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Peekapoo Dog Breed Information and Complete Guide

Peekapoo dog breed is a cross breed, which created by mixing two different dog breeds(Pekingese and poodle). A Peekapoo dog is an adorable, cute and people friendly dog. It looks smaller but attractive. Same as their parent breed poodle these dogs are also very easy to train. Fairly the peekapoo is a wonderful dog breed, and it could be more loving an fromd especial if someone will treat them in a calm way. As they are smaller, so they can live an average life of a smaller dog, it means their average life ratio is 12 twelve to 15 fifteen years.

Peekapoo dogs are a very good companion of many people. They can spend their whole with their master’s lap. This dog breed is a legitimated breed tends like as AKC. The UKC do not identify thine peekapoo dog or any other mix dog breed. Peekapoo dog is full of loyalty, efficiency and calm nature dog. They have protective and people loving nature. Mostly smaller dogs are not good protective, from but this dog is tending with a protective nature.

Peekapoo Dog Breed Information

A peekapoo dog is not a pure one dog breed, which is why the cross-matching of two different dog breeds makes him a designer dog. It has a group of multiple characteristics; some of them are inherited by his one parent while rests are inherited by another parent dog of peekapoo. Like, Pekingese dog breed is a people friendly, affectionate that makes this dog same as him, while poodle dog breed is an intelligent and hypoallergic breed which is why a peekapoo dog is an intelligent and hypoallergic dog.

Somehow the peekapoo dog breed was designed by the intention of developing a loyal pet along with low shedding and is called by;

  •  Peekapoo
  •  Pake-A-poo
  •  Pekingese poodle mix
  •  Pekepoo
  •  Peke a Poo
  •  Pekapoo

These dogs are basically charming Chinese national dogs. Peekapoo dogs are simply easy to train and are hypoallergenic dogs. We can see easily that this dog breed is one of the ancient designers crossed breeds having back to early 1900s.

A peekapoo dog can live a healthy life if he gets proper food care and attention, otherwise a weak, sick or birth abnormal dog can never spend a long life. Well, an average life period of peekapoo mix dog breed is about 12 twelve to 15 fifteen years approximately. As the peekapoos are stronger and healthier dogs; therefore, they can grow their weight up to 20lbs and is the hybrid, a pekapoo dog has a gentle appearance all the way. With a heavier, healthier body they are tended with a soft and wavy coat in multiple shocking colors.

In today’s article, you will definitely know all about peekapoos. We have explained many facts, needs, traits, temperament, and training of this dog, so go through this page down and get some genuine knowledge.

What type of temperament peekapoos have?

Generally, these dogs are gentle and devotional with their owners. They prior their owner's company than nothing more. Although, its parent breed Pekingese’s protective attitude has not been hide. You peekapoo dog will alert all the time with you because they are having a watchful behavior, which they got from his parent. Surely your dog will let you know that what is going on out there, and what should you do? Or jus they may have heard
your neighbor leave home, they will inform you nay how.

How They Behave When They See Strangers:

These dogs are not too much anxious on strangers either; peekapoos are detached with strangers. Somehow they must want to bark the sound of their own when they see any stranger as beside you or your residential area. The peekapoo dogs could be aloof on an extreme level and free when they want to have independent. As we know that this dog breed is bred to be loyal and gentle fried, so how could they live away from their owner.

Is Peekapoo And Adjustable Breed?

They have a master loving temperament, due to you have to take him as beside you as you can. You will have the barking, crying and destructive temperament of your peekapoo in the future. No doubts they are Kwon as their owner loving temperament but after all, dogs are dogs. Due to their small size peekapoos are generally matched to homes along with eithe bigger dog. They show their good connection with bigger dogs than smaller. So, keep
avoiding smaller pet dogs if you have a peekapoo dog. They may show jealousy and irritation in a cause of a smaller dog they see beside you.

Is A Peekapoo Dog Easy To Housetrain?

A good trainer can train a peekapoo dog as upon his requirements, but their natural temperament will allow them to live with bigger dogs, whether a good trainer can make them train to live with other pets also. Peekapoo dogs are not recommended for kids, due to doing not bring a peekapoo pet dog if you have kids in your home. These dogs do not tend to bear children for playing around them. Also there will always be the risk of fall, bite, scratch of these dogs during play time. Peekapoo dogs are thriving only for adult homes, so make sure you have an adult family and no further kid there.

Hope so now you have all the idea about the temperament of this gentle guy. Make sure you have a healthy peekapoo and try to make him more gentle and patient by giving him quality time. Well, all after temperament its to time to know something more about peekapoos, so why should we do not know about some ultimate care guides and health problems of this breed.

Health Care Guide For Peekapoo Dog:

This thing is already in our mind that the peekapoo dog breed is a smaller breed relatively. It could be heavy between eight 8 pounds to twenty 20 pounds of weight. Every day smaller dog breeds can utilize above forty 40 calories (balanced), as per pound of their body weight. Therefore, if your dog weights 20 pounds then he will surely need 800 calories per day. Somehow an average number of calories are; 300 to 800, while for an adult peekapoo while 500 to 1,300 calories are required.

