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Do Dogs Go To Heaven?Where Do Dogs Go When They Die?


It’s been considered that a heaven is a holy place where every person wants to go, but most people ask that do dogs go to heaven?

It was discussed around the world is there any place for animals in paradise? 45% people said YES, 34% said NO.

If you are willing to know more how it is possible then you have to go through these all paragraphs. Before going to further must be aware of heaven?


Perhaps you may have gone through such kinds of debts, is it true such kind of place exists, whatever in the universe is all created by almighty God, and in our religion, there is a concept of heaven and hell, good ones would be sent to heaven and evil one to hell. Heaven is the place where your soul can enter with your good deeds.

People always say that heaven is only for humans not for animals, it’s because there is no any religion has expressed that type of commitments not properly that heaven is made for humans. According to some religious belief that animals are innocent they don’t have the knowledge of good and bad, it has been said that heaven is made for those who have good deeds.


Every pet lover wants to live close as much as makes them possible to be. After the death of your dog/pet or your won, you are willing to live with your pet in heaven if such questions are in your mind or you are thinking that your dog/pet will be with or not? So don’t worry if your intention of living with your dog/pet, by the grace of Almighty God you will be close to your dog/pet.


Do Dogs Go To Heaven?Where Do Dogs Go When They Die?


You may don’t know paradise is often named as “HIGHER PLACE” it’s because someone who enters in heaven is also tagged with a holy person, that’s the reason heaven is named as “HIGHER PLACE” and that’s the people always say that a paradise is a holy place.

According to the discussion of people dogs have remained good with people they are loyal and are filled with good deeds, there are possibilities for dogs to step in heaven, these are all secrets of God we are innocent to these, but sooner or later we will be acknowledged with secrets of Almighty God.


One day death is for sure. Everyone has to die this will happen with all of us no one is mortal, including animals/pets. But what happens when we die or where we go? Nobody knows! But according to holy books, it is said that after death we are sent to heaven/hell it’s up to our deeds.

But dogs have no such kinds of the sensitivity of examining what is good and what is bad? This would be possible if a dog/pet is behaving well with an owner or the dogs/pet keeper has a deep love with dogs for that your dog/pet would be close to you in heaven.

Because we all know that God is great and isn’t cruel, God is like a father and we all know that a father has no bad wills for their children, and fathers are god gifted they make too much effort to bring things whatever their children have needed or whom we love a lot

,If we love our pets/dogs and if we are willing to live with our pets/dogs in heaven God will provide our pets/dogs, and it’s for sure if you are entered in heaven your pet will be with you.


After the Adam and eve other living organisms were created.

These given paragraphs will give you idea about soul, how soul was given to living organism?

When the world was subjected to create God decided to make it more effective, almighty God created the “ADAM” and “EVE”. Adam was made of clay and the clay was brought from heaven, our Grandfather was brought into the life by Almighty God. Before that Adam was just clay, god put the soul inside the clay and Adam was given life.

EVE was made from ADAM from the right side of Adam; eve is the mother of whole mankind, and God put Adam and eve into the heaven and was said to eat every fruit of heaven, except one (GOOD and EVIL).

As soon as time passed, their watch out remained away for few years, but suddenly devil forced the EVE to eat the fruit which was restricted for ADAM and EVE but somehow devil make at God is Omnipresent, this movement of disobeying bring them into the world.

SOUL: her to eat, devil played with the psyche of eve, if you eat that you will become God eve denied for awhile but at last, she took a bite of fruit and she also offered Adam to eat.

After that Adam and Eve realized that we had a sin they felt very ashamed of denying the command of God. For that they started to hide from God, we know the every living organism was brought into the life of soul without soul you can call it nonliving organism, soul is actually our emotional or psychological energy it reflects in our work in our performance which is we are performing in the world, so main conclusion of paragraph is whether it is human or inhuman they are all based on soul So “DOGS HAVE ALSO SOUL”.

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