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Everything You Should Know Before Buying a Pug

A dog is a big commitment in your life, and you should do in-depth research and take into consideration all that goes into being a pet owner before getting one. A puppy can be a great addition to your family, bring joy to you, and your kids, however, you should think about whether you’re at the stage of your life where you’re ready to commit to taking care of a dog.


Our article will concentrate on everything you need to know before buying a pug, as specific dog breeds require different variables to consider due to their unique genetics.


If you have been contemplating on getting a pug for some time already, and think now’s the perfect time to get a four-legged friend for your household, make sure to find reliable, and safe pug puppies for sale. Locating a certified dog breeder is crucial, as some dog sellers may try to offer you a lower price for your Pug; however, this may compromise on the health of your dog.

Everything You Should Know Before Buying a Pug

Here are five other important things you should know before you get a pug:

They Require Constant Attention

Yes, it’s true when they say pugs require constant attention. Those four-legged buddies require time and attention to be happy and need human companionship to prosper fully. Pugs are not the types of dogs that will take “care” of themselves, but instead, they want to be around a human being at all times possible. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t leave to work for a few hours, but when you come back, be prepared to devote some well-deserved time to your pug.


They Require Frequent Walks

Pugs are not the types of dog that would just lay around all day until someone comes back from work to pet them. These dogs need to be taken out for a walk every few hours, as they have small bladders, and cannot hold a lot of liquid in them at once. If you think you may have a problem with walking your pug out throughout the day, maybe look for a different breed that can be much more ‘independent’ while alone.


They Are Prone to Health Problems

Unfortunately, pugs may be much more prone to health problems then you’d think. They’re not necessarily considered one of the most health problematic breeds; however, they are some things you should know before making the final decision.


Their health problems are generally not somewhat dangerous and can include food allergies, scratches, or more serious ones, such as breathing problems.

However, if you’re concerned about your pug’s potential health problems, don’t be demotivated from getting one just because of that. Nearly all dogs are prone to specific health problems associated with their unique genetics, so it’s essential to check what health problems they may suffer from specifically, rather than if they suffer from them in general.


It’s also crucial to know that pugs may suffer from heart problems, more than other dog breeds. This means pugs are susceptible to heart stress and heart disease, and you should ensure always to minimize any stress your four-legged puppy may be feeling, as well as protecting them from overheating. In the summer warmth, you should ensure your pug isn’t exposed to the sun’s heat for a prolonged period, and ensure they have water available around the clock.


Always make sure to buy from a trusted, certified breeder, and check that they have all the necessary licences to operate. This will help you ensure that your pug won’t develop any undisclosed diseases or health implications in the future, that may be caused as a result of interbreeding.


They Shed

It may look at first sight that a pug isn’t necessarily a hairy animal, but they shed hair 357 days a year, so if you’re not ready to see hairs laying all over your home, then a pug may not be for you. Some pugs even have double coats of hair, making them shed even more throughout the year, but don’t worry; it’s normal and natural.


They Require Constant Maintenance

Pugs require to be groomed regularly, which requires being bathed, brushed and combed. There isn’t anything friendlier than a clean puppy around your home; however, you should ensure that your pug is adequately cleaned so that they don’t get any bacteria living on them, or any infections that may be caused by improper mouth hygiene.


Before buying a pug, you should be willing to invest money into a proper groomer to take care of your dog or get all the necessary equipment, and do it yourself. It is great to have some of the grooming supplies around your home, as you can give your pug a relaxing spa day.



Owning a pug is a big responsibility for many years to come, so before you decide to make the final decision and get one, you should ensure that you’ll be able to provide your furry friend with all they may require. Especially with pugs, you should make sure that you have enough time on your hands to fully dedicate yourself to taking care of them and providing them with a decent diet.


Ultimately, pugs are wonderful four-legged companions. Many people swear by this breed, and it sure has many fans online. However, remember there’s more to a dog than just a cute little face. Before you decide to get a pug, make sure you thoroughly understand what it means to be a pug owner.


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