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Chesapeake Bay Retrievers: What’s Good and Bad About ‘Em

A very robust and attractive dog breed is only Chesapeake Bay Retriever. This dog is larger dog breed which relates to the retrievers and gundogs. Basically, this dog breed consults to the sporting dog groups. In this breed, we have some referred members including Chessie, CBR or Chesapeake.

This one is not the original dog breed but a mix dog breed. It was crossed in the USA (United States of America). The origin of this breed is Bay area and the century of its developing is the nineteenth 19th.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever dogs are not for being hypoallergenic pets (means these dogs do not develop for those owners who have allergic issues) relatively. Chesapeake Bay Retriever dogs may come with dead-grass, sedge, light brown, dark brown tan, and original brown colors.

The weight of male and female is different in Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog breed like; the female may have 25kg to 32kg’s weight, and a Chesapeake Bay male could be 30kg to 36kg’s heavy. Same as weight this dog breed has a change in the height of either male or female. A Chesapeake Bay Retriever female could be 53cm to 61cm taller and a male Chesapeake Bay Retriever is quite taller than female. It comes with 58cm to 66cm normally.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog breed is an energetic, quite, affectionate, dominant, please, rescue, and robust breed by temperament. You can carry this dog breed as a pet easily; because this dog breed is mostly carried for being protective all the time.

History of Chesapeake Bay retriever dog breed:

In the year 1807, there were two newborn puppies which were protected by a British ship, which was off to the coast of Maryland country. This was the moment from where the history of Chesapeake Bay retriever starts. These puppies proved their self as a good duck rescue dogs. After some time both were mixed with few other dog breeds, some like thin and curly-coated retrievers.

After mixing the offspring of these puppy dogs become retrievers. In the middle of 1880s,’ this breed was known as a retrieve of ducks, which can easily retrieve 300 three hundred ducks in a day. According to their characteristics, this dog breed was called Chesapeake Bay retriever. This breed relates to the breed Chessies.

The breed Chesapeake Bay retriever got AKC acceptance in the year 1885 genuinely. Nonetheless, the Chesapeake Bay retriever dog breed is a sports-loving dog breed. Certainly, it has been assembling for a guide dog for blind owners, and undoubtedly this dog could be the best companion of yours all the time.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever dogs

What are the common health issues in Chesapeake Bay retriever dog breed?

The Chesapeake Bay retriever dog breed is an admirable breed but it has fewer health issues in it. As this one is not an original breed. Mostly in mix or cross breeds, there are many health’s issues which could be transfer by the parents, but in cheesie retrievers, we have not found much serious health issue. Some common health problems of cheesie retrievers here we are going to know to take a look below;

Hip Dysplasia: This is a common orthopedic issue which is mostly found in dogs. In this condition a dog gets disabled to walk freely. The hip dysplasia can be tending to lameness or arthritis; you can get rid of this problem medically.

(PRA) Or progressive retinal atrophy: this one is also a common health issue of dogs. Generally, PRA is an eye disorder which could be transferred by the heredity. It may tend with clotting disability. The symptom for PRA is blindness. Remember a good and professional dog breeder will never sell a dog with PRA issue.

Von Willebrand’s disorder: Von Willebrand also is an inherited health condition. It is a blood disorder in which suffering dog faces clotting deficiency. The symptom of Von Willebrand is bleeding in access amount after having some injury or surgery. With this issue, a dog can live an average life easily.

Gastric dilatation-volvulus: this is another unusual health condition of dogs, which is found in Chesapeake Bay retriever breed also. It could be more serious or life-threatening. The Gastric dilatation–volvulus dog disease is known as bloat disease.

Epilepsy: Epilepsy is a seizure disorder which can be controlled sometimes, or it may be serious. The appearance of Epilepsy may cause by inheritance or not. This dog’s health unusual condition is good for those dogs who suffer in prognosis.

The Chondrodysplasia: In this health problem a dog’s limbs gets directly short opposite to the body structure. It could be a genetic health problem or may regret by some other causes. Sometimes survivor cheesies live a normal life by surviving this health problem whether rest of breeds get the end of their lives in chondrodysplasia. People say that these health issues are direct consults to the breeder who carries multiple genes for removing the breeding line.

Does Chesapeake Bay Retriever shed a lot?

Rarely the Chesapeake Bay Retriever has white spots on chest, belly, toes, feet palm, etc. many retriever dog breeds shed a lot. As the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a dog and it has its own grooming requirements. With twice in a week brushing will make your retriever hair fall free.

Do not use a comb for bay retriever dogs and prefers good grooming brushes for these dogs. Surely by using rubber curry brush will vanish all the dead hairs of your Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog. Also, try to massage your dog with some essential oils slightly one in a month. If you take care of your Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog properly, then he will sure shed less.

Is a Chesapeake Bay retriever a good family dog?

The temperament of this dog breed is loyal, loving and obedient. Sometime they may behave aggressively to the strangers because in the case of strangers they want to be reserved.

Beyond the golden retriever dogs and Labrador dogs, this dog breed is loyal to their owners. This dog breeds the Chesapeake Bay Retrieves. It poses good crime activities.

