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Can Dogs Eat Banana Peels? Pros and Cons Discussed

Dogs Eat Banana

Pets are like our family, and we take care of them like we take care of our blood relations. Now a big question usually raise that, what should we feed our pets, and which type of food is prohibited for them, what will be the consequences if your dog eats different types of food, and which food items are good for their health, and so on.

Now, one the latest question is: can dog eat banana peels? You will get your answer. Just sit down, and read the article attentively.

Can dogs eat banana peels?

Bananas are mostly loved by both humans and animals, and why they should not be? They are, indeed one of the richest sources of multiple vitamins and other minerals. Such as: vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and manganese, and some important electrolytes. These minerals not only help in growth but also contribute to making a good and healthy life.

But when it comes to banana peels human usually don’t like to eat them, nor are they good for the health of dogs. The problem with banana peels is that they (banana peels) contain a very high amount of fiber which is hard for dogs to digest.

Although, banana peels aren’t toxic in nature, and fiber in banana peel is good of health, but it requires a vast amount of exercise, or any other physical activity, which our dogs mostly don’t have. Pet’s dogs, or baby dogs; who mostly remain at home, usually have a very soft digestive system and cannot digest so many things, because of their lack of physical activity.

As compared to a trained, or strong dogs which usually found in forces, or used for stuff like hunting, or protecting. Their diet and the metabolic system is totally different from a normal breed of dogs, these are soft in nature, and easily affected by little things, but when it comes to hunting or strong breed of dogs, they can easily digest whatever you give them to eat.

What to do, if a dog eats the banana peel.

Relax banana peels aren’t toxic in nature. There is nothing to worry about if your dog eats banana peels. Dogs do have this habit of eating whatever comes in front of them. So if your dog eats banana peel occasionally, there is nothing to worry about it.

They might be vomiting for few hours, or it might cause diarrhea, but they will be fine in a few hours. In the worst possible case, your dog might not go to the washroom, but there isn’t any danger related to it. you can contact any veterinarian, and your dog will be fine in the next few hours.

How to feed my dog with banana peels.

If your dog loves to eat banana peels, there is no harm in feeding banana peels, but before that make sure you properly mash and chop banana peel in pieces, and mix them with some amount of peanut butter, and other stuff that can accelerate its digestive rate.

There is a myth that banana peels don’t contain a high amount of vitamins and minerals, and all these ingredients mostly found in bananas, not in banana peels. Banana peels are high in fiber which is no doubt an important nutrient, but on contemporary, very hard to digest.


Positive and negative effects of banana peel


Everything comes up with its benefits and losses, same is the case with feeding your dog with banana peels because it’s a strong source of nutrition and contain some, highly effective minerals and vitamins.

As a good source of fiber and nutrients, you would love to feed your good with banana peels, and most of the dog loves its taste is well, but when something is not edible for human beings, how can an animal eat, or digest that thing?

Fibers usually require, when a person is doing some heavy work or using a high amount of calories. Because the digestive rate of fibers is slow, as is the case with animals, your dog thou love to eat banana peels but do he have that ability to digest it? The answer is NO.

Dogs possess a soft digestive system, and it’s quite harder for them to digest banana peels,

But if your dog really wants to eat some, all you need to do is to mash, and chop them, and mix them with some other healthy stuff.

On the other hand, if dog eats banana peel in natural form, it will block its intestine, and your dog can go through a few hours of pain and vomiting.

Importance of banana peels in dog’s diet.

As we know the skin of the banana is full of nutrients. According to a famous scientist, banana peels do contain some amount of vitamin B12, vitamin C, phosphorous, and manganese. All these minerals and vitamins are necessary for the growth of dogs and help them maintain a strong and healthy body.

After vitamins and minerals, next important thing is fibers, although fibers are hard to digest and can cause your dog some issues, if your dog can eat banana peels carefully, it can become a tool of health for dogs.

Safety Measures.

In every aspect of life, safety measures are as important as any other thing is. Same is the case, while you select food for your dog, as mention earlier, these pets are like our family and we love them a lot, so before taking and any step, it is important to reconsider it twice.

And in case of food, it is important to concern with a nutritionist, it’s you, who choose what your dog should eat and what should not, and there are so many foods that a human can eat, but they are not meant for animal feeding.

So it’s better for both, you and your dog to first take some safety measured and then let your dog eat. And in this modern era, every information is just one click away from our fingertips so why risking anyone’s precious life, just because of lack of information.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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