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Chiweenie Puppy-Characteristics,Lifespan & Temperament

Chiweenie dog breed is not an original dog breed. This dog breed is created by mixing two different genes of dogs Chihuahua and dachshund dog breeds. This dog breed is known globally, and this one is the most popular dog breed as a smaller pet. By looks, Chiweenie dog comes with dark colors.

This dog breed is identified by its dark color with floppy and long ears. Its parent breed dachshund has long ears that are why Chiweenie got this genetic inheriting symbol. They gravitate to be the pleasure and gentle dogs ever. Somehow at a young age, Chiweenie breed needs too much love and care from the owner.

Chiweenie Puppy Characteristics:

  •  Chiweenie dog breed is a small-sized breed. This dog breed is not an original one, but this one develops by melting two different dog breeds. Chiweenie has a small stature, with a long body. With the long and floppy type ears of Chiweenie, we can easily recognize this dog breed.
  • The unusual fact and characteristics of this dog breed are that it comes with the long floppy ears like dachshund (parent breed), and it may have short ears same as Chihuahua (parent breed).
  • Chiweenie dogs are incredible and adorable. This dog breed has a variety of shocking colors, such as blond, black, light brown, dark brown, white and tan. Most dogs have long and rough type coats, but Chiweenie dogs have short or medium coats. The texture of the coats could be silky or glossy.
  • If we explain the personality and temperament of this dog breed then, we must say the temperament and activity level of this dog breed is low to conservative.
  • Chiweenie bread is a considerable dog breed because a Chiweenie loves his partner. They love to spend their time with their families (where they are living). This dog breed makes amazing lap dogs also.

Chiweenie Puppy

What type of temperament a Chiweenie dog have?

If someone is looking for a cute and small-sized lap dog, then a Chiweenie lap dog will perfect four your need. What do you think and feel about this dog?

Absolutely this one is a frank and an obedient pet ever. This dog has a positive behavior toward the people and children. Be aggressive is a common fact for all smaller dog breeds, that is why a Chiweenie dog is also full of aggression. If you give them less value or when you will try to ignore this dog, then he will surely show aggression all the time. Chiweenie dogs are unexceptional and not safe dogs.

Are Chiweenies dangerous for people:

We cannot say them as a dangerous dog. Undoubtedly these dogs are intelligent and smart; if you train them in the right way, then this dog will give you a response very soon. The main issue of this dog is individual care and attention.

Chiweenie dog breed is a complete and lap dog breed. This dog breed can spend a larger part of his day snoozing away next to their partners.It needs to huddle up with their partners at night also.

Mostly this huddling wish is very hard for the owners (especially in winters). Their huddling needs shows us that, this dog breed is not a dangerous one, but is totally frankly and safe for the children also.

What type of nature a Chiweenie dog has?

This dog breed needs full attention and free atmosphere to live. It will be not wrong if we say that puppy Chiweenie dog is joyful and active. Chiweenie puppy loves to spend their puppy-hood with full of attention and care. An owner should have to care more and more at the young age of his chiweenie dog. They need to play with their owners all the time, which makes them happy and fresh.

Are Chiweenies easy To train?

Absolutely yes!

A Chiweenie dog is an ideal dog pet for those who live alone because this dog breed wants individuality.

So our recommendation for a Chiweenie lover is that, if you want to carry this dog breed then you must have to a single or small family.

For the training, this dog breed is graced with a loud and high-pitched parking power. Through his barking ability, we can train a Chiweenie in a particular time period. Mostly Chiweenies are good to train at their young age.

These dogs are bright and glossy dogs naturally. Being an adult Chiweenie these are quite self-conscious and annoying, that it why this dog breed is not easy to train as adults. Make training a Chiweenie at his adult age is a hard task but not impossible.

Is a Chiweenie dog is similar to his parent breeds by habits?

Chihuahua and dachshund both of his parent breeds are born to be diggers, and that is why a puppy Chiweenie will try to dig up all places you own. His paws are quite delicate more than other dogs (such as his parents). So it will be not the right cause for the morning alarm.

Chiweenie Puppy

Things we should have to consider for Chiweenies:

  • Chiweenie dog can be determined. It needs a lot of care, attention, and training, especially when they are too young. So we have to give him time and full concentration all the time.
  • This dog breed is a well-known breed for his determination and alternation. So, be gentle and calm during its training. This behavior of yours could be good for your pet.
  • Chiweenies are most famous for their quite nature; they are very and quiet and bark not too much since they can bark a lot when they have something strange and panic. So, make them feel and never give them different tasks to do.
  • Chiweenie dog breed could be aggressive when it has another pet to his master. The jealousy is a part of its nature. By other animals and people, it may become more jealous and annoying. Jealousy is a real fact, and this fact consults with each and every pet. So, make him alone, give your quality time to your Chiweenie and enjoy your pet partner.

Chiweenie requires sovereign residency, where they can live with their owner. So stay connected with your pet and avail him a free atmosphere, where he can enjoy your company without sharing you with anyone.

