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American Pit Bull Terrier Dog Breed Information and Personality Traits

An original dog breed which is especially known for bait the bulls is called as the American pitbull terrier. This dog could be the best partner of yours, or you can make him your family member as well. In this dog breed, all the farm dogs are included, and after some dogs, all those dogs became house dogs for nannies.

The American pitbull terriers are people loving and they response gently, especially to the children. They are supportive, and sports-loving, you can make them happy by providing them a while chances for house games. This dog breed consults with courage and happiness; they love to be live with happiness and joy.

The game activities which the American pitbull terrier wants to do are; weight pulling and fetch. No one can beat their energy level, and they are highly eligible to be an obedient companion for their master all the time. The (APBT) or American pitbull terrier is a pure dog breed which is registered by the (UKC) united kennel club and (ADBA) American dog breeders association. The only club in which this dog breed is not recognized is (AKC) American kennel club.

American Pit Bull Terrier Dog Breed

History of American Pitbull Terrier:

The American pitbull terrier breed belongs to an interesting history. Both old English terrier dogs and old English bulldogs were bred to each other to create a dominant and dedicated dog.

In the next breed, viewers were excited to have all the mix characteristics of these two breeds in one dog.

The next generation (breed) which was born in two types, and later they were named as bull and terrier.

These two dog breeds were bred in British Iles, and then they bring in the united state. The arriving year of their breeds was late nineteen. This was the time when the bulls and terriers.

Both these breeds are basically parents of American pitbull terrier. In early times the bulls and terriers were famous for sporting activities, such as bear baiting and bull baiting.

Unfortunately, the sporting career of bulldog’s and terriers were eliminated when Britain announced the animal welfare laws.

What is the average size of an American Pitbull Terrier?

The American pitbull terrier is a smart, medium-sized, strong and short-haired dog, which belong to the British Isles.

By competing with the Staffordshire bull terrier, the American pitbull terrier is slightly higher by 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20)cm and same this in weigh, (25 to 35 pounds) 11 to 16 kg.

The breed (APBT) comes with multiple sizes, and there is a size change in female and male respectively. Like the male American pitbul terrier is about 18 to 21 inches (45 to 53cm) long and have about 35 to 60 pounds (15-27) kg is his weight.

While the female American pitbull terriers are having the 17 to 20 inches height and they could be 30 to 50 pounds (13 to 22) kg in weight.

What does an American pitbull terrier look like?

The breed American pit bull terrier is medium in size and robust in looks. This dog breed is short coated and who is having a managed muscle body structure. It has round and almond structured eyes, while the ears of American pitbull terrier could be small or big. The ticker and tapers type tail he has that looks like more furry than the coat.

The coat type of American pitbull terrier is amazing which is smooth, silky, short and glossy to touch. The (APBT) dogs comes with an attractive color combination, they come in various colors like; brown, tang, black, white, etc.

The color texture of this breed is furnished and tuxedo, which is why, the both (ADBA) ) American dog breeders association and (UKC) united kennel club do not accept this breed with any specific color.

What type of health issues does an American pitbull terrier have?

Same as other dog breeds the breed American pitbull terrier is facing various types of problems regarding health. In which they may have some serious while some common disease. The serious disease can be the cause of death, and common health problem of this breed could be solved by medically.

Common health issues:

Skin allergies, itchiness, skin tumors, skin cancer, démodé-tic problems, (PRA), throw up and night blindness is some common health problems of American pitbull terrier.

Severe health issues:

They contain elbow and hip dysplasia, eye disease, hypothyroidism, heart problems. Sometimes, American pitbull terriers have born deaf. Injury or accident may harm your pittie, so make sure you are taking right care of this breed.

  • Some essential tips for taking good care of American pitbull terrier:
  • Give your pet quality time during training.
  • Taking good care of health can make your dog healthy all the time. (Regular vaccination)
  • Feed your pittie on time, and give him a proper amount of food.
  • Always prepare kibble food at your home for your dog.
  • You can make insure your dog in an authorized way.
  • Always prefer the best vet for your dog do not carry your dog for any local breeder or vet.

American Pit Bull Terrier Dog Breed

Are American Pitbull Terriers good family dogs?

There is no doubt that dogs are most obedient pets. If you trained your dog in a good way, then he could be a good partner of yours. It is true that the American pitbull terrier is a dog and is a pure breed. Being an original dog, the pitbulls are most wanted pets all over the world. The breed American pitbull terrier is always ready to be a partner. As these dogs are short coated and muscular dogs that are why, people want to carry them. The breed American pitbull terrier is not good for another animal, but luckily they are good for a human. When a master trains this terrier with great tricks and logics, and then he will have a loyal, affectionate and an obedient pet dog ever. It the only reason, the (AKC) American kennel club did not recognize this breed as a pet, whether the (UKC) united kennel club registered the breed American pitbull terrier as a good pet dog.

