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The American Eskimo Dog: Everything You Need to Know

The breed American Eskimo dog is such an adorable and beautiful dog breed. It relates to spits family and the origin of this breed is Germany.

Before the First World War the American Eskimo dog was known as German Spitz. Latter the German Spitz dog was change into another identity the Americn Eskimo, due to anti-German sentiment.

However the American Eskimo dogs are being selling as German Spitz in some countries. Their identity is fully based on their height, it diverged its self into a new height that totally different from the older.

The American Eskimo dogs are tend as watch dog. They could be best companion of their master. In 1930 and 1040 the American Eskimo dogs achieved their popularity as a cruise dancer in United States of America (USA).

We have about three different sizes of American Eskimo’s such as; the toy Eskimo, the miniature Eskimo, and the standard sized Eskimo. This dog breed reassembles Japanese Spitz, valpino italino, Samoyed, Danish Spitz, and German Spitz.

History of American Eskimo dog breed:

The breed American Eskimo is a member of Spitz family and mainly is included in Nordic dogs. The reason of their Nordic identity is cute different faces, loin-type coat, curved tail to the back, and small floppy like ears.

We have multiple varieties in sizes and shapes in Nordic dog breeds, from small to bigger such as Pomeranian and Samoyed. The true origin of American Eskimo dog breed is unknown still. The recent origin of Eskimo is United States of America; it is why the Eskimo dog named as American Eskimo dog.

The American Eskimos were raised in German immigrant communities. In immigrant communities Eskimos were trained for circus performances, and regarding circus these dogs were brought in America (USA).

They always make laughter and happy to their audiences. Their attraction point is their white roughly coat. Despite this breed is a non-sporting but it is fully eligible to learn quickly. From early times to till today its intelligence is admirable all the time.

By having amazing circus tricks people started to by puppy Eskimos form the circus owners. People were ready to by an adult trained Eskimo dog on any price.

Latter the Eskimos were being most spectacular pets in that time. In the year 1972 the American Spitz dogs were became American Eskimo dogs. The main cause of this revolutionary change was to pay homage to the local Eskimo people. Those Eskimo people created bigger Nordic dogs related by esskie.

In 1985 the American Eskimo dog club was found, while they got their new registration as Eskimo dog in American kennel club (AKC) in 1995. The (AKC) American kennel club recognized this breed in non-sporting group of dogs.

The American Eskimo Dog


Some positive facts about this breed (the American Eskimo dog):

The Eskimo dogs are recommended as trainable pet dogs. You can train them highly in a short period.

The Eskimos are having an attachable temperament for the children, so if you have children at your home then you can carry this dog easily.

Thus this dog breed is a non-sporting breed; it is why it can live in congested residential areas (small apartments or small homes).

By the beauty the Eskimo is one the most top rated beautiful dog breed. it has won many pet beauty contests.

What does an American Eskimo dog look like?

Undoubtedly an American Eskimo dog breed is an attractive and admirable dog breed. American Eskimo dog is known as Eskie also by its nick name. Simply the American Eskimo dog is jumbo package in a small body, he never feel shy and not seems aggressive. As it belongs to Spitz dog group that is why, we can call this breed as Nordic dog breed.

We have three different sizes in this breed, the toy, the miniature and standard size. He ma extreme tall as 19 nineteen inches to shoulder whether 9 nine inches to chest. Eskie dog have white fluffy coat around the chest, shoulders.

It always shows cute expressions with a stylish walk. It has a smiley cute face, with shiny black nose. Lips, ears and eyes are dense with lashes. His face is always ready to convey his message. The tail of Eskimo is plumped type that curved to its back. Sometimes American Eskimo have biscuit creamy marking on their coat that seems lovely.

What are unusual health conditions of American Eskimo dogs?

American Eskimo dogs are most beautiful and adorable dogs. These dogs are also facing similar health issues of other dog breeds. In which they may have; hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and other canine diseases, sometimes blood clotting and blood cancer.

Eskimos are considered as diabetic dogs also. All these health problems could be from birth or might be accidental. You can identify and control these health problems of this breed by the help of your vet. To examine your pet’s health try to do medical tests of your dog.

Are American Eskimos are trainable dogs?

These pets are born to be social with other animals and all humans. It is why many people in America prefer Eskimos than another dog breeds. They can misbehave when they feel some negligence or ignorance. This dog could be a family member of yours.

This dog breed is listed in some highly trainable dog breeds. this breed is not frank with strangers so try to make them away from your any unknown persons.

Due to their clever mind and inelegancy a fresh trainer can train the Eskimo easily. This breed is an active dog breed that takes part in all physical actives of yours; you can make your Eskimo happy by rewarding some things.

Mostly dog breeds are not easy to train but truly the American Eskimo dogs are highly trainable as per on few strategies. Surely the American Eskimo dogs are small dogs which have bigger attitudes.

Is American Eskimo sheds a lot?