What are the IDEAL LIVING CONDITIONS for chiwenies?

Chiweenie manages his life in both congested and free areas, like small apartments or large homes. This dog breed does not require workout or exercise.

There is no need to make do convoluted exercises with your Chiweenie dog. It will be happy with a simple daily walk and simple home games. You can easily make your pet dog active and alert by giving him an easy, quick romp around at your backyard, or parking slot.

Some Especial Requirements Which Your Chiweenie does Really Need:

There are multiple requirements which Chiweenie dog breed really needs. In which we have;

  • Daily bath
  • Daily walk
  • Ear cleaning
  • Simple game
  • Individual value
  • Full attention

Although the cost price of a Chiweenie dog is not too much, and it requires low maintenance. This breed is a stubborn dog breed due to it will take you more time for training.

Never make him alone at home or apartment. Giving less attention and separation could the main cause of depression and anxiety of a chiweenie dog.

As we told before this dog breed has a lot of jealousy in his nature, which is why try to make this dog be with you without having any other pet. When he feels that you are sharing his time and love with someone else, then he will bark excessively.

Chiweenie Puppy

What health problems do Chiweenies have?

Chiweenie dog breed is a smaller dog breed. This dog breed is eligible to live in a closed and open environment, which is the main reason it may have both life circumstances regarding health. As we all know, this dog breed is having long to short but floppy type ears.

So, the main and common health issues of this dog breed are ear infections. Same as other smaller dog breeds this one has knee and problems, such as unbalancing of the spinal disc, and knee joints.

In actuality, this dog breed has not too much good hunting skills, as its parent dachshunds. A Chiweenie dog tends more similar to his ancestor Chihuahua dogs breed regarding activity level and looks.

Somehow Chiweenies are fast and healthy dogs. In the other hand some of its common health issues are dust allergies, diabetes, pollen, tooth problems, hypoglycemia, and other bone issues.

The Chiweenie dog could have a severe health issue in different bones, in which we have a generative disc problem.

This generative disc problem could affect legs, back and neck in a certain period. This dog has a small and close stomach same its parent dog breed.

This small stomach can be a common cause of several health issues — no need to carry tension if your pet is having anyone health problem of above these. As an owner/master you just have to concentrate on your vet and try to make your pet healthy again.

Why do Chiweenies lick so much?

It is just because of this dog breed love to be live with his single owner due to this breed wont to share his master with anyone else. By his single side love, a Chiweenie express his love by licking his owner too much.

How long Chiweenie dog live?

Considering dachshunds and Chihuahuas, both are having good life spans. Every pet can live more if he gets the right diet, proper care, and have activities (exercise). Averagely we can expect the age of a Chiweenie dog breed as ten years minimally, but. It his owner is providing him optimum care then it would be live for few years mo

what do you feed a Chiweenie dog?

As a Chiweenie owner, you must know that this dog breed is an active dog breed. So, it requires healthy and high-quality food in a day. If you give him an ordinary diet, then his dental issues will rise soon.

Dry kibbles are best for Chiweenie puppy; it will make your puppy’s tooth strong. Kibbles are the best recommendations from the vets for Chiweenies.

Thus, Chiweenies do balance well on a wet meal diet. If you see that your puppy is having dental problems, then make sure it chews dry kibbles.

At what age is a Chiweenie full grown:

Beyond the larger dog breeds, this dog breed has a slower growing ability. Mostly larger Chiweenie do not get their full-sized body shape until they reach at their 15 fifteen to 18 eighteen age. Beside his body shape, Chiweenie needs two years approximately for gaining his proper body weight as an adult.

 How to Care for the Small but Mighty Chiweenie

How much a Chiweenie dog worth:

This Chiweenie dog breed was developed by genetically mixing two different dog breeds. The name of his parent's breeds is dachshund and Chihuahua. Both of his dog breed's parents were not much demanded, due to Chiweenies did not get his value at the initial time.

With time to time, Chiweenie dog breed makes his self proved and got so much popularity. The price cost of a Chiweenie is totally up to on the market place, where you are, where you live and from where your Chiweenie comes. The prices of Chiweenie dog breed are running between $200 to $550 approximately. Somehow to make sure the pet you are going to should be well cooked and healthy. Avoid buying a Chiweenie dog in cheap places and rates.

How much should you feed a Chiweenie puppy:

This believed that the parent breed of a Chiweenie, Chihuahua (which ranges from four to ten pounds in size) would eat ½ to 1 and 1/3 cups in a day. Now, you can easily conceptualize about this beer that this one is a smaller breed and does not require a lot of foods.


Chiweenie dog breed is not an original dog breed. This dog breed was created in the 1900s by mixing two different dog breeds (Chihuahua and Dachshund).

This dog breed is smaller in sized and famous for his individuality. It does not require too much food to eat and too much exercise to do. This dog breed can live up to 12 twelve to 15fifteen
years by having good take care and attention, although the average age of a Chiweenie dog is 10years.



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