muscular. They are known for their best jumping ability, some of them can even jump from six feet.

They are lovable and affectionate; these qualities make them a great companion and protective family dogs.

As they are muscular dogs so they need excessive exercises to stay fit and healthy.

Like every dog, they also require a good training in their puppyhood and they can prove themselves best once they get trained well.


Finding a good breeder

There are thousands of American bulldog breeders available in the USA who offers high-quality and healthy American bulldogs. though they have high exercise needs and require an experienced, active owner. You need to choose the best breeder in your town.

The most important thing to know while you are in the evaluation process of choosing right breeder is to check all medical fitness reports of the pup.

If a breeder is unable to provide you with such important details then do not choose that breeder. Go for another one.


For a reputable breeder, you might need to travel several miles from your town. American Bulldogs can be different in appearance as they are available in multiple types. Some of the famous types mentioned below

  • Classic or Bully type (also known as the Johnson type)
  • Scott type (also known as standard or Performance type)

These both types are based on two breeders John D. Johnson and Allen Scott who persuasive to develop them.

Health fitness

An American Bulldog breeding program is a pure dedication towards the health of our American Bulldog Puppies descents. The main purpose of this dedication is to continuously improve the health of our American Bulldogs and it needs to be continued from one generation to the next.

There is much extensive research conducting for adult American Bulldogs who usually be taken by the different breeding program.

In different breeding programs, different methodologies apply but the most common and near to mandatory methodology are to check the descendants’ health history.

While adopting a new pup it is important to know about the parent breed and related health issues. The giant muscles are attractive but these muscles should be evidenced throughout the body.

A good breeder can also show you the signs of muscles in the even early age of American Bulldog puppy.

If you are going to buy an American Bulldog puppy so checking out the muscles fitness is difficult but it needs to be checked properly that a puppy has done with all necessary vaccination and he has no family health issues related to mother or father. Further, proper attention and exercises can keep them healthy.


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