How Many Calories Should Your Pekingese Poodle Mix Eat Each Day?

A puppy will need a specific amount of feed always, but if you have a puppy with adult eight then would have an expected feeding of adult anyhow. Truly it is not an easy task to now about the average size, weight, height of a peekapoo and manage their feed as per on their puppy or adult age. This problem mostly rises in a crossbreed, that is why try to know the parent breed’s size of a cross breed dog and make sure the dog you have is simply a puppy
and adult.

We can manage a puppy’s meal into four portions in a day, till he gets closed six months of his age. After that, you can reduce the two portions of his feeding and make him feed four times a day. Usually, an adult dog requires breakfast and dinner. Keep in mind the right weight of your dog to make sure you are giving him the right amount of meal. As we have already declared that, it would be not easy to predict the traits of a mix dog breed. Mostly some mix or crossbreeds are bit stubborn, when they come to the meal, while some cross breeds can gains weight easily in a short time.

At the end make sure the feed quality of your puppy’s feed is good and under expiry date. If you are going to feed your dog to spoil food, then it will directly influence the bathroom routine of your dog. Never feed an adult dog’s feed to a smaller puppy; it could make your tiny puppy severe sick.

What Are The Health issues Of Peekapoo Dog Breed?

As we all know that the parent dog breed of peekapoo (Pekingese and toy poodle) are purebreds, and are rounded from hundreds of years. So, we can easily understand the health problem of a peekapoo dog breed. Almost all health problems of peekapoo are being known now, but unfortunately, many health issues and their causes are still hidden.

Brachycephalic airway syndrome. This syndrome occurs when a peekapoo dog has abnormalities in his upper airways. In these abnormalities of the upper airways, we have stenotic nares, an attached soft plate, and the last hypoplastic trachea. This is not necessary that a dog can have all of those or any of one abnormality from all.

In brachycephalic airway syndrome, a dog suffers from heavier breathing than normal respiratory. A dog can cough and also a gag in this condition. The automatically heavy breath will make difficulties for a dog and put the dog’s undue pressure on internally heart system.

Collapsing trachea: thanks to the parent breed (poodle toy) of peekapoo dog breed for health issues. The Collapsing trachea is one of parent disease which transferred in this peekapoo dog breed. This sick condition is a progressive and irreversible sickness of its trachea. When a peekapoo dog breaths then its trachea keeps the airways open to pass air. This regular opening of airways could make your dog sick, and he may have face barking cough, breath congestion, regular wheezing and intolerance in exercise. This health problem could solve some lifelong medications for a dog.

Tooth overcrowding: Generally, in toy and cross breeds, tooth overcrowding could be a risk. Thanks to the toy poodle who inherit another disease of his into his offspring. The tooth overcrowding rise when a puppy’s milk teeth do not lose and his adult teeth become grow. When a puppy has too many teeth, then he rubs his all teeth with each other, which causes the enamel down. The rubbing teeth and down enamel increases the chance of periodontal disease.

Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (or “dry eye”): This is an epic condition of the dog’s eye, which occurs when an eye loses its impaired power of tear film. In dogs, dry eye shows with redness and irritation. They must blink all the time and hold them both eyes close. Keratoconjunctivitis sicca or dry eye can be treated medically.

Patella luxation: here is another disorder of dogs. It rises when the kneecap (Patella) of a dog slips from its original position. It can result in lameness and severe pain in dog’s knee. Your dog could show laziness in case of Patella Luxation. This disease is common in dogs, and a good vet can firmly treat this disease.

Progressive retinal atrophy: or PRA is an eyesight disorder. Mainly this condition is transferred by parents. It results from night blindness, lameness and heavy head (especially on downstairs). Progressive retinal atrophy’s symptoms are cataracts, worsening sight, glaucoma, and inflammation.

Von Willebrand’s disease: Here we have a poodle’s disorder again, in this inherited disease a peekapoo dog bleeds a lot, it is an inherited bleeding disorder. It may be caused by clotting protein deficiency. It results in an inappropriate or prolonged amount of bleeding. There is not any specific cure for this disease. Many vets quote that all crossbreeds are at risk of VWD, so they should have to be tested from time to time. All carrier and affected pet dogs would not be bred from this condition.


Peekapoo dog is a cross breed dog, which develops by two different dogs (Pekingese and toy poodle). These dogs are created to hypoallergenic and people loving dog. They are having an excellent temperament, which is undoubtedly gentle, loyal, and protective. Peekapoos are easy to train and their average lifespan could b 12 to 15 years approximately. Their temperament allows them to live with bigger dogs, but they will never adjust their self with small dogs. Some common health issues of this breed are Brachycephalic airway syndrome Keratoconjunctivitis sicca and (PRA).





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