The American Eskimo dogs are happiest dogs, which has high sprit. The body structure of Eskimo dog is unique while the temperament of this breed is gentle. It comes is many colors, sometimes they may have some spots on chest and shoulders.

The American Eskimo dog have a furry and fluffy coat that resembles to the loin coat. Due to long hairs the Eskimo dogs sheds a lot. When you have an American Eskimo dogs then you will surely have its hairs everywhere in your home.

What is an average lifespan of American Eskimo dog?

The American Eskimos are energetic and medium sized dogs. They comes in three different sizes; the puppy/toy, the miniature and the standard. According to their sizes Eskimos does many things including physical exercises, feeding, and training.

Thus, the life span of Eskimos is fully depending on its feeding, medical care, health care, house training and physical exercises. The average life span of American Eskimos is round about ten 10 to twelve 12 years. If you feed your Eskimo properly and give him complete care then he may have some more months of his average life time, whether he can die early if you are not providing him good care as a pet.

How to groom an American Eskimo dog?

The breed American Eskimo is especially known for their fluffy and fuzzy coat. The coat type of this breed is thick and long. It comes in two colors mostly milky white and creamy white. Always American Eskimo pets love to have grooming adventure. As they have a thick and long coat so they needs weekly or semi monthly grooming. Their grooming should be included in your routine.

They may have tangles or mats in their coat so you can groom their coat as per on as their need also, because mats and tangles could be under control and may your Eskimo face high eager. It is a saying about dogs that a healthy coat resembles the health of a dog. Wash your Eskie once in a month anyhow and brush his coat once in a week. This monthly and weekly grooming is essential to maintain Eskimo’s coat. Remember the Eskimos love to groom always, and surely your pet will feel joy during his grooming also. Here we are sharing some essential tips and for grooming Eskimo breed, so take a look below;

Tip1: use pin brush against of his growth hairs, because using pin brush opposite his hairs can sophisticate his coat quickly. Also it can remove mats and tangles before bath.

Tip2: Eskies dogs have high dense coat which is made of rigid and wiry upper coat. Try to water spray his coat before brushing. Start brushing from back, then thighs, then shoulders and over to head.

Tip3: Use slicker brush on the sensitive parts of his body like; tail, behind ears, face and abdomen. You may have knots and mats on these parts respectively.

Tip4: For bath you Eskimo use water nozzle that can wet your Eskimo fully. As they have fuzzy skin so there water can be resist. Now it is time to apply shampoo. Do not apply shampoo on his eyes, ears and on nose. After shampoo rinse it with warm water.

Tip5: You can use conditioner after shampoo. Usage of conditioner can make your dog’s coat fluffy and silky. After conditioner wipe your friend with dry and clean towel. After wiping your dog’s coat you can use hair dryer and brush easily.

Tip6:Always use those grooming products that are especially designed for dogs, such as grooming machine, brushes, shampoo, soap liquid and etc. trimming Eskimo’s paws can make him easy to walk and run. This American Eskimo dog breed is allowed by the breeders to trim paws, ears and tail.

Tip7: Nail cutting is most important part of dog’s grooming. Dogs will never considered as clean if they have bigger nails. So try to cut your Eskimo’s nail occasionally o as per on their need.

Tip8: Brushing teeth once in a week in a week is must for dogs. Try to use slide brush to clean your pet’s teeth. Brush gently on his gums and teeth. Always buy and use dog designed toothpastes that take place up to on dog’s taste.


How can I take care of my American Eskimo dog?

The American Eskimo dog breed love to live in cool areas, or in cool weather, thus these dogs are tend to spend time at indoor places (especially with humans). Eskimos is one the good companion dogs, as it belongs to a non-sorting dog group so you can spend time with you Eskimo at your home individually.

They need regular grooming anyhow. If you will take their grooming duty lightly, then they will surely have mats, knots and tangles in their double coat. The Eskies are shedding a lot so, do not make yourself by having his hair everywhere, try to make his regular grooming as he do not shed a lot. This dog breed is most wanted due to its cuteness and beauty. Regarding physical exercise of this breed I must say! You can make him healthy by providing a small amount of vigorous exercises.

Always remain that the exercise level of eskies is totally depend upon the size, age, health and weight of his. If you try to insist your Eskimo pup to do heavy exercises then he can never do that all, same as less amount of physical exercises is not enough for an Eskimo adult dog.


The American Eskimo dog breed is famous by its especial coat and smiley face. The American Eskimo dog breed was Eskimo Spitz that was latter change in American Eskimo.  It belongs to a non-sporting dog group but undoubtedly this breed is energetic. You can train an American Eskimo dog easily because this breed is highly energetic. As the Eskimo is hairy so it needs regular grooming and trimming. The lifespan of Eskimo is about 10 ten to 12 twelve averagely. It could be a best friend of yours if you want to spend more time at your home rather than outside.

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