During training, you can teach them nice behave to your other pets (cats and dogs). Accept your other family pets; these dogs are not luckily good for stranger cats and dogs. So try to make them away from your friend’s or neighbor’s pets.

Are Chesapeake Bay retrievers easy to train?

Like other retrievers dog breeds, the Chesapeake Bay retrievers are not many social able dogs but especially with the children. These dogs are highly considered as highly trainable and require a lot of opportunities for exercise.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever dogs

If you are good trainers, then you can train this robust and amazing dog breed with some new logics and techniques. As you know that treating dogs are a good habit and trick for training so apply this trick to the Chesapeake Bay retriever to make him a good pet.

This dog breed is highly undercoat which has a wooly texture. This wooly coat has natural moisture in the form of extra oils. Someway this oil makes him safe during swimming to rescue ducks especially.

Why Chesapeake Bay retrievers stink?

In this modern age, the breed Chesapeake Bay is most wanted and dramatic dogs. Between Labradors and golden retrievers, the Chesapeake dogs are highly trained able and acceptable dogs, which are strongly structured. All the Chesapeake have frank attitude, and all are owner loving dogs.

Generally, we have about six types of retriever breeds; in all these breeds the Chesapeake Bay retriever dogs are most powerful and serious dogs.

By the free affectionate they are known as “Chessie” dogs by their fans. These dogs are having people loving temperament, loyal nature, and undoubtedly all these dogs are found as a good companion of yours all the time. They could be reserved for the strangers, but overall this dog breed is a gentle and excellent dog breed.

We have a unique characteristic of this dog breed that the coat of this breed makes a different smell. Many people find this different smell unpleasant due to they call this dog as stink dog.

Chessies have an oily which is why it smells unpleasant, but truly this smell is totally developed by nature. This smell is a symbol of Chesapeake Bay retrievers that can be reduced by some household things and weekly grooming.

What is the life expectancy of a Chesapeake Bay retriever dog?

As we all know that this dog breed is an energetic and most powerful dog breed among all the retriever breeds and Labradors. The body structure of cheesies is amazing, but as they are not original breeds which is the main reason for being unhealthy for a dog. There are many types of health issues in Chesapeake Bay retrievers which can make him seriously ill or die.

You are supposed to love and carry this dog breed then make yourself ready for providing your cheesie dog proper care. Now we must tell you the average life expectancy of Chesapeake Bay retrievers, which is about 10 ten years. If you provide your cheecsie proper feeding, health care, the right amount of exercise, etc., then he can live up to ten years. Otherwise, it is difficultly to say that a Chesapeake Bay retriever can live for the 9 nine to 10 ten years.

How much do Chesapeake Bay retrievers cost?

Buying any pet (dog) is such a tricky job; for this, you have to be alert in any kind of unusual existence of the problem. Also, we have to take something extras in our mind before buying any puppy or dog. Such as;

  • Always prefer professional dog breeder or seller.
  • Never buy any puppy or dog at a cheap cost.
  • Do not buy any uncertified Chesapeake Bay retriever.
  • After buying a cheesie dog try to take him at your home.

Well, these all were some essential points which you have to take in your mind before purchasing, but we must clarify you that the cost price of Chesapeake Bay retriever is totally depends on the location, size, weight, age, health and its looks.

In many regions the supply of this dog breed is less; it is why the cheesies could be more expensive than those regions where this breed is available easily. Same as an adult dog may have some more price than a puppy Chesapeake Bay retriever. Now it is all up to on the buyer that what kind of dog he wants to buy.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever dogs


The fresh median cost price for cheesie dogs is about $800.00. It is the most affordable cost price for a Chesapeake Bay retriever dog which you are looking for this dog with certified papers. In these papers, you will not have any breeding rights and dog quality assurance. Also, you can buy a puppy cheesie dog without papers, on a less price than it, but we never recommend buying a puppy Chesapeake Bay retriever without registration (papers).

Accept all these facts if you want a dog with lineage? Or you want to try something new! And want to know how much a puppy would be a charge for with breeding rights and paper price?

Then we must clarify that as a buyer try to pay the premium for a dog along with pet rights. Even for buying an advertised puppy you may have quality breed papers.

Especially for buying a Chesapeake Bay retriever dog make your budget about $1,300 to $5,900. It is just a concept price maybe you need more for having an excellent conditioned cheesie retriever dog.

In this good budget surely you will get a cheesie dog with the best pedigree and top breed lines although an average cost price for Chesapeake Bay retriever dog is about $800.00.


The Chesapeake Bay retriever is a mix dog breed of retrievers, which is listed in six retriever breeds. The nickname of this breed is “cheesie”.

The life expectancy of this dog is about ten to twelve year. The key characteristic of this breed is its smelly and oily coat which may feel you unpleasant.

The cost price of a cheesie is depended on the origin from where it is going to be selling. It sheds less. The weight of female and male is not similar whether the size of either is not the same. You can buy a Chesapeake Bay retriever on $800.00 averagely.

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