For what the American pitbull terrier is famous?

The American pitbull, pitbull, (APBT), or pitte these all are the different names of the same dog breed. This dog breed is most famous for its short coat which signifies him as a goofball. The American pitbull terrier is not frank with all another animal; al it is why this dog is recommended for those owners who are eligible to carry only one pet. This short coated dog is a bit aggressive but always loyal to his master.

The breed American pitbull terrier belongs to a fighter background; it is why aggression is a part of his temperament. Despite a little bit aggressive dog people love the American pitbull terrier. Many dog owners love to have a pittie puppy and dog. The size and temperament take value always for a pet. By having an obedient, affectionate and sincere temperament, the American Pitbulls are most famous for.

What states have banned pit bulls?

By having all the legal authorities and rights, the name pitbull is claimed as a true breed. This claiming session is only done by some conservative breeders, whether the American pitbull terrier is an original and dominated dog breed.

In about world’s twelve different countries the breed American pitbull terrier is analogized by some breed specifications and legislations. In which many pitbulls are facing the restrictions including and the American pitbull terrier. In a state of Australia (new south wales) there are many restrictions on this breed such as mandatory sterilization.

Despite the breed, American pitbull terrier is an original and excellent dog breed, in United Kingdom (UK), Ontario (province of Canada), and some specific areas of united states of America (USA) this breed is not allowed to carry as a pet.

How much exercise does a pitbull need per day?

The American pitbull terrier dog breed is a happy, healthy dog breed that always requires many types of physical activities. As they belong to a sporting dog breed, it is why they are recommended for energetic pet owners. The American pitbull terrier dog is eligible to do any type of exercise or playing activity.

They are born with a strong and muscular body. An American pitbull terrier loves to do something ethylic for his master all the time. So being a master of this dog breed make yourself ready for providing him different types of physical activities.

For offering various types of physical activities to your American pitbull terrier, you have to set you daily routine first. Dogs are fully willing to learn anything new on a specific daily routine. Here we are going to share some main causes for that an American pitbull terrier requires more games or physical activities.

  • When chewing another object than his favorite toys.
  • High vocalization.
  • Hyper activeness.
  • Misbehavior of your dog.
  • I am doing bathroom accidents anytime and in any place.
  • Anxiety or depression

Some healthful physical activities for an American Pit Bull terrier:

American pitbull terrier does not require any hard and fast training schedule, but he needs proper timing for learning new activities. You can make your pet American pitbull happy with just a thirty minutes simple jog. The simple walk will surely make your dog adventures and excited. Daily physical exercises are good for the dog’s mentality and yes! That exercise can increase the lifespan and health span of your dog. Now we have some recommended physical activities for the breed American pitbull terrier.

  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Canine Good Citizen/Obedience Training
  • Weight Pull
  • Agility

Useful tips for physical activities:

Do not force your little puppy dog for chasing you fast, or do not make carry for a long and fast walk. If you do these thrives, then your puppy may have some bone problem at an early age that can be last for life long.

Normally a pitbull American terrier puppy dog can walk for a mile at the age of six months. At initial training pay attention to his other physical activities, with time to time, your puppy will cover that time distance in a walk.

Do not jump on your cycle with your pitbull puppy that leash at your side. Physical activities will take more time in the starting, but slowly you will definitely be successful for the train you petite dog.

May your pitbull American terrier have some little injuries during physical activities, for that situation gives him first aid and latter let him take to your vet, Avoid walk/run with a collar that moves on high speed, the high-speed collar can make injured your dog several times.

Try to use gentle leaders who can stick on regular healer and collars for a smooth walk.

American Pit Bull Terrier Dog Breed


Why are pit bulls so vicious?

Mainly all the dog breeds are divided into many groups by their physical activities, energy level, and their temperament. According to this division, the American pitbull or pitbull dogs tended to fight with other dogs at initial times. Despite their fighting ability, we cannot say that these dogs are not for being a good companion of his master, rather this dog breed is fully capable of being a good friend of yours.

Pitties are known as decent pet dogs which are used to bait bulls and other dogs. They always need quality time from their owner, as an owner, if you are giving your pitbull a good quality time then, he will surely prove his self an obedient pet.

Do pit bulls suddenly snap?

All the pitbull dogs, including American pitbull terriers, are known as their aggression. Even this medium size dog breed looks robust and rowdy. Never chase this dog, or avoid a fight with them without any reason. They never snap suddenly on anyone, but they bite more than other dog breeds. All the pit bulls are born with aggression, and their ancestors give their aggressive temperament. They can attack in any  unusual situation.


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