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Ultimate Smart and Active Border Collie Husky Mix – Is it Right For You?

What is Border collie husky mix?

The Border collie husky mix is the hybrid come into being when the Siberian husky and Border collie bred together. This mix breed has inherited traits of its parents and popular as a loving, friendly, loyal, enthusiastic, and energetic dog.

The crossbreed has two most popular breed in the world known for their loyalty, friendly nature, active mind and high energy levels.They are eager to learn pets or animals as well as interested in engaging with lots of activities and fun.

This hybrid is intelligent, loyal and amusing all its factors make it the best family pet. However, their good behavior and social attitude require proper training at a younger age otherwise they can be unsocial and pose laid-back attitude.

History of the Border collie husky mix

This is the mixed breed you will probably find in local smacker as a result of accidental breeding. However, these certainly bred on purpose nowadays. As their parent’s breeds, there is not well-defined history.

Ultimate Smart and Active Border Collie Husky Mix

Also, they do not carry similar backgrounds like a pedigree dog which ages back hundreds to thousands of years possibly. You need to be aware of new breeders when you are searching for designer dogs. With this advice let us dig out some brief history of both breed’s parents to get a better idea about the Border collie husky mix.

Siberian husky is originated in Siberia Russia; these are working dog breed with medium size or appearance. This breed fits in Spitz genetic family, they are also known as escape artists they are capable to dig out strongest fence for themselves.

Even though the Border collie was bred to control and gather sheep around hilly border mostly in between England and Scotland. They are known for their intense eyes to control the flock. It is a premier herding dog, this breed has unlimited stamina, energy, and abilities. These were bred to run average of 15 to 20 miles a day also bred to survive the harsh climate.

What should you expect to Border collie husky mix?

the border collie husky mix is the hybrid that is not just loving, and loyal but it will stick by their owners no matter what comes around. You may any of the owner of this hybrid all will surely tell this same thing. This dog breed is calm, sweet, and loyal family dogs.

They also have guarding nature and they are best with children as they think them as their mates. Almost all of the dogs are social and behave pretty well with other pets once they learn socialization.

These are intelligent and active dogs, they exhibit characteristics of both parent breeds sometimes equally or sometimes less. As both breed parents being highly energetic so this crossbreed has contained boundless energy to perform activities and run all day long specifically after other pets or animals.

This dog is friendly and the carried willingness to learn. As they are highly active and energetic so they love to engage themselves in activities as well as any exciting work. They are a beautiful dog with incredible facial features. Their face exhibits the highlights two genuinely beautiful parents.

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The weight of Border collie husky mix reflects the muscular genes of the husky although the female dog is a bit lighter in weight than the male dog.

You must have an idea that these both breeds have several traits in common. You will surprise to have a border collie husky mix as their best combination; all the characteristics make a stand out hybrid in the world.

In this article, we have presented appearance, temperament, behavior and health problems of this outstanding hybrid.

Characteristics of Border collie husky mix

Physical features

The female dog is weighing between 30 to 40 pounds while the males generally weigh in the average of 40 to 45 pounds. As this breed dog is beautiful and carried a rich and silky coat. These might come in a variety of shades and colors like black, gray and brown. Like the parent breeds, they tend to have beautiful blue eyes.

Ultimate Smart and Active Border Collie Husky Mix

They are short and average medium sized dog that carry height of around 20 inches at the shoulder while the size may vary depending on genes.

Temperament and nature

As with all the plus factors of their nature and personality (mentioned above), they will be devoted to their family and great as a companion. This dog breed likes to go very long distances all day long. The border was bred to herd and husky to pull things. As they are high energy dogs so they are not for low energy people.

They need a high amount of daily exercise and mind games to consume their energy well. Long walks and hikes are going to be best for them every day. You need to socialize your dog from a young age and train them interaction with other pets. They tend to chase fast and small things or animals and prey drive is also their feature.

Health Problems

To develop genetic health problems is the natural thing with all potential dogs. However getting a puppy can be the positive thing in this manner and you can ignore health issues as much as possible. The Border collie husky mix can be prone to suffer from diseases like intervertebral disc disorder, chronic myelopathy,and osteoarthritis.

Care (Maintenance and Caution)

As their intelligence makes training quite easy, but husky has a bit stubborn nature also, therefore, you should offer some reward treat to train this dog easily. Proper bathing is highly needed but does not for too much bath, it can dry their skin. As they escape dog so be careful when you left them in the yard, ensure the fence is buried a couple of feet in the ground and it is secure also.

They are not good dogs for apartment living, house with a yard is essential for these dogs.

Shedding: with a rich and heavy coat they shed, and it is also the factor which needs maintenance and care. You should brush the coat at least once a day can help you much and prevent from excessive shedding also. The husky as a parent; this dog breed can easily be impassioned and causing shedding.


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