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Cavapoo | Dog Breed Facts, Highlights & Advice

Cavapoo dog is not an original dog, but it is developed by crossing two different (poodle and cavalier king) dog breeds. In starting these dogs were developed to be hypoallergenic pet dogs, which means created for those allergic people who want to have their personal pet dogs.

However, the Cavapoo dog breed has been famous very soon by its adorability and cuteness.

As many popular dogs are original and they all have their personal temperaments, intelligence, and obedience, but here Cavapoo crossbreed made his self-most popular because of consistency, looks, and temperament.

Cavapoos are such social dogs, and they are very easy to handle. This dog breed is people-loving dog breed that is why many people want to have this breed as their pet.


The Cavapoo dog breed is also known as Cavoodle dog breed. This cavapoo/cavoodle dog breed is not an original one breed, but this one is created by crossing two different breeds of dogs. Poodles and cavalier dog breeds are parent breeds of cavapoos.

In the early 1900s, the cavapoo breed became more popular by an Australian crossbreeding program. From the 1900s to till today the cavapoo breed has since become one of the well-known dog breeds in Australia.

The cavapoo were bred to be adorable, healthy, small and pet dogs (especially for
the children.

In Australia, the cavapoo dogs are most wanted for their less to non- shedding coats as well. From starting to till today these dogs are getting popularity not only in Australia but all over the world.

It is just because of their usual temperaments, low/non-shedding coats, and robust attitudes. Day by day this dog breed is increasing his growth in the United Kingdom also.

Dog Breed Facts, Highlights & Advice


The characteristics of cavapoo dog breed:

This cavapoo dog breed is an appropriate and unusual dog breed form ever. The origin of cavapoo’s is Australia. Because this dog breeds is not an original, which is why it has many charactersiics of his parent breeds. This breed is considered as an offspring of two different dog breeds, poodles and Cavalier. His parent breeds are also known as Poodle toy and Cavalier king dog breeds. So, by having two different cross genes here, we have all the genetic characteristics of both in a cavapoo dog.

  • The average weight of a cavapoo dog is 10kg’s, but this dog can gain or lose his weight. Therefore we can say that the average weight of cavapoo breed is about 5 kg’s to 10 kgs. No doubt this dog breed is a hypoallergenic dog breed. It is why this dog breed is an appropriate consideration of all allergic persons.
  •   A cavapoo dog is considered in smaller dog breeds. An average height of cava dog breed is equal to a toy dog. The measurement of the cavapoo’s height is 33 centimeters to 45 centimeters, or minimally, a cavapoo puppy could be smaller than 28 centimeters to 35 centimeters. Cavapoos could be in any color such as brown blonde, white, black tawny and golden.
  • Cavapoos are most famous in Australia; these dogs are mostly non-shedding dogs. By their low shedding, these dogs have apparently become more popular worldwide. The caboodle or Cavapoo dogs are specially made for al type of human families (in which kids are included), and for allergic persons who have allergic problems naturally. Therefore the behavior of all the cavapoos is gentle to its family
  • Same as all other ordinary dogs the cavapoo’s are also can live for ten years to 12 years, but if they are feeding well and they have good take care then, a cavapoo dog pet can live up to 15 fifteen years easily
  • The coat type of dog is low or non-shaded. It has around adorable face with long ears. There is an especial fact about cavapoo dogs that, cavapoo puppies can be as two different dogs (poodle and cavalier) in color.

Is a Cavapoo a good family dog?

The temperament of cavapoo’s is loving and gentle. As we all know that these dogs are not much bigger, due to their average height, the cavapoos can adjust with children and their other smaller pets. This dog breed is a simple and adorable breed; this breed is suitable for friendship with all people.

A cavapoo dog is mainly preferred by many humans. Somehow, this dog can show his special and strong bond only one master. Their strong attachment is only for their one and only owner. Undoubtedly cavapoos are very intelligent. These dogs can response you in a better way for your command.

It is hard to have a dog with intelligence, abidance, and with good manners, but surely cavapoos is one of those types of dog breed who have all these qualities. Due to their calm and gentle temperament, these dogs are favorites for many people.

If you have a Cavapoo puppy, then you can easily train him your rules and
disciplines quickly, and the cavapoo puppy will prove his self by completing your expectation in a short period.


What health problems do Cavapoos have?

Health problems occur in all dog types such as: (original breed, and mixes or cross breed), these health problems can develop by multiple reasons.

In dogs there could be many reasons for health problems such as; inheritance, sudden accidents, atmosphere and many more reasons. Cavapoo dog breed can live up to ten to twelve years averagely. Cavapoo dogs have low tendency for the health issues than their parent breeds.

The main reason of this low tendency is their mix breed. Fortunately cross or mix dogs can live a healthy life. The basic reason of their health is hybrid vigor (the developed function for certain biological systems in dogs).

In a result of this biological system we have genetic mixing of two different dog breeds. Rather than the cavapoo dogs can face few more problems.
In which they have;

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Progressive retinal atrophy is also common as (progressive rod and cone degeneration (PRCD). Generally the progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) is a band of degenerative eye disease in dogs. In this eye disease a dog can be blind.

