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What Are The Benefits Of Laser Therapy For Dogs?

Laser therapy is a non-surgical treatment that uses infrared light with specific wavelengths to stimulate the body’s natural capacity for healing. Laser energy’s benefits include reduced pain, improved circulation, speeding up healing time, and decreased swelling.

Laser therapy is usually used for musculoskeletal injuries like Arthritis in older dogs. However, the advantages of laser therapy have been indicated for a range of conditions. The laser is run over the skin directly; it allows the light photon to penetrate the tissue. These light photons come into contact with body cells and start biochemical reactions.

Benefits Of Laser Therapy For Dogs

A series of conditions are treated by therapeutic grade lasers, for example, intervertebral disc disease, osteoarthritis, and cellulitis. 

  • Anti-inflammation. By opening blood vessels, laser treatment can help to decrease the pain by reducing the inflammation by turning on the lymphatic drainage system and decreasing the swelling
  • Therapeutic lasers help to lessen the pain and shorten the healing time for infected tissues in a dog’s body. 
  • Help to improve the tissue healing of gums, skin, tendons, and muscle tissues
  • Laser therapy is also used to address acute and chronic ear infections
  • Laser treatment can help to treat Arthritis or hip dysplasia
  • Help to treat fractures 
  • Dental procedures

Several conditions can be treated with laser therapy at your vet or with a cold laser therapy device for dogs. These conditions include:

  • Traumatic wound healing
  • Surgical wound healing 
  • Decreasing the formation of scar tissues
  • Releasing of painful trigger points, stimulating muscles trigger points
  • Promote the recovery of infection
  • Improvement in the metabolism of particular tissues
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Vasodilation       

With limited available medical treatment, laser therapy is beneficial for:

  • Older pets with reduced organ function

An older dog with reduced organ function

How Laser Therapy Helps In Improving A Dog’s Condition?

  • Laser therapy has a highly significant positive impact on nerve cells, preventing the pain signals from being transmitted from these cells to the brain and lessening the sensitivity of nerves. There is less pain and edema because of reduced inflammation.
  • Pain-blocking chemicals are produced, such as enkephalins and endorphins, by the adrenal gland and brain.
  • The laser penetrates deeply into the body, repairs tissues, and creates cellular reproduction and cell growth due to photons of light energy increases in the cell help to take nutrients quickly and throw out waste products.
  • Laser light can improve vascular activity by enhancing the formation of new capillaries in damaged tissues that close wounds, reducing scar tissues, and increasing the healing process.
  • Laser therapy is an increase in outputs of some particular enzymes, food particles for blood cells, and higher oxygen levels.
  •  Immunoregulation laser light directly shows the impact on immunity levels by stimulating lymphocytes and immunoglobins.
  • Fibroblasts are stimulated by faster “Wound-Healing” laser light and are building blocks of collagen. Collagen is a necessary protein to repair the infected tissues. Thus laser therapy has a significant impact on open wounds and burning areas.

Is laser therapy for dogs a painful or uncomfortable process?

The primary benefit of this therapy is that it is a very comfortable and painless procedure as the dog feels soothing, tingling, and has no burning sensations. Anxiety or any tension that your dog has experienced tends to vanish rapidly.

How is laser therapy beneficial for recovery from injury or surgery?

In slight problems, laser therapy is the most important for better healing from injury or after surgery because it directly works on the affected portion. It helps to strengthen muscles and improve mobility.

This dog has used Laser therapy and has healed faster

Use of Laser therapy with other treatments

Therapeutic therapy can be combined with hydrotherapy, chiropractic care, medication, and supplements. It can help the dog in pain with kidney, heart, and liver disorders. These conditions inhibit the dog from getting traditional treatments such as prescription medications for a pet. 


There are many treatments to overcome the various diseases in dogs. But in the case of laser therapy, you apply laser lights over the infected portion without having to cut the skin. In case of surgery, your pet may experience a lot of pain, but laser therapy can provide pain reduction without manipulation.

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