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Why does my dog just sit and stare at me?

Have you ever noticed that your dog is watching you or just sit and stare at you? Your dog might be staring at you when you are enjoying something or sitting in the same room.

Then you might be thinking about why your dog is doing that and what you can do about it.Usually, dogs do that when they are expecting something from their owners. This staring and behavior can be uncomfortable or suspicious for some owners.

In this article, we will tell you some common reasons why your dog does that? And what can you do about it?

Why your dog is staring at you?

Usually, dogs stare at their owners because dogs think they will be rewarded when staring at their owners as a gesture of love. Other than that, expecting food or going for a walk can also be the case.


There can be several reasons for this strange behavior in your dog. There can be a combination of these reasons. For figuring out the main reason, we need to discuss all the reasons.

Below is the list of reasons properly described, why your dog just sit and stare at you?

Why does my dog just sit and stare at me?

She is expecting something:

The reason why your dog is staring at you could be an expectation. Dogs stare at their master or owners when they are waiting for something or expecting something.

It is more likely to be why she does it at the same time when you feed her or go with her for a walk. To prevent this behavior, it would help if you try to give her exercise, feed her, and take her for a walk with her at the same time. That’s how she will know when to expect food, walk, and exercise.

She is bored:

Another reason for this behavior in your dog might be that she is bored. This is more likely the cause of her behavior when you are not giving her attention, and she is not interacting much when she starts staring.

In this scenario, letting her go outside, giving her attention, and interacting with her as much as possible can change this behavior from your dog.

Reinforcing the behavior:

A potential reason for her staring at you can be reinforcing her strange behavior by giving rewards. She might have learned that she gets a reward when she stares at you because many owners and dog masters give food or reward their dog when they see this behavior in their dog.

This behavior can also be interpreted as a loving and caring behavior. It is more likely the main reason you reward her by giving her toys, treat, and extra-attention whenever she does that. To prevent this practice, stop rewarding her and start rewarding her randomly.

Separation Anxiety:

Separation anxiety is a primary cause of many problems in dogs. It could also be the reason in this case. The dog could be suffering from separation anxiety, and she wants to know when you leave.

Suppose you leave home at a particular time, and she starts staring at you or becomes anxious about you when you leave home. In that case, there is a high chance that she is doing that because of separation anxiety, or she is suffering from separation anxiety.

Things to consider:

When you are figuring out the main reason, there are certain things to consider, given below.

What else happened in this behavior?

If she was not staring at you from the beginning and suddenly starts doing it, it would be helpful to consider a few things that would have triggered this behavior.

She might be doing it because of some event. For instance, if she has started this behavior since you have started feeding her at different times.

This could be the event for starting this behavior because she is always expecting food from her master, as the feeding time is not fixed.

What has changed?

It would be helpful to consider what has changed in her behavior, what is different when she does it. For instance, if we take the same example of expecting food.

If she does that when you are eating, then it is another thing which confirms that this is the main reason she sits down and stares at you.

What to do?

There are some options which are given below to stop your dog from staring at you.

Avoid encouraging her behavior:

As we have discussed, one of the potential and primary reasons for your dog’s behavior can be reinforcing her behavior. A significant step can be to avoid encouraging her by not giving her any reward when she stares at you.

Instead of rewarding her, give her To prevent this behavior, reward her when she is behaving the way you want her to behave. Give her positive reinforcement. This will reinforce her normal behavior, and she will start behaving the way you like her to behave.

Give her a routine:

Make a routine a give her food, exercise, walks at a particular time. This way, she can come to know when she will be expecting these things. Make her used to it.

Reduce Anxiety:

Separation Anxiety is also one of the main reasons for these problems and many others in dogs. It would help if you reduced her anxiety.

For this purpose, you need to feed her, interact with her, give her exercise, let her pee so that she can sleep. These ways will reduce her anxiety, and she will be asleep when you leave home.

In dogs staring at their masters or owners is a regular thing. They love their owners as to them; their owners are their best friends. Some people may find it uncomfortable and apprehensive behavior.

There can be several reasons for this behavior in dogs, but the common reasons are separation anxiety, expectation, and reinforcing the behavior. To avoid this behavior in your dog, reduce her anxiety, give her positive reinforcement, and make a routine for her.

In this article, we learned about why dogs just sit and stare at their owners and the practices to prevent this behavior. I hope this article will be worth reading. Please share your opinion on this article in our comment section.

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