This genetic eye disease is founds in many cross breeds including cavapoo dog breed. No doubt (PRDC) eye disease is a hereditary eye disorder, which has unknown causes.

The most frequent symptoms of the (PRCD) eye disorder are night blindness, reluctance for down stairs, exploring new areas at dark or dim light.

(PRDC) eye disorder has not any specific cure, and it harms both eyes. Whether there is non type of any treatment is found till today.

Therefore some prevention is recommended by the doctors for (PRCD) eye disorder in which we have (rearranging the furniture and change the environment). These changes may improve a dog’s quality of life.

Luxating patella:

Luxating patella and slipping kneecaps are both same. In this disease kneecap of a dog slips and which make him feel pain all the time. Mostly Luxating patella is common in smaller and cross dog breeds. It issues to a malformation of kneecaps, or knee damage.

The luxating patella causes to the kneecap jumping out of a sideway place. The main causes of this disease are lameness and (affected legs), which makes a dog not capable for holding his legs up. Knee surgery could be a right advice for this problem; unfortunately its treatment is mostly symptomatic. Usage of anti-
inflammatory drugs can make your dog relieve and relax.

Congenital heart problems:

In cavapoo dog breed mitral valve disease is a most common congenital heart disease. It shows the high blood pressure (BP), the cause of this condition is left ventricle. When left ventricle pumps out blood to the dog’s body, then it results high blood pressure.

This reduction of blood could be the main cause for flowing blood out of the valve, and the over time of this blod flow can make this valve leak. This blood leakage of left ventricle is band with murmur. Consult with your vet for your dog’s murmur.

Exercise and Activity Levels of cavapoo dog breed:

Cavapoo dog breed needs moderate type exercises. As this breed is smaller mix breed, so a small cavapoo dog does not require a high level of physical activity. Yet, they want and needs just a simple long walk with their owners in a day.

If you are a busy master, then you can make them fit as giving a short morning walk and a long afternoon walk. Along with a short level of stimulation, mental and physical activities can make your pet healthier and happier always.

Undoubtedly through this low dosage of activities, your cavapoo pet dog can make his self-full ready for
developing his potential as the pet.

Grooming requirement of cavapoo dog breed;

The cavapoo dogs are treated as a low-maintenance mix dog breed. You can make your cavapoo’s coat shiny and healthy with weekly brushing.

This weekly brush will keep away your pet from knots. Nonetheless, as each and every dog breed has differed from another one, so may be a cavapoo with long hairs require more brushing. With a little bit grooming, brushing, monthly clipping or trimming you can prepare a model cavapoo dog.

In addition, cavapoo dogs are able to have tear stains, so that you should have to clear or wipe these stains with a wet cloth. Ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and occasionally nail cutting are the need for a cavapoo dog. These all are some needed grooming parts of cavapoo dog breed. So, if you have a cavapoo dog then, make him clean as much you can do. Dog cleaning will assemble you a good owner because maintenance is also the primary requirement of a dog with training.

Some common facts about a cavapoo dog:

  •  The cavapoo dogs are smaller in size and, people friendly pet dogs.
  • Cavapoo dogs are most considered for children as a pet.
  • You can make him a second pet if you have a great canine (or a bigger cat).
  • The cavapoo dog breed is usually hypoallergenic breed (means developed for
    allergic masters) and non-shed dog breed.

Are Cavapoos easy to train?

Fortunately, cavapoo dog breed is an intelligent and amazing dog breed. This dog breed can learn anything quick and proper.

Against with other ordinary dog breeds, this dog breed has more consistency and a paramount repetition power. All these abilities make a cavapoo more eligible for house training.

You can make your fresh cavapoo dog fully trained in a short time. With only 10 ten to 15 fifteen minutes daily session of training, you can develop the best companion of your life.

The main thing is required. Cavapoo’s nature is a gentle hand calm nature. This dog breed wills never learn or response if you treat him harshly.

Even a new pet dog owner can make a cavapoo dog more obedient and loyal at his home, but the main thing is the need for house training is patience, consistency, and a clean atmosphere.

Sometimes these dogs may be slower, but a trainer should have to be calm with them because potty training will take more time a cavapoo dog.

Cavapoo | Dog Breed Facts, Highlights & Advice


Cavapoo dog breed is a mix breed of non-similar dog breed in which we have (poodle toy and cavalier king). These two dog breeds are not familiar with each other. Well, this dog breed is a hypoallergenic dog breed which is specially created for allergic owners in 1900s.

The origin of this dog breed is Australia. A Cavapoo dog could be the best companion of your kid. This dog is considered a low maintenance dog breed because it requires less time for its grooming. The temperament of this dog is loyal, gentle, and people loving.

Some common health issues of this dog are progressive retinal atrophy, luxating patella, and congenital heart issues. A cavapoo dog is the most favorite dog for many people; people are enjoying their company for ten to fifteen years approximately. If you have a fresh cavapoo dog, then make your dog most obedient with only a gentle hand cam nature, because arrogance can make you cavapoo pet robust and annoying.


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