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Can I Give My Dog Applesauce?

Give My Dog Applesauce

I have given my dog applesauce as a treat. And you know what? He loves its taste and aroma. But that applesauce was made by me at home, and I didn’t purchase it from the market.

Remember, there are many products available in the market that can be made at home easily. Applesauce is one of such products.

Dogs can eat applesauce, but not all of the applesauce are of the same nature. So before feeding your dog applesauce, read this article, and you will come to know all about it.

Can I give my dog applesauce?

‘’an apple in a day keeps the doctor away.’’ We all must have very familiar with this quote. Apples are considered as one of the healthiest and tastiest fruit around the globe. And why it should not be?

Apples contain some very important nutrients and vitamins, which are very important for life, both for humans as well as dogs. Dogs love to eat apples, but the leaves and seed of apple contain cyanide, which can be poisonous for dogs.

Other than that, an apple contains a good amount of dietary fibers, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin C. These all are very important for a dog’s health. But keep in mind dogs generally are carnivorous in nature so, their digestive system can’t digest the heavy amount of the apples. Check and balance is very important while feeding dogs any fruit.

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Now, if we talk about applesauce, the main ingredient of it are apples. Traditionally, people use to make applesauce at homes and store them for the season in which apples are short in the market.

At home, applesauce can be made by boiling apples in hot water and then add some honey and another ingredient according to your taste. Such type of homemade applesauce is safe for dogs, but when it’s come to commercial applesauce, you need to check the ingredients used in that.

Usually, applesauce is quite useful for the dog’s health, as it can help dogs maintain a good metabolic system. But the only problem with that, it contains a high amount of sugar which is not good for dogs.

Other than that, in commercial applesauce, there are some preservatives, pesticides, and coloring. Such substances can’t be tolerated by your dog. So before giving your dog any commercial applesauce, you must confirm the ingredients used in it.

One more thing to notice about it is that; don’t feed your dog applesauce on a regular basis if your dog loves the taste of it. Feed him as a treat, after a few days, gape.

Benefits of applesauce for dogs.

  • If you’re feeding your dog unsweetened applesauce, then it can be very good for his metabolic system in general.
  • It is considered an amazing source of soluble fibers, which can be very beneficial for the digestive system. And can prevent diseases like diarrhea and constipation.
  • If your dog is heavy in weight, then it can be very useful in reducing his weight as it is very low in calories and can be used as a weight reducing supplement.
  • It also contains a high amount of vitamin c, which is very good for proper body growth and bones.
  • Vitamin A is also an essential component of applesauce, which is quite helpful in maintaining skin coat, and it can enhance the immune system.
  • It also contains antioxidants that can help against free radicals and maintain good smooth skin. And a healthy immune system.
  • The phosphorous component found applesauce is necessary for bone development.

The downfall of applesauce for dogs.

There is not much wrong about applesauce. You only need some instructions to follow.

First, if you’re buying applesauce from the market, then make sure that there isn’t any sugar involve in it as it can be dangerous for dogs.

Secondly, commercial applesauce contains some pesticides and preservatives, which are very harmful to dogs.

Other than that, dogs are carnivorous in nature. So their digestive system can’t digest a high amount of it.

Tips of feeding applesauce to dogs.

The best way of feeding your dog applesauce is that you must make it at home. Generally, not all parts of apples are edible for dogs. Apples contain leaves and seeds. Which are very high in cyanide, and it can be dangerous for dogs.


If you really want to feed your dog applesauce, then try to make it at home. And while making it at home, remove leaves and seed. Other than leaves and seeds, try to avoid any sugar component because dogs don’t have the ability to digest a high amount of sugar.

Don’t feed your dog applesauce on a regular basis, if your dog really loves it. Feed him as a treat.


The simplest way of making applesauce at home is to boil apples with hot water and then cooked it with some other ingredients.

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By cooking apples at an average temperature, it won’t destroy the fibers, and you will be able to make it easily.


And while feeding your dog, don’t use a spoon or any other object. Such things have germs on it. And while licking the spoon and other objects, your dog might intake those germs.


The best way of feeding dogs is that you should freeze applesauce and make cubes of it. It will be more comfortable for your dog to eat.


They say that half the information is as deadly as poison. So before feeding your dog anything new, you must concern with any nutritionist or veterinarian.


Dogs generally love to eat whatever they saw us eating, but not all the food we eat meant for them. And as a pet owner, it up to us to decide.


Applesauce is one such food that dogs love to eat. And you will find it in any season. But as mention earlier, the thing which we make at home, and the thing which we brought from the market, are quite different. So before giving your dog any market-based food.

First, check all the ingredients used in it. And if you don’t know any of the ingredients, then ask any veterinarian before feeding your dog.

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